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Few things about Darkweb and Deepweb
2017-12-21, 06:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-12-21, 06:52 PM by offer494.)
The amount of internet we can browse with Chrome/Firefox with simple browsers is not the total internet. Actually its only 4% of the Total internet.
So the rest 96% includes Darkweb+Deepweb.
#Deepweb is kinda legal but hard to access its one kind of medium layer between Surface web and DARK WEB. Banned from discussions for the sake of the quality of the forum. means Its present in the internet but so deep to acess that cant be browsed from surface web. Deepweb contains all data of all private servers, Communication between Govt and Defense services , Hiding Confidential data so that it cant be Hacked by surface web hackers which provides a extra layer of security.
✨DARKWEB is the Bad side of Internet, Its named as "Dark" because all the illegal, dangerous, activities are done here. Its the deepest part of internet 
✨Drugs trading;Darkweb is mainly used for Drugs trading.. 1/3 Darkweb activities are about Drugs trading. There are several COMMUNITIES of smugglers work on "SILKROAD"( AN e-trading site for trading drugs, poisons, or bio hazardous chemicals sometimes too.. SILKROAD is always In target of FBI. They cant take the website Down because Hackers rebuild this again and again. silkroad is already taken down by FBI for 3 times ,
And everytime hackers revive it with SILKROAD 2.0, SILKROAD 3.0, silkroad 4.0 is currently in operation (correct me here if i am wrong).
Even if its not in operation, then it will be soon again.
PS:They don't provide products unless u r an authorized member, Bitcoin holder, protect your privacy from Govt, nd a Europian/American member.
✨ Redrooms: Redrooms are a place where u can watch live Murder, torture, Please, keep it clean this type of discussion does not belong on CPA Elites. etc.. by paying Bitcoins, u can join A Redroom and throw some bitcoins and tell them to do a particular kind of torture (Ex; i will pay 5 bitcoins, just cut his 5 fingers). 
PS: Redrooms are history now, No Redrooms are active now coz Due to more number of Darkweb surfers and less capable servers , its almost impossible to stream a live video. However u can join A Redroom if A old member invites u , or u get an old but Active Invitation link.(almost impossible). If u enter Redrooms, u have to pay 5 BTC per session which is LAKHS in indian currency ( correct me if i am wrong)
✨Hitman agencies: These are another illegal activity. U can Hire snipers or contract killers in Europe/ America to assassinate someone by paying BITCOINS, They dont provide service to india. But if they Suspect u doing some spying over them, then they can assasinate u no matter where u from.
✨Fake passport and identity: You can Make your fake passports/ credit/ debit cards /ID proofs for u for some BTCs. U can identify as someone other who is already dead with this( ex- aftet doing an illegal activity u can live with someone other who is actually dead, so that police cant find u).
✨Hackers: Darkweb is also called Hackers paradise, Hackers always look for Weak firewalls and weak Security layers to break into that device and still your Information and identity , to use them in any illegal activity.
U can hire hackers too . To break into someone's system and get his personal information, they charge in different ways, they take high payments if u hire them to Expose/ Destroy someone's business/ company. They are the reason DARKWEB is still alive. They dont let FBI to shut down the environment.
✨Banned from discussions, please do not post such content.: u can watch Banned from discussions, please do not post such content. there , but Watching and spreading these Is strictly Punishable under state and fedeal laws. Never try to so that.
✨ Weapons shop: Like Amazon/Flipkart & other E-commerce sites , There is a site to buy Guns/bombs/ Ammos. U can order these things in bulk like 20-30 (and build an army and start playing real life GTA- Joking[Image: 1f602.png]?[Image: 1f602.png]?). U can buy Every kind of weapons here.
✨HIDDEN WIKI: its one of the useful sites of dark web. Considered as the biggest E-book library . Like Wikipedia on surface web( It's may be bigger than Wikipedia , as no one ever has measured it's size).
✨Piracy: here Govt has no control over piracy. U can get Any new movies/software for free after/ before the release.( however its not safe to download anything from Darkweb)
✨How to access Darkweb:
-U can watch some videos on YTube to how to access it .. However access it from PC. Coz Pc dont have that much personal data and to be misused.
Accessing in mobile is a little bit Risky. Coz u have an inbuilt camera to Take your photo and Google/FB accounts signed in. Which is a good source of your identity.
✨ Precautions: There are many precautions available in Youtube and blogs. U can follow them. But i gonna tell u some precautions that no YTuber or blog warns u about
-Signout of your Google/FB accounts
-Turn on your inbuilt/ 3rd party Internet speed meter on notification Bar. If u ever notice A sudden increase in speed for continuous 9-10 seconds then turnoff the Internet. Your device may be transferring some data to unknown sources or may be downloading some SPYWARES or bots.
- never download anything from darkweb.
- Dont Sign up with any website with your original details. 
-Cover the Camera,
-never login to your Facebook/Twitter from Darkweb. May be some bots monitoring for your usernames. All they need is your username for any site. If u think u just Entered your username and didn't enter any password, so no one can hack you. U may be wrong. Hackers dont need passwords,Bots need.

My suggestion: Never Enter into Any other Website except HIDDEN WIKI if u don't know how to turn back of something Goes wrong.
2017-12-21, 06:48 PM,
These facts made me curious to visit darkweb.
2017-12-21, 07:02 PM,
That is interesting man! You have explained about darkweb very well.
2017-12-21, 07:06 PM,
Buddy can you guide me how to visit the Darkweb?
2017-12-21, 07:14 PM,
I've visited most of the websites of Darkweb that you have mentioned (Of course just for the learning purpose), and it is true that most of the websites are paid, there are only few free access websites in darkweb.
2017-12-21, 07:20 PM,
These were some nice resources to take a look into :D What's that browser with which you can access darkweb websites called?
2017-12-21, 07:26 PM,
(2017-12-21, 07:06 PM)yassiyoh Wrote: Buddy can you guide me how to visit the Darkweb?

You can use TOR browser. :)
2017-12-21, 07:33 PM,
(2017-12-21, 07:26 PM)offer494 Wrote:
(2017-12-21, 07:06 PM)yassiyoh Wrote: Buddy can you guide me how to visit the Darkweb?

You can use TOR browser. :)

That's the answer I was looking for  Grin Thanks!
2017-12-21, 07:38 PM,
You missed one fact, 95% websites are fake in darkweb.
2017-12-21, 08:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-12-21, 08:11 PM by Eion.)
(2017-12-21, 06:39 PM)offer494 Wrote: The amount of internet we can browse with Chrome/Firefox with simple browsers is not the total internet. Actually its only 4% of the Total internet.
So the rest 96% includes Darkweb+Deepweb.

This isn't really true though. I have heard people say this but its nothing but made up stats (just like the majority of the stats available online). Just because dark web has no spiders/crawlers, doesn't necessarily mean that it has a humongous amount of content or sites. Onion/Tor isn't the only "different network" (or here as you call it, Darkweb), there are several (much smaller compared to Tor) decentralized or other separate networks which can't be accessed from general browsers. Regardless, the main reason why the above mentioned stat is untrue is because of the following reasons:

1. Content or sites are created mostly for business in mind (in this case, several of such businesses consist of illegal matters). Most of the business sites in Darkweb are rather niche and have a smaller audience (compared to the big business we see on "surface" net). It's pretty easy to guess that no-one will create so much content for such small user-base, as it's a fool's errand.

2. Beside a handful of cases (mostly illegal), most business will try to achieve exposure and establishing their business on Darkweb will give them anything but that. Hence, most legit business won't even bother with Tor or similar networks.

So, if the definition of Darkweb is the Tor network, then I can assure you that even if the stats are reversed, it will be a far fetched one. Saying something like Surface Net : Tor (Darkweb) = 99.99 : 0.01 is more accurate, but still far fetched.

Best Regards,

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