Feeling like waking up from the black hat dream.
2018-02-27, 10:05 PM, (This post was last modified: 2018-02-27, 10:09 PM by MarijuanaXTC.)
WOAH! That's it, I feel like I am about to wake up from this wacky, dirty, unethical dream called cpa and black hat link building/spam.
Some of you may have noticed that we recently had a discussion about that issue on this forum but it finally hit me so deeply that I consider quitting.
Just found this by an accident: https://inbound.org/blog/confessions-of-...le-spammer
and what these guys talk about matches my exact experience.
I encourage to read the article and the top comments under it. Pretty interesting and eye-opening stuff.

I'm at the point when I can no more run away from the truth. I am done. Struggling. No progress in my life for years. I am stuck. All my progress and achievements are a long list of black hat (mostly patched) exploits I've found in years. I don't even have time to write pieces of readable content while sitting for 24 hours a day at home. How ridiculous is that? To me it sounds even worse than 9-5 job. I am not trying to be pretentious here but the trap is real. I literally can't think of ONE, single good thing about that activity. Literally, you can't share your knowledge with anyone! It's all about quick money. Even if you try to teach people what you're doing, you'd need to ask them to pay for that information. And weeks later it'd be crazily inaccurate, could be thrown away.

It's no more possible to build links because it's not worth the effort and risk. The expenses in seo  outweigh the results. Now every keyword in google and youtube is leading to utter spam from a variety of parasites. All the link building started to become a forgotten strategy. Those few who still try hard can rank 1 site out of 10 and in many cases end up losing their money. Maybe some social media folks manage to get something out of that but they are on the edge too. Everyone's goal is to find the "get rich quickly" scheme and strategy. How many of us can do that? Again, a few.
It's always been easy to make $5 a day, even now! But what happens when you get above $20 - $50? Problems, issues, mass penalties. We can't hide from the truth forever. It's so difficult to motivate myself to continue. It's all so pointless and boring. Are we doing that for any kind of purpose? Naah, a purpose could make you living. This thing will last few years more max.

I'm too negative.
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2018-02-27, 10:28 PM,
Go non incent. Build a system, and then a team.
2018-02-27, 10:31 PM,
Blackhat is almost dead now, I am thinking to move to whitehat !
2018-02-27, 11:20 PM,
(2018-02-27, 10:28 PM)HawkEye Wrote: Go non incent.  Build a system, and then a team.

From what other people have posted, it sounds like gambling. It requires big investment.

I'm too negative.
2018-02-28, 01:34 AM,
i have to go to 9-5 job now.. after all work i do past few months... it's rlly great. everything deads now...

2018-02-28, 01:40 AM,
Maybe you should shift your focus to other projects?

[Image: getimage.asp?m=4913&o=11772&i=115391.dat]
2018-03-02, 07:02 PM,
It is similar as me.

Last year till now, most of my websites are deindexed or manual action by Google.
Recently, Most Of my websites that have good rank in google are deindexed so that I feel a bit tired.
Perhaps I need to change my mind now.
2018-03-02, 09:01 PM,
I have no idea but this world is filled with many spammers. I remember when I did everything whitehat. My website was blasted with low-quality links, I tried to disavow it until my disavow file to reach its limit but the bad links was coming every f*c*ng day, I thought it came from my competitor. My niche is home design. From 20k/day visitors, it suddenly dropped into 1k/day. I got a penalty from Google and it was really rude.

Then, I asked on Google forum, and I remember the answer from one of top contributor which said: "This world will never fair" even SEO.

I built my site's authority really hard but it gets dropped even within a week. That is really unfair but that is life. We cannot play white if there are many people do black hat campaign. Google guide us to follow their guideline but they cannot cover us when we are kicked by our competitor.
2018-03-02, 09:41 PM,
Thanks OP for posting that link and starting this thread. This is very interesting. I am a beginner in Affiliate marketing. So far i have built a few sites, tested some stuff out and pretty much learned Website building with Wordpress. I have read some stuff on affiliate marketing and SEO. In fact I am now learning the basics of SEO.

One thing I learned about SEO is that this game is always changing. Things are moving so fast. Stuff that worked perfectly 2 years ago don't work today anymore. Blackhat tactics will never go away though, they are just changing and getting harder and harder. I remember reading about "churn & burn affiliate websites" - websites with a product image, a short product description and a call to action button which is a link to the product. Those website used to be a great money maker for many Black haters 3 - 5 years ago. Now they are just not worth the time, effort and money anymore. In fact you don't even see these kind of sites in the top of the serps anymore. They are gone, penalized, dead etc ...

White hat SEO seems like the way to go. Maybe instead of building small black hat niche sites one should focus on building a brand, get real followers and focus on one specific niche instead of hundreds of thin black hat projects.

This game is getting tougher and google is getting better.
2018-03-05, 12:08 AM,
That is why I would say it is better to move to whitehat now.

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