Fake Live Chat
2018-02-10, 05:08 PM,
[Image: b146b959e7f64ac8a4ba009b3afd3723.png]

My old project, now for free. This is not ordinary chat plugin that you see on other Landing Pages. We created it from zero, and added a lot of features to help you to make your Landing Page look more legit and professional. We don’t need to talk to much about this, just look images and features and let us know if you need it on your Landing Page. But yeah, everyone needs this.


  1. Responsive
  2. Multifunctional
  3. Fast as Ferrari
  4. Question/Answer by keywords
  5. Server Commands
  6. Sound
  7. Typing username effect
  8. Templates


Chat is optimized for mobile, destkop, tablets etc. We use Bootstrap for our chat, so your website need to use Bootstrap or we can input chat with iframe.


We use a lot of functions to make chat look more legit, like random numbers, random users, random messages. Also we made chat user called ‘Server’ to append chat about generated coins of ‘fake users’.


We are trying to make chat simple, fast and professional so we don’t use a lot of animations. Because “What we don’t need, we don’t”.

Question / Answer by keywords

If user type in chat some keywords like “survey”, “work”, “working”, “help”, “…”, “…”. The random ‘fake user’ will response him with sound and background so that look so legit and he will complete your action. And also we change background of user message so it is visual available.


When Server Command is entered there is sound ‘Bubble’ to make it more cool .

Username is typing…

There is effect for every bot when new message will come to appear ‘Username’ is typing… So chat will be very live with sound and this effect.


You have now multiple templates to select for your chat, free.

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2018-02-10, 05:08 PM,
IMPORTANT: Users are encouraged to check all downloads including: landing pages, PDF's, and anything else that requires a download. Ensure the thread creator has provided a virus scan before downloading anything, if it's missing go ahead and report the thread by hitting the (Report) button located below the fold. Please read this thread: Here to learn how to check landing pages for sneaky redirects.
2018-02-10, 07:03 PM,
Thank you for the share, bro.
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⭐️ Borislav ⭐️(2018-02-11 01:27 AM) 
2018-02-10, 07:57 PM,
Very Useful! Thank you.
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⭐️ Borislav ⭐️(2018-02-11 01:27 AM) 
2018-02-10, 08:24 PM,
Really nice chat, thanks for this!
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⭐️ Borislav ⭐️(2018-02-11 01:27 AM) 

[Image: quismi_banner.png]
2018-02-11, 12:40 AM,
I was actually just looking for something like this thanks!
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⭐️ Borislav ⭐️(2018-02-11 01:27 AM) 

[Image: getimage.asp?m=4913&o=11772&i=115391.dat]
2018-02-11, 12:49 AM,
kinkly check download script carefully guys it may have lope hole to detect your niche ... may be this dont has but be carefull
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CharlieHarper(2018-02-11 03:11 PM) 
2018-02-11, 01:26 AM,
(2018-02-11, 12:49 AM)YalaYolo Wrote: kinkly check download script carefully guys it may have lope hole to detect your niche ... may be this dont has but be carefull

[Image: Ll0XUw2BQ8_CVxT8PhGcmQ.png]
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rinaldohack(2018-02-16 10:49 PM) hasbeenwillbe(2018-02-11 01:31 AM) 
2018-02-13, 09:39 PM,
That's a awesome tool, thank you for this.
2018-02-15, 12:20 AM,
Very good tool mate, thanks!!

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