Facebook Insight For Dropshippers
2019-02-25, 12:11 PM,
Super specific targeting takes into account there are generally 3 types of audiences
1: Groupies/ Wannabe's
2: Amateurs
3: Hobbyists/ Enthusiasts/ Pro's.

The Groupies & Wannabe's tend to like you're selling but do not commit to buy. These are the window shoppers.

The Amateurs tend to buy what you're selling when you're able to properly identify "The Transformation" you provide.

Remember, people do not buy from you because you have a great product, service or app. They buy from you when they feel understood by you. And secondly, People only buy 2 things EVER ..

1: Transformation
2: Reaffirmation

The Pros are the ones who will buy what you're selling and then also buy all the up-sells to ensure they get it right. These are the enthusiasts and hobbies who fully understand that what you're selling transforms them from the before state to the after state. This is the audience you want to focus on effectively targeting.

There is a saying that portrays this method perfectly:

"You must fish where the fishes are."

Don't target ? every fish ? where everyone is swimming ?.. rather, consider targeting where you know the big fish are swimming.

For example, if you're targeting Golf, you'd assume Tiger Woods is a good audience to identify, right? WRONG!!

Ask yourself, "Do All 3 groups know about Tiger Woods or only the Pros?" All 3 groups do because he is a celebrity.

Consider focusing on more specific areas in order to effectively weed out the 1st two groups.

Research thought leaders, key events, expo's, blogs, specific manufacturers, etc that you'd probably need to be a pro to know about or be talking about. Target these interest groups.Then you know you're fishing where the big fishes are.

Once your know you have a good fishing spot (i.e: your targeting is on point) then you can move onto your messaging. You need the right type of "bait" to lure the "big fish". Your language needs to properly speak to your audience.

Ask yourself, Does my messaging speak to the Pro or to the Window shopper?

Remember, Your message is your promise. The words you chose sets the expectation for the consumer. When you target the Pro's then speak to the Pros as a pro. Tell them what they need to hear and deliver on that expectation. You are the expert .. be sure to portray that.

Now that your audience is set, and your messaging is laser focused (You have have your adset and your adcopy) finally you can begin to design the actual ad, i.e.: the imagery.

This is the key .. remember to always work backwards with the end in mind:

1st The Audience
2nd The Transformation
3rd The Visuals

Use imagery that speaks to your audience and is congruent to your message of transformation or reaffirmation. Ask yourself, "Am I speaking t the right Audience?"

When the answer is yes, then ask yourself, "Does my message speak to enthusiast, hobbyist, or professional and am I selling transformation as The Authority"

When the answer is yes, it's time to ask yourself, "Does my Ad sell itself with no words at all?" What I mean by this, is most people get caught up in disruptive advertising, or ads that will attract eyes, but the ad doesn't sell what the person saw. Use your imagination and creativity. Your image needs to say sell the ad without a headline or description. Your AdCopy is your Slam Dunk when your image does all the work.

When all 3 are in alignment, your Ad performs. It's that simple.

The message is this: do your homework, understand your audience, use their language and get creative.

I hope you find this valuable ????
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