Facebook Ads Spy Tools For WH CPA
2018-02-15, 05:22 PM,
After reading several articles on Whitehat CPA, I have found the Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools for WH CPA. 

Note: I am not the article owner, Credits mentioned at the end of the post.

So, you want to spy on your Competitor’s Facebook Ads.

Well, it’s a good idea to know about your competitor’s Facebook Ad Strategy. It helps you to see what your competitors are up to. Moreover, you can then replicate their success on your Facebook Ads.
Perhaps the easiest way to go about spying your competitor’s Facebook Ads is to use Facebook Ads Spy Tools.
In this article, we have listed 9 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools that will help you to spy on the Facebook Ads your competitors are running.
The best way to outdo your competitors is to know what your competitors are doing. It holds good even in the case of Competitor’s Facebook Ads. When you come to know their every move, you can then out-perform them easily.
What has worked for your competitors can even work for you. You just have to know what they are doing.
This is where spying on your competitor’s Facebook Ads comes into the picture.
Facebook Ads Spy Tools reveal a lot of information about Ads running on Facebook.
By using these tools, you come to know which Facebook Ads your competitors are running. You will know to whom they are targeting. Whether it is based on demographics, geography, or interests.
You come to know about your competitors’ audiences and what they’re offering – what deals they are posting when they are posting, and how often they are posting deals.
You come to know what kind of content they are posting – are they posting videos, product images, or links to blogs. Most importantly, you come to know whether the audiences are engaging with their content or not.
All this information helps you to refine your Facebook target audience. You get more insights into potential shoppers that you can eye upon and target.
For example, your competitors could have marked their ads to an area that you haven’t been marketing up till now. So, in a way you are identifying an opportunity to market your Facebook ads and find new potential shoppers.
So, it’s worth investing in Facebook Ads Spy Tools.
However, before I go on to show the list to you, I would like to make a small but important point.
Although Facebook Ad Spy Tools give you the much-needed information and insight about your competitors, you should continue doing the hard work.
It’s only the time and effort that you put into your campaigns will make you stand out from rest of the competition.
You should learn from your competition, but you should not imitate them. There’s no guarantee that what has worked for them will also work for you.
With this, I go on to present the list of best Facebook Ad Spy Tools.
Let’s have a look at them.
9 Top Facebook Ads Spy Tools
1. AdEspresso
AdEspresso is a powerful Facebook Ad Management Tool. It makes it much easier for you to create powerful ads. With AdEspresso, you get to create and optimize an advertising campaign that truly works. It makes Facebook advertising easy and affordable for small as well as medium businesses. You can test different ad variations with images, headlines, text, etc.
It even provides Facebook Ads Gallery which comes as a tool for seeing a vast collection of ad examples for free. The best part is that it gets updated with new ads every 30 minutes. Anyone can use this tool, even if not a user of AdEspresso. Its database is full of thousands of real world Facebook Ads. It makes it easy to see other advertisers Facebook ads.
Here’s the Anatomy of Facebook Ads Gallery for you:
Search – key in phrases that best describe the ads that you are looking for. You can even use advertiser’s name or Facebook page URL.
Placements – You get three main placements for Facebook advertising.
All Industries – It enables you to filter the results by industry.
Objectives – You can filter the result by objective.
Attributes – helps you with ads with specific components.
When you are done, hit the ‘Find Ads Now’ button.
The results will be revealed to you.
Once you click on an ad, you will direct to a page where you will get all information about the ad.

[Image: adespresso.jpg]
2. WhichAdsWork
If you are looking for a Facebook Ad Spy Tool with a user-friendly design, simplified filtering, and in-depth analytics, then you should surely go for WhichAdsWork Facebook Ad Spy Tool. It’s a Facebook ad spy tool designed and optimized specifically for affiliates and eCommerce advertisers.
With WhichAdsWork, you can instantly find and download winning ads. You can filter ads by affiliate network, keyword, advertiser, publisher, and tracking system.
[Image: WhichAdsWork.jpg]
3. Advisor2
Advisor2 is one of the best tools for Ads Research. No need to spend tons of money on creating Facebook Ads from scratch. Simply use Advisor2 to find the most profitable and engaging ad copies and replicate them easily. With Advisor2, you can easily find the ads that are doing well in your niche. It helps you to run more profitable and cheaper ads.
It helps you to spy on Facebook mobile ads. You can figure out the exact audience that your competitors are targeting. Get to know the offers, audience, landing pages, and even the ad content that are being used by your competitors to dominate your niche. With Advisor2, you can make Facebook a money-making machine for you. It’s a complete Facebook Ads Spy Tool for you.
[Image: Advisor2.jpg]
4. AdFox.io
AdFox is one of the most competent Facebook Competitive Intelligence Tool. It is the best Facebook Ad Spy Tool that brings your Facebook Marketing to the next level.
With AdFox, you can search every type of ad on Desktop and Mobile. It has a huge database of ads covering almost every niche and country. AdFox has over 300,000 ads in its database, and it is growing daily.
It’s the easiest way to find the best Facebook Ads and Funnels in a matter of seconds. AdFox is web-based, so you do not have to deal with incompatible software. Simply log in and search. AdFox provides an intuitive layout so that both beginners, as well as pros, can find their way around easily.
It’s a tool that has been designed specifically for Facebook spying. You get to know your competitors’ angles, images, copy, engagement levels, and target audiences. With AdFox, you get all the data you need to design a winning Facebook Campaign.
AdFox provides a competitive edge to your Facebook campaigns. AdFox helps the user to study winning Facebook ads so that you can go ahead and design your Facebook campaigns with confidence.
[Image: AdFox.jpg]
5. Compass
Compass is one of the leading competitive intelligence tools for social advertising. It lets you discover the ads your competitors are running on Facebook and LinkedIn. With Compass, you can uncover your competitor’s advertising secrets and replicate winning campaigns.
Compass provides one of the largest index of ads on the market, as much as 3,000,000 Ads Indexed. So, you can easily find new winning ad variants in just a few clicks. Moreover, Compass is the only ads platform that provides both Facebook as well as LinkedIn Ads.
With Compass, you are able to create a fully-fledged social ads campaign with multiple sources. Compass comes with an intuitive layout so that even a beginner can discover winning ads for social campaigns.
Compass allows you to follow any number of competitors. You get to see every ad that is working as well as the landing pages that are attached to those ads.
It reveals all the social interactions so that you make out which ads are really a winner. You can even view the ads live on Facebook or LinkedIn. Compass also provides users with targeting and location data. You can even bookmark ads.

[Image: Compass.jpg]
6. Social Ads Tool
Social Ads Tool is a Facebook Ads management and optimization service that is successfully operating for top agencies and enterprises worldwide. If you are looking to drive advertising success on Facebook, then Social Ads Tool can be your perfect Facebook Ads Partner. You simply need to configure your targets and switch on its optimization engine.
With Social Ads Tool, you are in for powerful and unique insights that really matter. It provides the opportunity for easy campaign setup with its slick ad generation tool. You get world-class support. It’s much more than just technical support. You will be guided to optimize your campaigns from e-commerce, game installs to mobile app download campaigns in every geography and sector. All in all, Social Ads Tool proves to be the right partner for managing your Facebook Ads.
[Image: socialadstool.jpg]
7. SocialPeta
SocialPeta is a leading marketing data analysis tool. It covers almost all the main channels of the world including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, AdMob, Yahoo, Unity, and many others.
It presents an in-depth analysis of marketing data from different angles and captures materials in global mobile advertisements. So, SocialPeta helps you in gaining deep marketing insights so that you can make wiser decisions.
SocialPeta offers big data for a decision on advertising and marketing strategies. It goes on to track ad creative, targeting, and performance of 500,000 apps across global ads and China ads. It even offers 100 millions of creative including video, image, carousel, playable, search ads.
It goes on to capture trending apps, new releases, new marketing cases, their ads and performance by country, and game genre. SocialPeta can also update new features at a very quick speed. Moreover, SocialPeta covers more than 50 countries including America, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, India, Thailand, etc. It is a must-have tool for your social marketing and ads planning.
[Image: socialpeta.jpg]
8. Social Ad Scout
Social Ad Scout is one of the best tools that you can have to spy on social ads. Social Ad Scout provides you the opportunity to discover and access thousands of social ad examples from all across the globe. Get access to thousands of social ads from as much as 21 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Italy, New Zealand, Austria, Brazil, Russia, and many others.
Social Ad Scout comes loaded with unparalleled features. It provides detailed search filters so that you can search by text, URLs, type of ad, demographic information, the type of device, geographic location, and more. You get extensive breakdowns including timelines, how often an ad was seen, who saw it, how it ranked, the devices it was seen on, etc.
With Social Ad Scout, you get to have the actual ad’s screenshot. It makes easy to download landing pages. Social Ad Scout covers both desktop and mobile ads. Moreover, it covers every ad format. You get an extremely fast interface. All your search requests are processed within a fraction of a second.

All in all, Social Ad Scout helps you to launch successful social ad campaigns quickly and easily.
[Image: socialadscout.jpg]
9. BigBigAds
BigBigAds is one of the best tools for social ad spying. With BigBigAds, you can uncover and access the most successful ads running on popular social platforms such as Facebook. With BigBigAds, you don’t have to devote time creating ads from scratch or testing them. Simply use BigBigAds to access the most successful Facebook Ad campaigns and replicate them for having profitable campaigns.
BigBigAds provides a simple platform for discovering successful and most popular Facebook Ads. You can begin the search by entering a keyword, URL, or advertiser. You can refine your search by using various filter options such as Time Frame, Search Mode, Ad Type, Language and Call to Action. What’s more, BigBigAds even provides advanced filter options. Thousands of matching Ads have displayed that fit to your chosen criteria.
BigBigAds is the way to go for Facebook Ads Spying. It’s a Facebook Ad Spy Tool with user-friendly design and simplified filtering options.
[Image: bigbigads.jpg]
We hope that the post, 9 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools, proves an immensely useful resource for you on spying Facebook Ads of your competitors.
So, which of these tools you plan to use to uncover the most profitable and popular Facebook Ads of your competitors?
It’s an endeavor to make Facebook Ads Spying easy for you. We hope that the post serves your purpose well. If you liked the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Credits: https://www.earningguys.com/social_media...spy-tools/
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2018-02-15, 05:39 PM,
Spying on competitors campaign is a very good idea to build your campaign strategy. Thank you for listing the tools mate.
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AlphaDog(2018-02-15 06:13 PM) 
2018-02-15, 05:46 PM,
5 of them are closed.
Anyway good share.
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AlphaDog(2018-02-15 06:13 PM) 
2018-02-15, 06:05 PM,
Some broken links but it's a well written guide, thanks for sharing it on here. I hope more users will discuss non incent.
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AlphaDog(2018-02-15 06:13 PM) 
2018-02-15, 06:16 PM,
(2018-02-15, 05:46 PM)Xenobier Wrote: 5 of them are closed.
Anyway good share.

Sorry, I did not check all of the tools. But most of the top spying tools are here in the list.

(2018-02-15, 06:05 PM)HawkEye Wrote: Some broken links but it's a well written guide, thanks for sharing it on here. I hope more users will discuss non incent.

Thank you HawkEye, I am also looking forward to seeing other people discussing non incent CPA. This will increase my knowledge as well as others knowledge.
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HawkEye(2018-02-15 06:20 PM) 
2018-02-15, 08:24 PM,
Thank you for the list mate! I have heard that Adfox is good spying tool.
2018-02-16, 08:40 PM,
Very informative guide buddy! Thank you for listing the useful tools.
2018-08-07, 09:27 AM,
The latest working social media ad spy tool that I know is (...). In its website it says that (...) has around 40M ads in its database across 182 countries with more than 8M advertisers and counting

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(2018-08-07, 09:27 AM)socialmediaexec Wrote: The latest working social media ad spy tool that I know is (...). In its website it says that (...) has around 40M ads in its database across 182 countries with more than 8M advertisers and counting

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Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)
2018-08-08, 12:49 AM,
The info is good but I think a lot of people miss the best "FREE" spy tool around! Create dummy accounts with in your demo, niche etc and just like everything there is to do with it, eventually you will get served ads. I would even buy a product here and there, it would behoove you not to. See their funnel, email sequence etc and make it your own just re-worked of course. These paid services get saturated imo, they are good, i've used them in the past but my best ROI when it comes to something like this was a free account.

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