Facebook Ad Management For Your CPA/PPI Offers Starting at $0.00/INSTALL/LIKE/INSTALL
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[Image: NSn3VWX.jpg]

Quote:*Short explanation on scaling

In the 179$ campaign, we setup 5-10 ad sets for testing. Our aim here is to get you minimum of one ad set that gets you the cheapest cost per click/install/like.
Let's say one campaign works and gets us clicks/installs/likes at 0.0X$/install/click/like.
And others get it at 0.X$ /click/install/like
Now we pause all the other campaigns and continue running the first one , thus getting XXX installs everyday. 
Now if the client requirement is of X,XXX installs everyday but he wants them around the same price point of 1 cent. We scale the campaigns up with more ad copies,targeting over the course of the month.
Scaling is a slow process and it takes time as we continuously have to setup 100s of new and different campaigns every week. Some work and some don't. So we pause them and then the cycle is repeated.
Scaling is recommended as simply increasing the budget can lead to an increase the cost per install/like/click.

Quote:**Only works with new Facebook accounts that have never run ads before.

Quote:***Cloaking shows one link to the FB reviewer & one link to the end user

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FAQs Asked By You, Answered By Me!

Do you provide any trial? Can I start with only 10$?
Even though there is no trial provided. You can start with as low as 1$/day in ad budget. The service fee has to be paid in full.

Is the ad spend included in the service fee?
No, ad spend is exclusive of the fee.

What is the CPC/CPL/CPI Guarantee?
When you order, you are an estimated cost of one click/like/install that you will be paying. It can be lower than the range but never more than that. This is achieved in a maximum of 2 weeks from the time the first ads were put up. The guarantee applies to one ad set, the highest performing one. Other ad sets as well as the overall cost of the campaign is not counted & is not a fair way to judge the performance. This is because, lot of ads sets are created for testing purposes. As a result, even the bad ones add to the overall cost.

How to judge the performance of a campaign?
The campaign performance is judged by the highest performing ad set. Other ad sets as well as the overall cost of the campaign is not counted & is not a fair way to judge the performance. This is because, lot of ads sets are created for testing purposes. As a result, even the bad ones add to the overall cost.

How many URLs are covered in the campaign?
The service covers one URL only per setup.

If I use a cloaker to run CPA (Direct Linking) or run campaigns like Dating which are not allowed by Facebook, can my account get banned?
Yes, cloaker and any form of tracker/affiliate links pose a risk to your account. You also run the risk of getting your cloaked/affiliate/CPA link banned by FB anytime.

What happens in case of account or the link getting banned?
A refund is not provided in such cases, however you are more than welcome to get the ads resetup in another account.

Do I need a fan page to avail this service?
A fan page is a requirement only for running ads with 'Page Likes' as objective.

Is this service specific only for FB pages or apps?
This applies to getting traffic to websites & also to advertising events. It can also be used to send people to your Facebook Group.

Let's say I have a weight loss blog and I can get US Facebook traffic to my blog for a few cents per click or close to that using your service. That's what you are offering?
Technically, Yes. The CPC is unique for every website and it is advised to get in touch to know about your estimated CPC.

Does the $50 coupon works for only new FB account or it also works for account that have already run ads?
Only accounts that have never run ads before. Age of account is irrelevant. Coupon is no longer offered.

Do you really need my FB login details? I don't like giving access to my FB account.
You just need to add my email. You are not required to give me login details of your account.

Is this good targeting Local Businesses?
Yes it is. FB works great with local businesses as you can target people down to their pin/zip codes.

Is retargeting included?
Retargeting via the Facebook Pixel & done through the Facebook manager is provided without any express charge. Get in touch to discuss retargeting via other methods.

I am already getting $X.XX per click/like/install, can you get even lower?
I will get it lower than your current CPC/CPL/CPI for the same demographic guaranteed. If not, the entire fees is refunded. Just provide me a screenshot of your campaign for my records.

Will you increase the CTR as well?
I give a guarantee for lowering the CPC only. Although, when the CPC decreases, the CTR is bound to go up.

Is there any money back guarantee if the results of CPC/CPL/CPI is the same after hiring you?
Yes, if in 14 days, the CPC/CPL/CPI is not lower than what you have achieved, there is a 100% Moneyback guarantee. On how to calculate performance, refer to Pt.8

Does this work for any niche?

What would be the ideal time to judge the Ad sets?
Min. 24 hours.

How long will the CPC will maintain the price (after decrease to the minimum) until it increases back due to ad blindness or ad decay?
3-8 weeks

Will you find the target audience as well?

Are conversions guaranteed?
Due to the nature of the service & external factors involved which are beyond our control, conversion guarantee is not provided. However, the ads are created for maximum conversions. And the results can be verified by the testimonials of users who have posted screenshots here as well.

My ads got disapproved
They were running fine for weeks/months but suddenly they are now disapproved[/B]
Facebook keeps changing it's policies, so some ads could get disapproved even after running for a sufficiently long time. In such a case, just contact me & I will resetup the ads & make sure they are approved.

P.S. The cost per like mentioned here and in the thread are from our previous experiences. We always give out a estimated range that we think is achievable. Nobody can predict what your exact cost will be. Every page/website/app is unique and the cost per like/click/install is unique as well.

Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy Click here
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2015-04-05, 02:10 PM,
Premium marketplace listing thread.
2015-04-05, 02:37 PM,
Looks like a nice service, Good Luck with sales :)
2015-04-05, 05:58 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-04-05, 05:59 PM by PrakharGupta.)
(2015-04-05, 02:37 PM)Spikey Wrote: Looks like a nice service, Good Luck with sales :)

Thank you. Here are some fresh results

[Image: quPxQfml.png]

[Image: zePXGagl.png]

Mail: support@prakhargupta.net
2015-04-05, 07:46 PM,
Do You support countries other than USA? Poland for example?
2015-04-05, 08:21 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-04-05, 08:23 PM by PrakharGupta.)
(2015-04-05, 07:46 PM)nasgaroth Wrote: Do You support countries other than USA? Poland for example?

Of course, ads can be created in any language targeting any country. If you look for my last post, I have posted a screenshot with Polish złoty as the currency. It was for an app targeted to Polish people. The copies were created in Polish as well.

Let me know if you had any more questions.

Skype: SocialStories
Mail: support@prakhargupta.net
2015-04-06, 08:02 AM,

I added you on Skype.

[Image: G54KmXr.png]
2015-04-07, 01:40 AM,
(2015-04-06, 08:02 AM)Empty Wrote: Hi,

I added you on Skype.

I have accepted the request. Let's chat.
2015-04-07, 08:40 PM,
This is a paid sticky thread until May 7th.
2015-04-08, 04:00 PM,
(2015-04-07, 08:40 PM)ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ Wrote: This is a paid sticky thread until May 7th.

Thank You.

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