FTL Slow-paced Journey to 9001$/month
2015-08-30, 05:49 PM,

1.5 years ago I was just an awkward 17 year old boy living in a small country in eastern europe when my life took 180 just for simple google search result: how to make money online,now that I think about it, I miraculously somehow avoided all those BS scams ranked in google by blackhatters which is the reason in my opinion why many people don't believe in IM in the first place, and stumbled upon a Yahoo answer which lead me to well known IM community similar to this one but not that much CPA focused there I found one member's IM journey on making 5000month with PPI and youtube


While reading the journey I quickly devised the plan- sign up to revenyou make video upload video to YT=profit what I had that was my computer and personal YT account and really good understanding of the English language due to my obsession with games and anime - I had zero dollars in Paypal account
I quickly made my video with camtasia copied and slightly modified keywords from some guy then uploaded it,then went to sleep
The first thing I did in the morning was checked my revenyou account-nothing except for one thing-I had 2 started installs however when I came back from school I still remember it now that-0.06$ install from Poland I quickly made more videos for diferent games which allegedly you can get for free :P
After that install came the US one with more than 1$ payout I was starting making videos like crazy during that February month I made 30 videos across 5 newly created channels I was started making 2-4$ a day and 8+$ if I’m lucky during these next few months

Then tragedy happened - YT slapped it’s stick of justice on all my accounts due to one of my videos got flagged I didn’t knew that I shouldn’t have had created all those accounts on the same IP at that time,the only thing I knew that no one is going to stop me now because I received 70$ into my Paypal account from Revenyou:


This road must be familiar to everyone who’s into youtube - countless of accounts bought, countless of accounts banned, countless of videos flagged and few ones that survived either plunged into depths of search results or are still making me money to this day
From creating my first blogger website to my multiniche website which I bought due to the authority of the expired domain I had my ups and downs in my road my most successful time was fall when I was making 100+/day for the whole week due to few goldmine niches I found during this period

I started getting more interested in CPA back in this summer on June mainly because PPI started to get boring and I noticed that I was starting to get more autopilot earnings as some of the my posts and videos started to rank on google search results and newly created niches don’t impacted earnings that much
I started by joining the CPAgrip network and created some HQ videos and niches with high traffic because I knew that my generic PPI niches won’t convert and so far I’m getting positive results from CPA as a whole-if you know how to play your cards right,you’re going to bank with CPA

CPA-CPAgrip and Adworkmedia (more on why I’m changing some of my traffic to ADW on my following update)


Stable 1500$/month [x]
420$/day [x]
Stable 3000$/month [x]
5000$/month [x]
9001$/month [x]
1337$/day [x]
Stable 9001$/month
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younlo(2017-06-02 06:15 PM) ilyasben(2015-11-04 10:50 AM) 
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2015-08-30, 05:57 PM,
Good luck with your journey bro. :)
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FasterThanLight(2015-08-30 11:32 PM) 

[Image: oMf1PAv.gif]

2015-08-31, 12:12 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-09-26, 04:11 PM by FasterThanLight.)
Update #1-Best Summer Day


[Image: jtbXKck.png?1]
Great start with ADW first time I broke 100€ on my CPA earnings, to be honest that EPC is looking too good to be true

Also you can see my last month earnings,was just testing some really bad traffic l0l

So there the main reason why I'm switching some of my niches to ADW because of whooping 26% FR traffic percentage,and I'm testing that out now with ADW

You can also see the MVP here that is Australia,dat EPC is scary...

Meanwhile on the other side:


[Image: RS0CB57.png]
Average days in the CPAgrip they have some really good US NL and IT offers,good website design and they payed me once so I'm not planning completely to switch over ADW

Not sure whether should I post my PPI earnings as I'm now mainly focused on CPA so that would be it for the first update
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daemonX(2015-09-02 10:00 PM) 
2015-08-31, 12:34 PM,
Awesome earnings bro :D
2015-09-01, 10:56 PM,
Awesome story! Keep the good work up!
2015-09-02, 10:06 AM,
Do you have a blogger site ranked in google?

How are you targetting fr traffic? I don't know anything french language (i speak spanish), can i target fr with google translate or english text?
2015-09-02, 10:28 AM,
Will follow this journey, best of lucks!

Over 35% Convertion Rate on OGads. Oldest video-service on the market EVERYWHERE.

Get a video that converts!

2015-09-02, 01:15 PM,
(2015-09-02, 10:06 AM)aleegs Wrote: Do you have a blogger site ranked in google?

How are you targetting fr traffic? I don't know anything french language (i speak spanish), can i target fr with google translate or english text?

hey at some point the content will not make sence when you use google translate
2015-09-02, 09:48 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-09-19, 05:11 AM by FasterThanLight.)
(2015-08-31, 12:34 PM)k0mZ Wrote: Awesome earnings bro :D
(2015-09-01, 10:56 PM)Mark366 Wrote: Awesome story! Keep the good work up!

(2015-09-02, 10:28 AM)Pachu Wrote: Will follow this journey, best of lucks!
Thanks,will do my best to keep this journey interesting!

(2015-09-02, 10:06 AM)aleegs Wrote: Do you have a blogger site ranked in google?

How are you targetting fr traffic? I don't know anything french language (i speak spanish), can i target fr with google translate or english text?
1.Yes I do,however it's one of my older sites so it's PPI only niches,I'm testing now C&B with wordpress will post that on that on the following update
2.All my sites in English language since since my native language speakers is not the best traffic for IM
And yes,you can target FR with english only,trust me using google translate will make matters eve worse
And for my top niche right now,it's just so happens that most of the visitors are mostly from French Brazil and Spain, I don't know why

Update #2-My little Churn and Burn Experiment

I think it's time to share some of my SEO efforts with you guys and what worked for me so far:
Here are the stats currently for my wordpress sites since .wordpress is a parasyte site, for both I bought 30K backlink service from Vortex and I think I already made my 40$ back:

Site 1: [Image: YeAWCZz.png]

Site 2: [Image: KcJa4Df.png]

Site is just 2 weeks old but it's already showing really good results

Didn't do anything IM related these past days since I've just started my first year as a student,so I'll see how much time I'll have for my IM projects and some good games just got released,that could be a factor tooConfused

[Image: togFTJU.png]

I expected my earnings to drop on ADW since the peak of this niche was Sunday and now it's slowly dying down and one of my video with almost 3k natural views got flagged,however today looks really promising

Average days on CPAgrip, except:

[Image: i9kz9YG.png]

No comment
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QwertySon(2015-09-03 11:00 PM) 
2015-09-11, 11:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-09-26, 04:12 PM by FasterThanLight.)
Update #3 Murphy's Law

What I've been doing?

Not much other than managing comments on my videos since I'm getting rekt by college hard- 1.5 hour x5 lectures/day=10 regular lessons=FML
At least I'll be getting Friday's off and I'll sure will be needing those 3 days off every week if I want to sort shit that's been going down recently
Google problems

At some point of this week google decided to drop the banhammer on 4 of my channels created from one account for no reason at all:no video has been flagged or uploaded on these channels except old ones (around two weeks old),I only found google fuck you - channels suspended messages in my gmail box,but the parent account not,learned my lesson - never again
There goes bye a bit of my autopilot earnings
And also my C&B site #2 got slapped,though it shows some signs of recovery today

[Image: WWHe6FA.png]


Anyway, I will update this thread once I sort this shit out,peace out
[Image: ReJoOjm.gif]
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Wrennstigator(2015-09-19 03:40 AM) Junior(2015-09-12 04:17 AM) esmeralda(2015-09-11 11:54 PM) 

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