FREEBIEJEEBIES - Let's earn some Apple Products
2014-02-09, 03:52 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-10, 01:42 AM by blackcollar.)
I am sure that a lot of you guys know about Freebiejeebies or have even heard, but for those who haven't, I'm going to explain it:

Freebiejeebies is a britanic site based on referrals system.
Basically, you sign-up as somebody's referral, you activate your account by completing an offer (somewhere ~$10, and they give you multiple offer choices) and then you start collecting your own referrals.
What you get from your referrals are Apple Products. An example: for 2 referrals you get an iPod Shuffle, for 28 referrals you get an iPhone 5S - They have all the Apple Products available.
(They don't give only Apple Products as prizes, they also give PS3/Xbox and other stuff, but the Apple Stuff is the most prefered).
Now the cool thing about Freebiejeebies, in my opinion, is that the number of referrals they ask you go get for a product is really modest.
I mean, let's say I want an iPhone 5S, and I have to collect 28 referrals.
I already completed my offer (the offer I chose was $11,5) so they would have to complete an offer too.
If they complete the same offer, that means: 28 x 11,5 = $322 for an iPhone 5S. That's a pretty nice price for the latest Apple device I think.
They also let you change your Apple Product while collecting referrals (if you don't want that one anymore).

Anyway, I have recently completed my offer and activated my account, so I haven't earned anything with it. But before I invested my money in it ($11,5 not too much, but still) I searched about this site a lot because I am a cautious guy.
I found out that it's been active since 2007 and almost every source said that it's a valid site. It gained my confidence when I watched a video of a Channel 5 TV Show (Gadget Show) when they apologized because in the previous show they put freebiejeebies on a scam sites list, and when they realized their mistake they came out with this video:

This post is all about Freebiejeebies, so any information or experience you have with this site, feel free to share with us.

[Image: Visit_Sign_Up.jpg]

By clicking the above button, you sign-up throw me, as my referral. I would be so greatful for that. I'm not asking you to do it, but if you are interested in this site and you want to give it a try, then I'd be really glad if you chose me.

PS: Don't try any tricks with this site because I've read that they are very strictly and they may ban you so you don't want to waste your money this way.
You should read their Terms first.

I chose FASTHOST offer to complete, you'll see in this video step by step:

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2014-02-09, 03:56 AM,
no way this is legit .. anyone have any other reviews?
2014-02-09, 04:05 AM,
(2014-02-09, 03:56 AM)Halo Wrote: no way this is legit .. anyone have any other reviews?

Im calling bs on it till I see some proof

[Image: CZqWQay.png?1?7286]
2014-02-09, 04:07 AM,
(2014-02-09, 03:56 AM)Halo Wrote: no way this is legit .. anyone have any other reviews?

Pretty normal reaction.
But it seems that they are doing some money from the contracts they have with some companies (the companies we complete the offer for). And there are people with prizes from them all over the internet.
Plus the video I posted above. Such a big TV Show like Gadget Show wouldn't risk to support something that it's fake. It's just impossible for me to think that they would do that.

I'm not defending this site, but I have really investigated before putting my money in it and I'm pretty sure it's a legit one.
They have a really well thought system.

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2014-02-09, 07:23 PM,
Is this legit?

Need a proof then i'll be your referral :)
2014-02-09, 07:29 PM,
2 Referrals get you iPod Shuffle? Da f*ck? Proof? :))

Please quote me if you are replying to me so I would get a notification.
2014-02-09, 08:39 PM,
too good to be true even if he has feedbacks and seems like legit ....
2014-02-09, 08:51 PM,
Guys, like I said, I've recently invested some money in it and I'll be more than glad to come here with the proof as quickly as I can after I get it.
After a quick google search you can find:

Like I said, if you did a little research you'd see they are making money from the affiliates companies they're working with.
Anyway, I've put my money in it and I'm willing to earn some products.
This is really a basic MLM/Pyramid schemes are now banned from CPA Elites. scheme.

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2014-02-09, 08:53 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-09, 09:17 PM by aze.)
Good ://
Thank you.

I can not replay
Even out to 50 Post

Give me thanks plz plz
2014-02-10, 01:36 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-10, 01:40 AM by blackcollar.)
I've made a little tutorial on How To Sign Up on Freebiejeebies and how to activate your account:

First step, CREATE AN ACCOUNT (This is very easy, but still I've made a video):

Second step, choose an offer and activate your account:
(I chose Fasthost offer)

When you complete an offer, use the same e-mail that you used for your Freebiejeebies account so they communicate with that company and activate your account.

As soon as I get my first gift I will come here with an unboxing.
Until then become my referral and help me to win that gift and proove that this is a safe site and then win your own prizes.

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