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Alright, so you are here because you are craving for some badass traffic right? So everyone know about JingLing, but only few are able to use it because of it's Chinese Language, so you know I have been using it for a while and sometimes it gives me some leads if I got lucky.

Take note this is only took a 15 minutes right after I opened the software (I'm doing some black magics here, LOL! That's why it has thousands of views in just a matter of minutes). Don't worry even if you don't have black magic you can still gather a lot of traffic from it. Good Luck!

I will be sharing the tutorial on how to use JingLing on your website, please be noted that this method won't bring you that high money you are expecting but this will help on your ranking bro!

Okay so download the software below first.

The result was 10/48, but don't worry that won't hurt your computer believe me I've been using this for decades! LOL!

[hide]Step by Step guide for JingLing

Download Here

The English Guide:

[Image: ESBGEgK.jpg]

2. Web Address
3. Visitor/Traffic Flow
4. Status: [GREEN] working, [RED] there is a problem
5. Option: [LEFT] pause/restart, [RIGHT] delete link
6. Option: [LEFT] timed browsing, [RIGHT] traffic origin (see below)
7. Optimization (see below)
8. Add new Web Address
9. Add existing URL Id (optional)

Timed Browsing

[Image: PvdikxR.jpg]

1. Time line: 0 to 23 hours
2. Flow rate: 0% to 100%
3. Option: [Save], [Reset], [Default], [Cancel]

Traffic Origin

[Image: CdBsGzA.jpg]

1. Option: [1] Chinese traffic, [2] Rest of World (???), [3] Rest of World, [4] Western traffic [5] Custom
2. Option: [1] Save, [2] Reset, [3] Default, [4] Cancel

Optimization Settings

[Image: VHarS5T.jpg]

1. Independent IP/Page Visit: 1 to 3
2. Automatic access: Determined by IPV
3. Refresh: Reload the current page only
4. Re-Access: Visit the subpage, and open the origin page
5. Matching: Visit a page with "matching string"
6. Pop-up: Enable or Disable (if you have popup code on your site)
7. Destination: Enable or Disable (if you want to redirect traffic after page load)
8. Destination Listing
9. Destination Option: [Add], [Delete]
10. Referer URLs: Enable or Disable ("From" traffic)
11. Referer Listing
12. Referer Option: [Add], [Edit], [Delete]
13. Option: [Save], [Cancel][/hide]
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2013-09-28, 09:00 PM,
Y.is it fake traffic (Proxy) or is it actually real ppl ?
2013-09-28, 09:01 PM,
Thanks for the english tutorial ! Very helpful ...
2013-09-28, 09:13 PM,
Hey mate, PM me your skype because I need to talk a little with you about this program.

2013-09-28, 09:13 PM,
But how does this works ?
IS the traffic REAL or botted ?
Is real human ?
Can be used on YT ?
2013-09-28, 09:18 PM,
Thanks for your effort, but isn't this kind of traffic useless?
2013-09-28, 11:34 PM,
i have been using jingling for a very long time.

Note 1
it doesnt works with utube vids.so dont waste tym on that
Note 2
Dont use this on ur adsense shitted site.Because they may ban your shit
Note 3
Then wtf can i use it.Pretty simple .Just your web 2.0 sites to increase rankings
2013-09-29, 12:10 AM,
All it does is pump your traffic stats. Will not bring you any leads. I used it to pump stats on google analytics to help sell more ads.

[Image: greenvps1.jpg]
2013-09-29, 12:42 AM,
It work, my blogger views increase. But this software try to open an url and my avast detect it as malware and block the connection to this page.
2013-09-29, 10:39 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-29, 10:43 AM by JuanMove.)
(2013-09-28, 09:00 PM)pajsor33 Wrote: Y.is it fake traffic (Proxy) or is it actually real ppl ?

I don't really have an idea if this is real people that are viewing your website but the good thing here is that your website may increase it's ranking because of this.

(2013-09-28, 09:01 PM)ecbzh29 Wrote: Thanks for the english tutorial ! Very helpful ...

No problem mate! :)

(2013-09-28, 09:13 PM)f0rest Wrote: Hey mate, PM me your skype because I need to talk a little with you about this program.

just add me as JuanMove1991

(2013-09-28, 09:13 PM)pajsor33 Wrote: But how does this works ?
IS the traffic REAL or botted ?
Is real human ?
Can be used on YT ?

It works like a traffic generate, I think of the traffic are real because I'm having some leads sometimes. But no you can't use it on YouTube.

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