FREE TurnKey PPD Site That has made me Thousands for Deserving Members
2014-02-17, 05:32 AM,
Hey all, I am going to GIVE AWAY - Yes Give away a Turn-Key Website to five (5) Deserving Members of this forum.

You can check out the site I am giving away here:

Now this site has Viral built into it (ie, Facebook and Twitter) Of Course has a locker Mechanism built into it, and looks professional. Believe me it converts, I have about 10 sites running this script now in some form and they ALL make money......

How will I know if you are Deserving ?? I will get to that in a Moment....

First I need to tell you that this site in some shape or form has made me $1000's of Dollars over the past year. The model can be changed up to just about any niche.

But the Niche I am give out is a KILLER - whether or not it is satuarated or not....

This niche is something that EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR and as long as there is PPD and CPA - YOU WILL MAKE MONEY WITH IT!!!

Anyways, What will I be giving away:

1) A Complete source code of the Website
2) A complete VB Program With source code
3) A complete set of instructions on how to set everything up
4) A complete video that can be edited - basically put your own handles on the front and back of video (The Camtasia project files will be included)
5) My skype ID for anyone that needs help with set-up..

So how do I know you the most Five(5) deserving members are ??

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2014-02-17, 10:33 PM,
I can share this site (almost same design but more professional) for free.
Good luck to people who will participate.
2014-02-18, 12:17 AM,
(2014-02-17, 10:33 PM)locmanis Wrote: I can share this site (almost same design but more professional) for free.
Good luck to people who will participate.

Ya - I could give it away too - was just trying to get some FREE SEO for the forum and too many people just download stuff and never use it anyhow or share somewhere else. So if someone can prove an effort they would probably actually act on it.

Just Thinking...
2014-02-26, 11:22 PM,
Can you share the codes for that logging effect in vb? That green codes appearing? Thanks!

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