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FREE Shopify store method + Viral Winning Products + Auto Promotion
2018-07-25, 09:49 PM,
This guide goes to both people who own a drop shipping store and those people who want to get started. It will save you tons of money and time!

TL;DR - If you really want to make money don't look for an easy way such as TL;DR

Step 1: How to get a FREE shopify store.

Register for Shopify Developers by clicking here(non-affiliated link)

What do you get from shopify developers? - Shopify thinks that you will make them money if they provide you with a free platform to create UNLIMITED stores for customers and sell it to them directly, but in this case we are going to use the store(s) we created. The only catch is you have to pay for a plan only AFTER you have hit 50 SALES. Trust me, this is a great deal - you don't lose anything if you store flops so it acts like a safety net.

After registering click on "Development stores" and create a store. Congratulations. You now have completed step 1 and have a completely free shopify store with EVERYTHING UNLOCKED. Yes, you can even sell GIFT CARDS to your own store. Most of you know how to go from there, how to upload a theme, edit their website and connect a domain. Moving on to step 2.

Step 2: How to get viral winning products.

Don't waste your time trying to find products if you are a newbie in the business, it takes money give it to instagram influencers for testing first to see if there is a demand for the product then to run facebook ads on it... and it might flop... get it from people who spend their day scouting for already winning products on facebook.

These guys will provide you with the original facebook ad post of a winning product so you can see people's reactions to the product before hand, the original price and how much you can earn by marking it up to the selling price, list of the facebook tags for the ad(if you decide to run facebook ads, read on - i advise AGAINST), product description that you can copy-paste in your store and links to amazon, alibaba, aliexpress etc where you can source the product directly to your customers.

With the money saved from step 1 you need to invest 7$ which we will put into membership for (...) by clicking (...) and if you want to give me no rewards for sharing this awesome knowledge with you, you can click (...) .

You can click on the products page first on the top left to see what kind of products they find and let me tell you they are VIRAL!

Step 3: How to promote your products automatically. Free traffic.

This is basically Tim Ferris 4 hour work week once you set up this part of the guide..

Lets assume you have chosen a niche from (...) , have set up your store and you are ready to promote it.

Facebook ads are expensive, in my first week of drop-shipping i spend 5$ for 4 ads for 5 days on facebook and i only got 3 sales from that.. the ads only ran for 5 days. I wasted 100$, learn from my experience and skip the ads at the beginning, scale up once you have the sales.

Most of you have heard about Instagram bots, this is how you are going to promote your products DIRECTLY to customers, here is how:

Lets assume your niche is Jewelry(Most common thing posted on (...) )Set up 6 instagram accounts(Trust me, you have to put in the work first but once you have the ball rolling its all on autopilot from there!), put your website logo as profile picture on the 1st account, this will be our main and most safe account. Name it your brand. Set a nice description with some emojis and link to your website. Put pictures of your jewelry / people wearing it(see the facebook ads post, most people will post the product once they bough it or look at the website selling it first and see if there are reviews there). On the other accounts put someone wearing your product as a profile picture, set a description similar to "Jewelry Line, Want to purchase our Jewelry websitelink(dot)com. MAIN IG: @yourig or use do something that you see fit, use your brain, its important that you link to your main IG because it will be your main source of clean traffic. Upload a bunch of people wearing your jewelry because you want social proof from other people. You are likely to want something and buy it if you see someone wear it. Upload only the highest quality photos you can find.

IMPORTANT! Verify your accounts by email and number if requested down the road, its extra security and will keep your account safe from bans.

Now you have to warm up the accounts before botting them, for a week log into the accounts follow people, post product photos(you only need like 10 tops because if a user opens your account on the web version of instagram they will see only 3 photos for example on the same row and only that but if you have 10 the whole screen is filled with images and you have to scroll a little bit to reach the bottom, its all for making the accounts look more legit.  Like some images etc.

After the first week has passed register for (...) by clicking (...) there is 7 day free trial with 5 accounts. It has features like Auto Comment which we will use the most, Auto Follow, Auto Like, Auto Repost, Auto Unfollow, Auto DM. The price after 1 week trial has ended is 10$ for 5 accounts which is good enough to drive some amount of traffic. If you want to go even bigger there is 15$ option for 15 accounts and 25$ for 50 accounts / month which can bring you massive amounts of traffic to your website and main ig for the same price which i spent for buying facebook ads for 5 days.

I don't know if you are familiar with bfirst_apparel but they might have spammed your ig, click (...) to see their growth. All of that with spamming accounts. Guys have probably made thousands in free traffic. They spam stuff like "Look our page info ASAP. Whats up with it haha!" - and that's how we are going to drive people to our IG's.

On Instagram Bot Me click Auto Comment and add hashtags similar to your niche for example for Jewelry it would be "jewelry, jewelryoftheday, jewelrygram, jewelrylovers" etc try to think of what your customers will use for hashtags. Don't put stuff like jewelryshop because you will comment on other shop's pages an will be trying to sell B2B. Use your brain. Then click on comments. Use similar catchy stuff as "Peek our profile bio, something interesting is waiting for you!" or the one bfirst uses "Look our page info ASAP. Whats up with it haha!" You need to grab people's attention. For speeds, newer accounts less than 1 month you should use very slow and evey week bump it up until you reach very fast.

Remember! Don't rush the speeds, comments are there to stay, people will roam around their friend's profiles and see your comment but if your account gets banned, they wont see anything. So comments are left there forever if you use the tool properly. Its promotion for years ahead if you are smart.

OptionalYou can also use auto follow and auto like on the same hashtags, people will often check who followed or liked some of their photos > traffic for you.

For your main instagram account activate business account so that you see analytics and how much visitors you get to your IG(its free to turn it on, its in settings) post casually, talk with customers, respond to DM's give coupons, make stories etc. This account is safe from bans, use it however you wish.

BONUS If you want to go deeper with social proof on the accounts you can buy fake followers(1K), likes(600-700/photo) and comments(5-10) to make your bot profiles look even better to the eyes of the people but that's just optional.


"Do you really expect me to buy services from those websites!?!" - No, normally Shopify costs 29$ a month and i have just given you a way to get it for free and only for 17$ a month to get winning products and free insane traffic for life. If you want to go the Facebook ads 5$/day thingy and go play baseball in the dark, be my guest.

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2018-07-26, 02:14 AM,
Please read, understand and follow the CPAElites rules:

- If you want to advertise your services/products, please create a sales thread at the marketplace section (paid membership required).
- If you want to promote your referral links, please create a referral thread.

Thread closed.


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Automate your daily work with Bots!
Then you'll have more time to sleep. ;-)

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