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Comments are also a huge factor when it comes to ranking your videos in the #1 spot on Youtube. This is probably the most in depth process, however once you get a hang of it you'll be spitting out hundreds of comments in an hour.
1. First of all we will need to use U2bviews for this method, so start running the U2bviews program from this link. Make sure you signup, of course!

2. Now that we have the program, setup your Youtube account and U2bviews account in the Settings tab of the program itself.

3. While you're doing that, let's work on scraping hundreds of comments per minute. Please download This program from the link provided. What this does, is it will scrape hundreds of already posted comments from Youtube and spit them back out into a Text document for you. This is useful for taking those comments and putting them as our own comments! I'll explain more.

Oh - here is a Virus Total for that program just in case you don't trust me. Click here for the Virus Total scan.

4. Please setup the program as I have shown in the picture below.

[Image: 64ba287982.png]

5. In the keywords box, try to think of every single keyword in which you can think of. For example:

Free Microsoft Points
Get Microsoft Points Free
Microsoft Points Generator
Free Microsoft Points 2013 Tutorial

6. You will want to now press start, which would be right where step 5. would be as I have shown in the program. This can take several minutes to scrape hundreds, even thousands of comments related to your niche. Once it's done scraping, you will find a window that pops up like this:

[Image: 2bbc154faa.jpg]

Obviously, press OK.

7. You can now save it to any file type that would be used for text reading, so we are going to click "Save and Close" at the bottom of the program, and we will now be able to export it. Because of the small file size, I typically use the "Export to TXT", which will save it as a .txt file. Do so, give it a name - and you're now done scraping comments.

8. If you open that text program in a program such as Notepad++, you will realize that there are tons of random question marks in the middle of sentences. We can remove these by pressing "CTRL + H". This will bring up a dialogue box for the Find and Replace feature, which will find a string of text and replace it with whatever you want. For this example, we will be finding "?" and replacing it with nothing, "".

You can refer to my image below for an example.

[Image: 8404b7599e.png]

9. Now that's all done, we can now make and open a NEW text file. You can name it something such as "CommentsforVideos", in which this will be where we are going to manually look over all the comments it scraped and copy only the ones we think are useful for our videos. So do so, and when you are done - save that new .txt file.

10. So you should now have a .txt file, and perhaps even a few hundred U2bviews credits.

Please open the U2bviews program if you have not already, and press the below button within the program:

[Image: 5d439d2af4.png]

This is the tab in which you can request views and comments, but we are going to use this for comments purely!

11. You can now import the .txt file in which you saved earlier, the one that you want for your Youtube comments. Remember to have each comment on one line, otherwise you will get half sentences. Please refer to the image below on how to set this up.

[Image: 04d8eb019f.png]

***Also Note that you MUST have a minimum of 250 views assigned. Yes, it adds unnecessary credits that you have to pay, but that's the minimum.***

12. Add your video, and you should be seeing those comments come in any time now![/hide]

Edit: I guess it'd help if I posted the links. Hold on. Lmao

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2013-08-23, 05:11 AM,
Awesome tutorial man! Great job.
2013-08-23, 05:17 AM,
Nice tutorial, thanks for the share.
2013-08-23, 04:42 PM,
Nicely done, great job. Thanks
2013-08-23, 04:45 PM,
Nice share!
Thank you
2013-08-23, 05:30 PM,
I've already read that also from your thread on fileice ;)

Pay the cost to be the boss

2013-08-24, 12:24 AM,
Very nice trick. Share more sir!
2013-08-26, 06:03 AM,
Sounds good :) i'll try soon
2013-08-26, 06:11 AM,
U2bviews has never worked for me when it comes to comments. I never receive all of them for some reason.
2013-08-26, 06:41 AM,
Thank you! I had this software but didn't even know where to begin. Will use this later :).

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