(FIXED LINK)How to really rank your YT videos!
2013-07-02, 09:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-07-02, 09:38 PM by Label.)
Label: If i helped you please leave me good feedback on this thread. SO i know you guys like this

Most of the time people think hey the only way to rank

youtube videos are to buy views buy comments buy

likes well thats not true. One of my good friends taught

me that which i thought he was lying until i saw his

videos. he had 600 views 15 likes and 3 comments

ranked first page for a extremely saturated niche. It

was really amazing so i asked him how? so we sat on

skype for 2 hours the whole time him teaching me on

how to rank videos. I have been ranking my videos on

the first page of youtube now with no money. I have a

simple ebook now that can help you guys rank videos

1st page for youtube. Now im not saying that views dont

rank your video im saying what happens if everyone

goes for the same niche and buys 10,000 views and 200

likes and 100 comments, What happens now? Who gets

on first page and who doesnt? alot of times people get

videos so if its the same video with the same like

comment and views which one will rank higher? The

answer is keywords try to put the keywords wherever

you can even in the name of the video. Create blogs and

anything you can about the video to get more and more

people there. Would you rather just youtube see your

video or people from other sites? Now another thing

you need is patients dont go trying to rank your video in

one hour and when it doesnt rank get all pissed off.

When i first started ranking videos i started off with a

simple microsoft point generator it wasnt even ranked

on the first 100 pages -_- so i did everything i could to

rank it with keywords and such. I woke up it was on

page 32, i was extremely happy so i was like i am still

getting no income from this who the hell goes to page

32? So i just quit for a couple of days went back and

found out my video was ranked page 3 number 6..............

I almost jumped out of my shoes. It was amazing how

much the video has gone up. Now if you really want to

quit cause your not succeeding..... I WANT YOU TO STOP



practice makes perfect but they never tell you it brings

frustration and the the lack of believeing in your self

you can do it.

The ranking system: if you need help my skype is:

Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/522e0.../analysis/

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Contact Me If You need Anything and as always thanks cpa elites for giving me the chance to post this for everyone.
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2013-07-02, 09:41 AM,
I got nothing but positive things to say about this guy. I recently talked to him on skype and he really helped me understand the fundamentals of PPD.
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dkmlg(2013-07-26 10:36 PM) Label(2013-07-02 09:42 AM) 
2013-07-02, 09:42 AM,
Glad too see i could help you :) good luck in the future
2013-07-02, 09:57 AM,
your text
was a bit
hard to
read but
and please
add a
virus scan
for your pdf
as well!
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hlnothingsiu(2013-07-02 11:56 AM) Label(2013-07-02 11:03 AM) 

Still the most reliable PPD network!
[Image: kGkKmYZ.png]
2013-07-02, 09:59 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-07-02, 09:59 AM by Label.)
lol sorry idk why it came out like that and do i really need to put a virus scan for a pdf? but ill post one
2013-07-02, 10:07 AM,
This was a great read. Thanks for the share.
2013-07-02, 10:09 AM,
Thanks bro glad i could help
2013-07-02, 10:10 AM,
(2013-07-02, 09:59 AM)Label Wrote: lol sorry idk why it came out like that and do i really need to put a virus scan for a pdf? but ill post one



Still the most reliable PPD network!
[Image: kGkKmYZ.png]
2013-07-02, 10:12 AM,
lol i am waiting for the file to upload then ill be posting the virus scan :)
2013-07-02, 02:07 PM,
The download link does not work for me. :/

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