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FB Ads - Avoid under-delivery
2017-04-05, 01:47 PM,
Sometimes, your advert sets won't reach all of the people you wanted them to. Here's how you can prevent under-delivery.

Bid accurately

[Image: 13178148_1745682288980871_1600183804_n.p...e=599ABF7C]

If you're bidding manually (rather than letting Facebook optimize your bid), it's a best practice to set your bid at the maximum amount that you'd be willing to pay for the result your advert set is optimized for.
For example, if you want website clicks and you'd be willing to pay up to £5 for one, bid £5. Lower bids may reduce the number of people who see your advert in your target audience. If you aren't getting the results that you want at a certain bid, try increasing your bid amount.

Choose the right audience


Choosing the right audience can make a big difference in the delivery of your advert set. Use an audience that's specific, but not so specific that it becomes too small.
Some things that can help when choosing an audience:
Use interest and/or behaviour-based targeting.
Use a Custom Audience from a pixel or your customer data.
Use a Lookalike Audience based on your best customers1
Your audience should also match your advert's objective (e.g. use a broad audience for Brand Awareness adverts; use more specific audiences for Direct Response adverts).
Learn more about targeting, Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.

Be mindful of audience overlap


Audience overlap means that you're targeting multiple advert sets to different audiences that contain some of the same people.
This is not necessarily a bad thing, but because we try to avoid showing people too many adverts from a single advertiser in a short period of time, it could make it more difficult for each of those advert sets to spend their full budget.
To avoid or reduce audience overlap:
First try refining your targeting using the tips above
If it keeps happening, try consolidating some of your overlapping advert sets. If some advert sets are targeting very similar audiences, you may see better results by consolidating them into one advert set with a larger budget.

Improve your relevance score and feedback

[Image: 13292691_1115411428531276_2051273283_n.p...e=594DD420]

If your advert has a low relevance score or negative feedback, its delivery may be affected.
If an advert's relevance score is low or its negative feedback is high, first try adjusting your targeting. If that doesn't help, adjust your content:

Consider your advert's image/video and message.
The advert's image/video is more noticeable than its text, so focus on improving it first. Make sure that you keep your message simple and related to what you're promoting.

Refresh your creative.
Over time, an audience that once responded positively to your advert may grow tired of it. When the relevance score for an advert drops, try creating another advert with new content for that audience.

Test different adverts and audiences.
Show different adverts to the same target audience, or the same advert to different target audiences. Look for patterns in how your adverts perform that give insight into what works. For instance, some adverts may have consistently higher relevance scores. What do they have in common?

Don't use offensive or misleading content.
Such content might get people's attention, but it ultimately leads to a poor experience. Try to find a different way to stand out.

Credit to FB advertisement Quick Tips
2017-04-05, 05:37 PM,
Thats the best way to get more clicks in low budget too also for new comers thats a awesome information on Facebook advertising ... nice mate
2017-04-05, 09:49 PM,
Thanks for the tips buddy! it was very much helpful to me.

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