F*CK Fear
2014-11-02, 03:59 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-11-02, 04:42 PM by Superhero99.)
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A good friend of mine died yesterday.

He was speed-flying––a new sport that is the closest a man can get to actual flight.

He was testing out a prototype set of wings, did a barrel roll mid-air, one wing didn’t open and he fell to his death. He hit the ground feet first (like a boss) but died on impact.

Here’s one very very good man, young and healthy as f*ck, with a gorgeous wife, a young boy, and so much life in him.

Dead. Instantly.

Now I don’t tell you this to be morbid…

I tell you this as a reminder:

Bro, you’re going to die.

Probably not tonight, but maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, maybe when you’re 87, or 103. The fact is, we don’t know when this ride ends…all we know is that it does end…100% of the time.

So what are you going to do about it?

If you’re lucky, you’ll go out as my friend did: doing something he absolutely loved, living on the edge, pioneering, showing others what’s possible. I couldn’t imagine a better way.

What you don’t want is that other thing…the one where you die with regret, alone, unloved, with life unlived, having done nothing but pleasure yourself, with no one but your landlord upset about your passing.

I remind you of this because my friend’s death reminded ME of my own mortality.

At first I was in shock. Then I cried for 24 minutes from Sheung Wan to the Hong Kong Airport. And then I made a resolution:




These thoughts flowed out more eloquently in my journal…but that was the gist of it.

And now I pass my own mortal moment of reflection on to you.

What are you regretting right now? What are you avoiding? What are you putting off until tomorrow?

Tomorrow? Tomorrow? What the f*ck is a tomorrow?

You are not the Shah of Time.

You don’t even know what’s coming 5 minutes from now…let alone “tomorrow”.


Buddhist monks actually do this thing where they meditate on their own deaths. They imagine themselves, dead, being eaten by maggots. (Maggots, bro.) This puts life in perspective. It brings presence and urgency. It gives juice to this moment…

Because in this moment…you’re alive.

You’re so alive and that’s such a gift.

Everything you want: love, friendship, supermodels with chestnut skin and perfect breasts, fame, suitcases full of cash, respect from your peers, a house in the hills, a statue of you in front of City Hall, mastery in a skill that men will read about 100 years after you’re gone—everything…is available to you now.

You only have to decide to go get it.

No fence-sitting.

No bull-sh*tting.

No fear.


Everything that comes to you when you’re hopeful and inspired, all of this can be yours.

You just have to decide.

And, man, I hope you choose well—your life depends on it.

Strength and Honor,

This helped me completely stop thinking/ tripping over my recent near death experience. You have to remember things come in your life and it is how you take them that depicts how you are going to react and live. As a life reminder, it couldn't have came at a better time. In my recover I will keep the mental mindset of FUCK Fear. You cannot take anything back, so make what is most of it before it HAS to become real. Life4youguys.

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2014-11-02, 04:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-11-02, 04:44 PM by Superhero99.)
You should not have used that HIDE tags there. Keep in mind next time please.

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2014-11-02, 04:57 PM,
Hey required, where is the "together" word? :P

What were you tripping on? (curious coz of the near death experience)

Btw nice share.
2014-11-09, 11:01 AM,
This reminds me of some stuff I read from ZYZZ in the past. Its true... We know some things are true... 1 life, thats all. We have no idea how long or how short, but what we do know for sure, is we have the power to make it what we want. You can live a life in fear, or a life that you control in your hands and you live it to the fullest.

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