Elite Internet Marketing Workshop
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Within these Chambers you will find all the Material.. Methods,Tutorials ,Tools and Guides
that I have Personally tested and Used to make a Very Very comfortable Living Online.


UPDATED: 2-13-2019


Ok as some of you may or may not know besides discovering this wonderful community
I am a member of a few other Forums and one in particular
where I have a great deal Of material both Publicly, V.I.P
and Elite V.I.P Sections.
Now though I have shared some stuff here
there is a great Deal of premium stuff I haven't because
well kinda gave my word I wouldn't share some things on other forums
and though it is my material and I am free
to do with it as I please I kinda try to be a man of my word.
That being said...I Have a Private Blog, Which is not another Forum,
where I have compiled all my Material from That particular site as well as here and....

Some stuff that is Nowhere but on That Little Private Blog.

Like one of My Last Projects: HERE

Some of you may have seen it in my siggy and yes that is correct
I charge 1,999.00 for a lifetime Membership which Includes Live on site
chat support and first look at all my Future methods and tools plus a few other perks.
I know some of you say WHAT! 1,999.00 He must be crazyShock
No I tell you what is crazy?

To Let Someone Else Determine Your Worth!!!!Money

Guys never do that, I mean they don't have to buy it but don't
let someone determine your Product or Brands worth.
No one knows the Blood,Sweat,and Time you put into like you do!
Of course don't be naive either- lol...It has to have some actual worth.

Today I'd like to offer you Guys 6 Months Access Inside Those Chambers

This will Include FULL access To View Onsite My Full Arsenal of Methods ,Guides, Training videos, Tools,etc..etc.. or Download to view later or whatever...
Trust me there is some gold in them there Hills...not being arrogant just stating the Facts...


There's also a
IM Newbie Video Workshop
Plus some Other stuff Just check out
The Video below or Official Sales Page

UPDATED: 2-13-2019
Guys again just being Fair here,
although There are some nice Tools and other Resources(;
This is MOSTLY about My Methods and Insights!
Which Cover Youtube,Twitter,Facebook,Craigslist etc..
plus some Unique Ways for getting Traffic and Conversions
and Some is just the study of stuff like Human Behavior,
Examining and recognizing trends and shifts in the market,
Finding untapped markets to explore etc....
and how to turn that into Conversion.
Got some Unique Offline and Adult Stuff as well.

Now my site is accessed by Invitation via a gmail account
so that's all you'll need to receive the Invitation.

** As there Are only 50 Private Invitations per Blog allowed
that will be the Limit that I will accept.

Ok Guys I will be Generous by I am still a Internet Marketer
So I will be asking 100.00 Smackaroos

I think that's More than Fair considering what i have There

Here have a Look

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2013-11-27, 10:29 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-28, 10:32 PM by SwiffJustus.)
OK Guys I'm Gonna Give Out 4 Review Invites..

2013-11-27, 10:32 AM,
Not sure what it is your offering but id like to check it out
2013-11-27, 10:58 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-28, 08:00 PM by SwiffJustus.)
(2013-11-27, 10:32 AM)wackiin Wrote: Not sure what it is your offering but id like to check it out

I Know my writing can be a little hard to understand but
Not that bad Huh? -lol
Maybe you can look it over again and see if it's something
that you'd be actually interested in.
Thanks for showing interest.
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darkcircle(2015-01-13 10:02 AM) 
2013-11-27, 11:08 AM,
Holy hell, seems too good to be true.

If there's still room for that "NON VIP OR LEGEND" Review, let me know :)
2013-11-27, 11:12 AM,
NON VIP OR LEGEND reviewe..can let know?
2013-11-27, 11:43 AM,
I sent you an E-mail, as I can't PM you without 50 posts :(
2013-11-27, 11:56 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-27, 12:02 PM by SwiffJustus.)
(2013-11-27, 11:43 AM)Cloud203 Wrote: I sent you an E-mail, as I can't PM you without 50 posts :(

Got you Covered Buddy Check your Email...
2013-11-27, 01:25 PM,
So if I pay you this 20 bucks, how much money can I realistically make with your system(s)?
2013-11-27, 02:22 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-28, 08:50 PM by SwiffJustus.)
(2013-11-27, 01:25 PM)paradigmshift Wrote: So if I pay you this 20 bucks, how much money can I realistically make with your system(s)?

Brother I am Glad to see your Interest in The Thread.
Thanks man it means a lot....
Ok,What this is in a nut shell is My personal
Workshop,a collection of Methods, Tools,
Tutorials (Both Video/Text) and Resources accumulated
Over some Time and I continue to do so..
If you like you can read some of my stuff to kinda get a
feel for how I operate .
I can tell you This, with some of these tools that I'm offering
I Have seen Quite a few Internet Marketers go on to earn well.
That I can Tell You That is a FACT!
But to speculate on what you will earn is not something
i would fill comfortable doing, as it would be just that, Speculation.
Not fair to you or me,but this I would fell comfortable guaranteeing
If You go in that workshop, look around and find something
that sparks your interest whether it's a complete piece
or bits and pieces form other pieces Take strong serious action
implement a bit of your own flavor and make something
even more unique and you will earn even Better!
Giving you a specific number is just not being realistic.
I mean I could throw something Out there just for
whistle and bell effect if you like? Nah won't do it- lol

Brother I will not Blow smoke up your Nose just for a few
bucks, what you have here is the genuine article.
Like any other work environment I will provide the tools
That will give you a great chance at being successful, Not
just with some single method but on down the line...
Over the long Haul, then it is up to you to continue to hone your skills and that
and only that will determine anyone's rate and level of success in any Industry....PERIOD.

So to answer you question...Finally - lol
Realistically You can make a Million Dollars or Not make a cent..
Totally Up to you, Well I doubt the not make a cent Part unless
you just don't Take Any action at all...Hows That?Money

(2013-11-27, 11:43 AM)Cloud203 Wrote: I sent you an E-mail, as I can't PM you without 50 posts :(

Hey you sent me a Hotmail has to be gmail to receive Invitation...
The rest of you Guys those Invitations need to be activated within 24 Hrs
Or they'll expire and I'll have to resend them..Thanks and
Glad to have you Guys inside The Chambers of Thoroughbreds.

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