Electronic cigarette
2015-08-13, 04:53 AM,

I just bought mine few days ago and already in love with it.

I don't know if a lot of Elites smoke but it's a really good way to quit, the best in my opinion.

And you have a lot of original flavors you would have never dreamt of :)

Are there other Elites who can share their experience with this kind of product ?

Altought it is healthier than regular smoking, I wouldn't recommend it to someone who's just breathing normal air :P
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2015-08-13, 05:10 AM,
Yes.i also have an electronic cigarette.I smoked normal cigarettes for 11 years until i started to feel very bad.In the morning was the worst so i decided to buy an electric one.I have it for almost 3 years now,no side effects (until now) or ones i don't see and feel (long term problems maybe) i hope not:))
Is a good way to try and quit smoking,but don't do like me and use it for 3 years.It's nicotine still.Now i smoke an USA mix 24 mg and if i stop smoking for 2 hours i start to have the same simptoms like i had with the normal ones,even more bad some times.So,quit the normal one with the help of the electric and also quit electric as fast as you can after that.Don't go over 3,4 months.This is my opinion,don't go to far with it.Now i strugle to quit this one to:) but in the end i will succed.
2015-08-13, 05:12 AM,
Did you try to progressively lower the nicotine level ?

Currently I am at 12mg/L but I'll slowly decrease to none :D (or I hope so)

Thanks for sharing your experience
2015-08-13, 05:29 AM,
That is what i want to try next,to lower the nicotine level.I tried 3 times to quit it but i did not past over 1 day.I started to get crazy,so lowering the nicotine level is the next try.
2015-08-13, 05:58 AM,
won't try it unless they make some electronic pot XD
2015-08-13, 06:03 AM,
Synthetic THC is already alvailable :) (I don't know if we can discuss about it here)

Bluestar, Why would you quit completly ? When there is no more nicotine, it's not very harmful (I THINK).
And I also think the addiction is more about the movement,etc than the nicotine
2015-08-13, 06:50 AM,
The studies on electronic cigarettes side effects are still not complete.Not even 10%
Of course is more healty then normal cigarette but i did big research on this and no big corporation or institute could say that is 100% safe and will not cause side effects problems.No one knows what are the side effects or if they are any.

The studies will take another 5 years and over 500.000 people to come to a complete answer.Until then we hope for the best.That is why i want to quit.Better to be sure then sorry :D
2015-08-13, 06:52 AM,
I vape, more of a hobby though. I build my own box mods and mix my own juice. Love doing it and sell my stuff all the time :D I make like $1000 selling juice at school :P only dealer
2015-08-13, 06:53 AM,
Yes you are right.

So good luck and let us know about your fight :)

Personally, I'm not planning to quit for the moment I can feel the difference with/without in terms of concentration for example.

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