Easy Method to earn Legit Money from CPA Offers
2013-08-23, 06:57 PM,

Here's what you need for starters:
- YouTube Account
- Camtasia Studios (You can download for free, then just find a Serial Key to get the full version)
- An account to any CPA network

1) Create a youtube account with something relating to hip hop music (not required). Example: DailyNewHipHop12
2) Go to http://www.HotNewHipHop.com
3) Download every song from that day with Very HOTTTTT next to the name and artist.
4) Open Camtasia and import that Audio File to Camtasia.
5) Find a picture of the Artist who the song belongs to.
6) Import the picture.
7) Drag the Audio Track to the bottom of the time line.
8) Drag the picture down to the bottom time line.
9) Go to your CPA network and find any email/zip submit offer. Example: Free Xbox 360, Free iPhone 4s, Test and Keep a Laptop.
10) On camtasia click create title page and type in: Click the link in the description below to get a (Your offer details here) FREE! *Click Done*
11) The title will be where the song and picture was, then drag that to the end of the time line after the picture and song are done. Make the duration of the title 15 seconds long so people notice it and read it.
12) In The description, make sure you put the offer first but keep it short so that your keywords from the description get indexed well also.
Description Example: Click Here for a FREE Xbox 360: bit.ly/example
Drake - Headlines featuring Lil Wayne
Drake - Headlines featuring Lil Wayne
Drake - Headlines featuring Lil Wayne
(I always put the artist and song name three times, because it seemed to rank better with the keyword being in there more.
13) Put and anotation on the video that says: "Click the link in the description below to get "your offer" FREE!

**Also you can go to http://www.DatPiff.com and download mixtapes released that day from well known artists and those can get you a ton of views too.**

Then sit back and watch the artist whose song you uploaded do the work for you because you're only uploading good songs. The earlier you get to the song and upload it to youtube, the better chance you have to go viral with the video/song. I have had a video get 100,000 views in a day from a song I uploaded by Pit Bull, so you can imagine the amount of traffic that brought in. Also, make sure you make a new account once a week. Often times certain songs/artists/labels will mark the song as copyright and once you get 3 strikes, your account is banned and all those videos are gone. So, the more you spread it out, the less likely the account will get deleted. The longer you do this, the more videos you get, more views you are getting daily and the more money you're making daily. I still have a ton of videos up from a year ago that makes me decent money still.

Don't forget to THANKS!
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Adult Baby !!!
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2013-08-23, 07:01 PM,
Thanks for the amazing method, will try this soon :)
2013-08-23, 07:01 PM,
Thanks for posting this TUT, will try it out soon!

[Image: rocket.png]
2013-08-23, 07:01 PM,
Keep in mind that lot of offers forbids to use word FREE in promotion :) - Always look for tips of promotion on your CPA Dashboard :)
2013-08-23, 07:04 PM,
Thanks alot! This helps people with fake niches to work with legit ones!
2013-08-23, 07:05 PM,
Well, you're basically profiting of other people's work, so it's not like this method is 100% whitehat.
Also, who would click on an offer to win xbox, if they are there to listen to a song...

Now, here's a twist to drastically increase your CTR:
Instead of using a generic offer create a website with a short (3 steps) survey asking who is your favorite rapper. And once they vote, you could redirect them to the CPA offer.
So in video description you would write "Vote for your favorite rapper and win the newly released Xbox One!".
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esmeralda(2014-06-16 08:41 AM) amar125(2014-04-19 04:47 AM) paulatague(2014-02-15 02:52 PM) zymonn(2014-01-05 04:30 AM) reb0rn045(2013-11-14 12:28 PM) Jaysamuel(2013-11-02 02:24 AM) 999joelr(2013-11-01 03:02 PM) Pierre(2013-08-23 07:31 PM) doodoo(2013-08-23 07:10 PM) 
2013-08-23, 07:28 PM,
Lol guys just adapt. Put a video gameplay and in description the cpa offer. Want to win an xbox live ?

Nobody said anything about free word. This is just to open your eyes. Adapt ;)

Those offers pay 1.40 $ with 20 % conversion.

Imagine if you write some tutorials and promote the pdf offer from cpa. People will install the shit to get the tutorial. It's allot of work i know but it's legit. No scams. etc.
Let me show you a video example about an offer :

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itssika(2014-02-03 12:04 PM) dro31(2014-01-08 12:20 PM) mrlipux(2013-11-02 04:57 AM) Jaysamuel(2013-11-02 02:25 AM) artful21(2013-09-17 10:56 PM) vahnz13(2013-09-02 04:07 PM) donsenc(2013-08-25 08:12 PM) vics(2013-08-25 02:28 AM) yogi31286(2013-08-23 11:44 PM) Zrich(2013-08-23 09:41 PM) Anth(2013-08-23 07:57 PM) Shadow*(2013-08-23 07:55 PM) 

Adult Baby !!!
[Image: 4wz14as.png]
2013-08-23, 07:33 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-23, 10:02 PM by Pierre.)
Very nice method, thank you for posting it.
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blackemil(2013-08-23 07:58 PM) 
2013-08-23, 07:57 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-23, 08:00 PM by M!st3r XX.)
Very nice tutorial mate. I will try this asap. Thank you and hope we will get more awesome tuts from you. Wink
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blackemil(2013-08-23 07:58 PM) 
2013-08-23, 09:17 PM,
I want to ask, You are saying put the Offer in the Video Description.

Song will be as Audio

Visuals inside the video will be related to the artist or our niche.

What will be the title of the Video?


Adidam | Skype: AdidamHere (without live)

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