Easily Convert French Pin Offers - Super Scalable
2014-04-11, 11:07 AM,
Ill make this short and simple

As everybody knows the highest paying offers are French Pin Submits
(Note : You should ask your aff manager if you can use this method if your unsure)
(Note: This may sound similar to some other methods you might have seen, but read the whole thing)

We want targeted active traffic that has the greatest potential to convert.

The best target are dating websites. Everybody is extremely active, especially the guys.

Download POF on your phone or go to their site online and create a website. MOST IMPORTANT PART: Set country to france and city to Paris. Google "paris zip code" and insert any paris zip code in POF.
(You can use other social media, for the example i will use POF)

Now upload some legit looking pictures, and in your profile description write something like this:
Hi im (insert girl name) im from (insert USA state), just recently came to Paris to study at University of Paris. Im still learning french haha, so message me if you want to get to know each other.

Now the best thing i noticed about POF is that the guys are super duper active. Just stay online, you dont need to message anybody, you will be flooded with messages. (Trust me im not just saying this, i guarantee if you stay online for an hour MORE then 100 guys will message you)

Now i will give you guys two option to convert this traffic, both have extremely high potential.

Message each guy back work with only 10 people at a time , you will be getting non stop flooded, but don't worry. (10 leads = about 110, as each french lead on average is over $11)

Chat with the 10 guys, or do more if you can manage them , i recommend 10, as it gets overwhelming to constantly message them back. Get friendly with them, complement them, and show them your interested. They all will mostly have bad english, so try to be engaged with them. Tell them your still learning french and you can talk to them in english for now, and dont mind their english being a little off.

After getting friendly with 10 people. Now go to your CPA. Make any site (paid domain or free), make a content locker or link locker. Now upload something that you legally have the right to , for example a eBook. (note this is just one exmaple, do any niche you wish, try to stay white hat)

Go to your CPA, and look in offers and select the highest EPC french pin submit offers for your content locker/ link locker . Select atleast 2 offers ranging from $9 - $13, and atleast 2 from $20-$35.

Now tell your 10 friends that your trying to download an eBook for college and cant do it. Tell them you just got to Paris and don't have a phone, and that the site asks for a phone number to download the book you need for school. Seem as legit as possible.

The first time i did this method i got a 80% conversion, after about 30 minutes of primary conversating with my 10 initial POF friends. (8 out of 10 sucessfully downloaded the ebook, and sent it to my email, the other 2 complained that the site wont load)

Option 2:
Make a facebook account using this link:


with the same name as your POF, and add a little more pics then your POF accnt, to show your real.

Reply back to all of your POF messages saying:

"Hey im new to Paris, mind showing me around?

Add me on facebook:

Another way to do this is by putting this message in your description, and you will get tons of requests. (About 300+ requests a day)

(As a side note, i tried to make a fake facebook profile with my country set to USA, i got about 6 requests a day adding people on adding game pages., Shocking thing about these POF French guys is that they are extremely active . They will do anything to talk to you)

The trick is you have to stay ONLINE on POF, when you stay online thats when you get flooded with messages, when your offline you get messages but in a lesser scale. Stay online and send people to your facebook profile. Once you get 1,000 facebook friends this is what you need to do:

Make another girl facebook profile, (also based in France). Now make a fan page on this account. Call it Sexy Girls, or something like that. Now go back to the first profile you created, with the 1000 friends, invite all of your friends to the page.

The reason we made a new account and made a fan page is because when you get friends requests really fast, facebook asks for verification. It shows you pictures on your friends lists and asks you for their name. Your first accnt will get blocked now or later, and it is best to use another fb accnt with the fan page, so your fans will always be with you.

If your origional profile gets banned, simply make a new one, and put it on your POF profile. Do this continuously promoting your fan page. Once you get about 3k + fans, you can start promoting your CPA offers. Remember never direct link, always make a site (paid or free) and redirect your visitors to the CPA offer.

The best converting most profiting offers for such a fan page, are ofcourse pin submit french offers. You will be making tons of $$$. Remember direct linking can get your fb fan page penalized so dont do it.

I hope i helped you, remember read between the lines, you can make about 10 more methods from this method, and boost your revenue. Think outside the box
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2014-04-11, 11:46 AM,
nice will try it soon :)
2014-04-11, 12:16 PM,
Great detailed guide. Ill adopt some techniques.

[Image: q4QZLQb.png]
2014-04-11, 12:58 PM,
this is a very detailed guide. thanks for sharing this.
2014-04-11, 01:28 PM,
Thanks for that tutorials, am sure it will come very handy.
But what is "POF" ?
2014-04-11, 02:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-04-11, 02:13 PM by Gedeon.)
Plenty of Fish. It's a dating site. It's a really evil method I'd say.
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Khaleesi(2015-05-09 01:52 PM) 
2014-04-11, 02:26 PM,
This is awesome man very HQ Guide

[Image: banner1.gif]
2014-04-11, 03:25 PM,
it seems you cant register new accounts there.

[Image: WS6pqWD.gif]
2014-04-11, 04:36 PM,
i tried this method on another social site, got banned after 3 hours and earn nothing. LOL i think i spam too much, will try again on another social site and spam less .. but talking to those itchy guys make me feel want to slap them hard
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sureshraina2001(2014-05-13 01:25 PM) 
2014-04-11, 04:55 PM,
sorry for the noob question but what does POF mean?

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