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2014-04-24, 09:18 PM,
So your earnings dropped and you have nothing coming in, or perhaps you don't know where to start, maybe your just 100% lost and confused. There is an answer for every problem, imagine, if every CPA marketer just gave up when hitting a wall in their carers, well, we would have no CPA offers that's for sure, right?, there is always an answer to every problem!

Earnings Dropped

Something must of happened such as your video was removed, perhaps your website was penalized and can no longer be found. What next, what should you do when you find yourself demoralized and demotivated?

What would I do, well, before I set up any offers the first thing I get done is always troubleshooting backup plans, so as an example I will implement daily checks on any of the traffic sources I'm using which includes checking: network EPC on any offers I'm using / website plugins, links, needed updates / video checks etc....

Some days you will find EVERYTHING is in place EXACTLY as it was the day before, remember when you made the $100, now today you have made $10, your confused and wondering how the heck that is possible, we have all been there and gone though it and it sucks.

Remember the following:

HOLIDAYS - I live in the Uk but over in the US holidays can be before / after when we celebrate over here, see, if the US traffic dropped that of course explains it.

NETWORK DOWNTIME - Obviously this happens on any network.

NETWORK EARNINGS UPDATE - Remember it sometimes takes time to tick over, you may sometimes find this happens so be prepared.

Sometimes you wont even be able to find the answer, trust me, I have been there and it's just one of those things. I remember MANY times that I would be searching for an answer and no mater where / what I looked at there was none. It happens, relax and take a deep breath because providing your traffic is still in tact it will pick up again tomorrow.


I Give Up!

Feeling like giving up is the easy way out, remember, it's those that keep getting up again and fighting that make it. Nobody likes a quitter in life so don't let yourself be one of them. No matter how bad your day is today, tomorrow will be sufficiently improved and gives you the chance to start over again.

Sometimes if I have a bad day I'll just go for a walk, sometimes, I shall go down stairs and tidy up or just feed the birds in the back garden. One thing I realized over the last year is walks can really enable you to refresh your way of thinking and then get things done.


Why Me?

Your not on your own, it's NOT just you, feeling sorry for yourself gets you nowhere any time fast. Sorry, I like to tell people how it is and the truth is that feeling sorry for yourself and looking to get spoon fed only ends in tears and leaves you broke.


Help Me!

You will only get helped to a certain degree no matter what, think, if someone were to know the lotto numbers for tomorrow would they help you out by telling you them, sounds silly but it's just simple logic, yes, you can get help but you MUST search for answers yourself.


Final Note - No matter what your situation today, tomorrow will enable you to have a better one. Put aside any negative issues you may have right now that are holding you back, you have the power to achieve anything online. If your starting out try YouTube, if you tried it and cant rank videos move to website SEO, cant understand it, fine, but you just have to keep going at it in order to learn.

Frankly, NOBODY took me by the hand and spoon fed me, in fact, I had to fight for everything myself in life. Do you think anybody took me by the hand and taught me how to use SEO tools, no, do you think anyone said buddy, I'm going to teach you how to dominate CPA today and show you all my tricks, no, you MUST remove the thought process inside your mind preventing you from learning as it's only a negative, you must force your mind into positive thinking and learn by your mistakes.

I would personally look at leader boards on the networks for inspiration, in fact, I would use those top earners as my #1 goal in order to get myself to where I am today. The simple truth is that everyone is looking for the perfect niche / method with CPA marketing, it's all laid out for you 100% free right here on this forum, dig deep and you will find EVERYTHING you need.

I added the journeys, bragging, sections on CPA Elites to give newbies the incentive in order to master CPA and learn by others that have already made it / are getting themselves to the top of the pile. Again, use what you have at your fingertips.

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