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2015-11-18, 04:14 PM,
Hello I am Draguny,

I have been around in the CPA business for maybe 4 years now it all began on FileIce where I had a great start which put me on the top of their leaderboard very fast. I can say this was an amazing experience but it also showed me something.

Back then the top 10 guys in the leaderboard got a lot of credit and many people came to me and other high earners with all kind of wishes, even begs, to learn about CPA.
Personally I believe you will learn the most by just doing a solo mission and not relying on anything but maybe that is also just my style.

I have seen how all these high earners started to show a strange behavior towards the newbies, some were rude, some were just imposing with their 3 cars... but they all agreed in that there is no reason for them to waste time in these 'lowballers'.

That made me sad so I began a journey which goes for a long time now and is still going on.. today I can count a good amount of people I have helped and in numbers I can see the total all refs made was something around 100.000$ , it's nice to see to have an impact and to actually make a difference. :)


Tell us about your family life?

I'd like to let my family lives stay private. I have a great family and I can thank them for a lot. Most of my motivation is to make money for them, less for myself because I don't need too much to live with and the thing is: Almost nobody has an online job with self-choosing freedom, the hard truth is that people work their asses of in RL and I respect that a lot. In a way I broke out of that 'system' something I can be happy for but that shouldn't make me underestimate how hard real work can be.

How did you find CPA Elites?

Back on HF CPA Elites was very new and I thought it would be a good idea to have a CPA forum. Sadly it is very hard to make it 'HQ' in this area because there are so many weird ideas about CPA and too many people looking at it more like a game than a business. But luckily any user with a brain can seperate the threads into what they think is useful and what not.

When did you first start getting into internet marketing?

As explained above like 2011. And I can be happy that I started with some viral successful niches very fast. I think in the second month I already had a day with 1500$ or something which made me quite happy. I think looking back at all I have had many innovative projects which have been copied and all that shit but that only makes me more happy to see how big the range of some of the sites was. It's awesome to invent new stuff. And I think that also will help a lot for success.

What inspired you to start internet marketing?

Freedom, money limits set by yourself, only depend on yourself. I guess there are many good sides about this work. And of course sleep as much as you want :)
The school time, even though I passed it with quite decent marks, was always annoying for me and I kinda hated it. I hated the idea of doing something every day in the same routine and being set on fixed schedules. My life now feels more like the own system rather than something the society forces me into.

Where do you spend your hard earned money on?

First of all this is not hard earned money in CPA.. people seem to think that all the time and write things like "hard work pays off" but let me tell you honestly what I have described in my intro, the real-life jobs are hard. Here at CPA you just have to be creative,
probably smart and you need to think in a way which also matches with your potential
visitor or client. Sure these are some abilities but that is not neccessary hard.

I spend not much, most is savings for my family but of course it feels nice to not be limited if I ever want to have something.

What is your motivation to keep on making money?

Already answered. Mostly my family and basically anything which can be used for a better world. Also not to forget that my own life is very free and relaxed with no money fear.

What's the total amount of Money you have made? (Optional)

These medals in my profile indicate some. It has been growing a bit more since then and I don't wanna say exactly where it is at but I think I can go for the realistic 1M goal soon enough (unlike these guys who put 1M in their cpagrip name ^^ )

Any tips for the community?

Some tips you can read in my lines. For example that I do not consider this as a hard work, you have to do something new basically. Look any niche can work even the most saturated ones but you have to put something on it which has not been there before and if you manage to do that PLUS be attractive for a new visitor then you will reach any goal.

There are so many tips I could give and it would take me forever but something which is also sometimes not looked at is this:

If you have in any way contact to your website visitors THEY can tell you what they think about it. You'll improve by real feedback and that is what you need. See what they think and why they think like that. Seen someone posting "fake?" in your facebook page? Find out why and fix it.

Any thing you would like to say here? Go crazy.

I have already said a lot and I don't want to hurt anyone who might really want to read the whole thing lol. Though I would be curious how many people actually do that.
If you have something you want to talk about with me you can probably contact me.

My last words though are important:
Do not ever think that CPA will fix your life. I tell you this with all experience I have not only by myself but also guys I have trained. Making money or not making money is not what will decide how happy you are (believe me or not but this will always show of). Do never forget the life in its good side, friends family etc. - I have had so many clients with so called 'emergency' situations. But the money was never the solution for any of these, so stay careful and don't forget the real value.
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2015-11-18, 04:36 PM,
My german buddy!

This guy is a legend. If you need to talk with someone you can deff hit him up.
He has helped me ALOT, and most of the JV I did with him have been successful!

Now, do not spam him with PMs, he might not appreciate it that much :D
2015-11-18, 05:43 PM,
Draguny is a nice guy and a proven genius in our field :)


Even if you don't believe in yourself... I will. :)
2015-11-18, 05:53 PM,
i Have heard/Read that you're a CPA Legend :D Thanks for being a Motivation to everyone in this Business :)

[Image: ?size=468x60]
2015-11-26, 08:54 PM,
Thanks for sharing your story, very interesting! :) I got a question If you do not mind.
Have you switched to non-incentive CPA promotion OR you are planning to stick to content locking?


[Image: JQdY0fL.png]

2015-11-27, 12:12 AM,
(2015-11-26, 08:54 PM)Dario Wrote: Thanks for sharing your story, very interesting! :) I got a question If you do not mind.
Have you switched to non-incentive CPA promotion OR you are planning to stick to content locking?

Because I have seen very successful marketers with non-incentive I definitely want to go into this field, it is VERY interesting. In fact I consider this to be the next tier. I just don't know when I will begin
2015-11-27, 01:57 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-11-27, 01:57 AM by manndi.)
waiting for you in skype brother
2015-11-28, 11:51 PM,
You Seem to be an experienced person and I believe i already Joined under you, and also thanks for sharing your lifes' story

[Image: di1WHG0.png?1]
2015-11-30, 07:34 PM,
Nice write up Draguny thank you. I remember you from FI actually.
2015-12-07, 10:54 PM,
Thank you for the great story, I've one quite similar, you inspired me to be honest! :) I'll post quite soon.

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