Don't fall for courses of SEO tools and other unsustainable stuff
2014-02-04, 07:46 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-04, 07:48 PM by Eion.)
It's simple guys! Don't fall in the trap of people running courses on GSA, Ultimate Demon, SENuke or any other blackhat tools or software. It's really not worth it. Usually the people offering such courses are some simple users of that software, not the maker and thus they would obviously not know more than the one who made the software. So, please don't waste your time and money on courses for such short-term softwares. The reasons of my opinions are as follows:

1. These blackhat SEO softwares are usually short-term. In the past, several such SEO tools have raised up and went down in a short period. The reason is simple, one simply can't code a tool which will tackle EVERY GOOGLE UPDATES without much customization in the actual programming. There were several SEO tools which came up to the market and in a year or two, went down. The owners simply couldn't get hang with the Google updates. If they could, they would charge a high fees (possibly recurring). Without recurring fees, they will simply stop updating the tool. GSA is a VERY CHEAP one time payment software, and I really doubt how many more years it can resist Google updates. So, I don't think you need courses for such unsustainable tools.

2. There is a reason why most tools have an official forum. Most of these official forums provide adequate information and guide on how to use the tools. It's really unnecessary to spend money on courses learning the same stuff. The course maker can't give you some magical secret methods as they didn't code the tools themselves.

3. Do you know why most people ask for $100 or $200 monthly recurring (or even higher single-time) course fees for most courses? It is not simply because they want to squeeze out your wallet, it is because they themselves know that the tool won't last for much longer and thus they want to make the most out of "the tool" while it last. Usually these people do some crazy work initially to learn the software completely and then slowly master every aspect of it, and then, instead of using the tools for themselves, they use a more clever method and that is to "share their knowledge" (which they collected freely from their self experiment and Google) with others for even greater earning. Seriously? You can be this course guy too easily just by testing the software for a while and watching tutorials on Google. No need to afford expensive courses.

4. It is just my personal opinion that one simply can't master a tool or any knowledge if he/she simply rely on another person to teach them everything. Mastering something require constant testing and trials, not getting spoonfed by someone.

This is wholly my personal opinion as I myself found that 99% of these special courses of different SEO tools are nothing but waste of money and time as the knowledge you obtain doesn't differ from the one available on the internet. Still, if you are lazy enough to not test & trial yourself and want to get spoon-fed, you are welcome to take part in these courses.

I am not against all courses, I am just against courses which are really expensive and for something unsustainable.

P.S. Pardon me for typos/errors as I am not in front of my PC.
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2014-02-04, 08:41 PM,
The only good SEO tool I have ever used is the GSA. Based on courses I opt to read other users guides / problems.
That allows me to work out the things I need, I agree, it's bad to (rely) on one guide and not to study for yourself.
2014-02-04, 09:41 PM,
That is what you called "making money online" friend.
2014-02-04, 09:46 PM,
(2014-02-04, 09:41 PM)ThinkableWeb Wrote: That is what you called "making money online" friend.

Yep, some people do this to make easy money.
We could say the same thing about anything...
2014-02-04, 10:06 PM,
Thanks for the heads up mate, I always want to learn gsa and want to try everything of my own. Thanks.
2014-02-05, 09:08 AM,
SEO Tools can be useful for short terms until there an update

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