Don't Make Money For Them Make It For You! - My Father Wished He Had Now...
2015-02-28, 06:20 PM,
Hello Elites,

I'm feeling a little hungover from last night and want to share some things with you, IMO, life is complicated because your born without ever being asked or even knowing and just exposed to this huge world with insane expectations and craziness.

The truth is my maths SUCK and I find it hard to multi task, honestly, it's like that, I fucking scrimp and saved my whole life and have ZERO education and was banned and chucked out of school, true story. My point, well, I guess it's if I'm able to swim up through a pool of shit from failed attempts and somehow manage to make it out on the other side, well then ANYONE can do the same thing.

I work online because I want to, period. For what it's worth I have some advice for any of you on here that want to make it online...You CAN!. My advice, don't sell your life to corporate companies and work for some
You will get paid to practically sit in a box and work for a big shitty machine, no, a product machine which in reality just DEMANDS more and more productivity and the truth is they won't give a shit about you because to them you're just a number.

You know... my Father he is about to lose his job and worked for the company over a period of 30 years, yeah, 30 years and then they tell him due to this and that we may be letting you go, the guy is now 56 and may be out of a job, nice huh!

I'm lucky in that I can take care of him though and I will, he looked after me since I was 5, my Mother walked out and ran out with some dude, heck, I still remember him going ape about it hitting the wheel of the car and pretty much losing the plot but then that's a whole different story and I'm over that shit now.

Final note - If you REALLY want to make it online you will, if not, Innovate and work offline for yourself or at least work towards these goals whilst working somewhere because the reality is company's don't give a shit and just layout strict shitty rules that only makes sense to THEM.

Go big or go home!

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2015-02-28, 06:32 PM,
Really motivational story! I am with a single parent too i know what it is, but hey this make us strogner and prepare us for real live since little. I know that every bad thing will definetely lead to something good.
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HawkEye(2015-02-28 06:33 PM) 
2015-02-28, 06:34 PM,
There are people who just try to work online and see that they don't earn much and in 2-3 month's they get back to their offline jobs(or should i say slavery).
I too have some problems with my father since i finished high school he always argues with me to get a "normal" job and stuff and i always tell him: "Why the f*ck would i be someone slave for a puny 200$/month".
Those money i can make online with ease without working like a slave.

Ps. My dad is in kinda the same situation like yours, working for over 20 years on 1 company and now he don't know if he would get fired or not.
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HawkEye(2015-02-28 06:36 PM) 

2015-02-28, 06:35 PM,
thanks bro it's the reality :)
your thread gave to me some motivation :)
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HawkEye(2015-02-28 06:36 PM) 
2015-02-28, 06:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-02-28, 06:43 PM by Core.)
Thank you, I really needed some motivation.

I'm not making that much online, but I'm trying. The only person who works right now is my mom, since my dad is unemployed.
My dad had a company, but life doesn't go as planned, he now has tons of stuff from his clients that own him money (tons of it) and he can't do much about it.

Unfortunately I might have to go and find some work, I'm trying my best at IM, but the time is short right now, and only the idea that I would have to work 9-5 makes my head dizzy...
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HawkEye(2015-02-28 06:44 PM) 
2015-02-28, 06:44 PM,
Really motivational story! Thanks for the share man :D
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HawkEye(2015-02-28 06:45 PM) 
2015-02-28, 07:04 PM,
Great real life motivation. Thanks Hawk.
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HawkEye(2015-02-28 07:05 PM) 
2015-02-28, 08:16 PM,
You are the best broski.
Happy Birthday to you ^_^
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HawkEye(2015-02-28 08:18 PM) 
2015-02-28, 09:18 PM,
[Image: ifyoubornpoor1364272361.jpg?width=500&height=500]

I suck at subjects like maths/physics, my teachers always say that you need to be good in maths to be a good programmer and good in technology (I am going in a computer school), but I see and I can prove it's not true at all. Develop your skills and learn to earn on your own, don't be mainstream, don't go to school just to get a decent job and never enjoy your life. Companies don't give a shit about you, you're just one of many to them, like Hawk said.
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dennisek78(2015-03-01 01:25 AM)  HawkEye(2015-02-28 09:20 PM) 
2015-02-28, 09:41 PM,
Golden advice given here Grin and also happy birthday hawk!
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HawkEye(2015-02-28 09:43 PM) 

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