Dogs or Cats?
2014-03-15, 04:06 AM,
I'm just wondering what everyone thinks is better...dogs, or cats?

For me, dogs are NO DOUBT better than cats. I just feel like they have a better personality and enjoy your company more than cats. I like cats too, but they just...don't play around and what not like dogs do. 8|

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2014-03-15, 04:14 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-15, 04:15 AM by Heraclitus.)
Dogs may be better to be with but do you have the time and patient to take them for a walk etc every single day??
I don't. Cats are the option No1 for me because after having 3 cats for a few years you get to know them better and
understand their personality and to be honest, they are very interesting creatures. (and so... so funny)

2014-03-15, 04:21 AM,
- Dogs

if you care about them and teach them good manners with the proper behaviours you
will never regret it. They are the best friends they will never dissapoint you or abandod you.
2014-03-15, 05:43 AM,
I've both . But my best friends is my puppy Smile

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2014-03-15, 06:29 AM,
If i would had the chance to have pets i would go for both. I would choose German Shepherd and some nice cat :)
This summer i found one cat and got it home but after few days it disappeared.. But i don't have the conditions to keep any pet right now i hope i will be able in the future.
2014-03-15, 06:31 AM,
Dogs and Parrots, Cats are like girls, once they get what they wanted, they will leave you.

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2014-03-15, 12:17 PM,
I hate both seriously... Dog barks at me & one day a cat hit me at my foot LoL
2014-03-15, 03:13 PM,
I would favor for who would give me free BJ !
2014-03-15, 03:29 PM,
I myself like cats more, but personality wise I think dogs are better, just don't know why I prefer cats.
2014-03-15, 05:05 PM,
Cats :)
Cute and can be more loyal than dog

I dont like dog because it illegal for me to pet it and some other health reasons

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