Do you have / had social anxiety?
2014-07-04, 05:00 PM,
As the title says, did you ever have social anxiety? How did you beat it?

My story is pretty simple, I always had social anxiety, even when I was a kid I'd rather play some videogames instead of going out and play around the blocks with the other kids. Things didn't change much, the thing is I dont have anyone to hang out with so I'm staying in house all the summer and get stuck with CPA and other inside time consuming activities like reading or playing games and I find ridiculous to meet people on facebook like going onto them "Hi.", I'd rather meet people in real life but I don't have guts to go to them because again I find ridiculous to go to strangers and say "Hi." so yeah, I'm pretty much isolated... What about you? Did you have it? How did you beat it?
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2014-07-04, 05:56 PM,
Same story with me, but as i grew up, the anxiety started becoming much worse.

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2014-07-04, 10:25 PM,
Well I've had it back in the elementary school, I actually had a serious social anxiety that it gradually turned into depression for me.
Most of us are part of the virtual world, in a way or another we're somehow "addicted" to it and that's where we see our self, but try to attend a event or a party or just simply try to be part of anything that is happening on the street, talk to people, it's not like anything weird if you're close to someone that you like and you talk to her or just make a new friend, even though you're not used to it, you will get more "professional" as the time goes by.

That's how I got over social anxiety :)
It takes time but you will get used to it, it's always better to know people since the beginning, you never know with what type of people you will have to deal in life.
2014-07-04, 11:06 PM,
The only issues I have are Public speaking. I always stutter and I have a hard time finding words when I have to present in front of classes and stuff. Even now in my college years.

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2014-07-04, 11:08 PM,
Come to Montreal and we'll go out together man!

Don't be scared guys nothing bad can happen, people are nice!
2014-07-05, 08:24 AM,
No. And you shouldn't have to guys! Just go to a club/venue and say hi. I mean strangers are also just people, they don't bite or something.

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2014-07-05, 05:59 PM,
(2014-07-05, 08:24 AM)Atlantis Wrote: No. And you shouldn't have to guys! Just go to a club/venue and say hi. I mean strangers are also just people, they don't bite or something.

Who said something about guys, I don't care about guys and I don't need to be friend with a bunch of guys, I got 2-3 friends (Guys) who I can talk anything I'm talking here about girls, making a bad first impression and that impression has nothing to do with your actual character well, it's not OK and that's what my social anxiety is pretty much based on, failing on making a good impression makes me isolate myself.
2014-07-08, 10:03 PM,
one thing you should look into is cognitive behavioral therapy. This can really help.
2014-07-09, 02:32 AM,
Just try to speak to as many people as possible, After you have done it a few times, it gets easier :)
Good luck

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