Do you guys still do hack niche? If you do, Why?
02-14-2017, 12:28 PM
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Hi, I would like to know how many people who do hack niche? We know it is a black hat method. I still do hack niche because it is the best converting niche on cpa industry. How about you guys?
02-14-2017, 12:28 PM
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02-14-2017, 12:38 PM
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Sorry, what kind of question is that supposed to be? "Affiliate marketers" mostly from CPA networks do hack niches because it's profitable. That kind of answers the question. I mean, why would someone do a niche when it's not profitable?

And you can just see how many people are doing hack niches by doing a simple Google search. If you search "Clash Royale hack", "GTA 5 hack" and "Mobile Strike hack", you will see hundreds of people competing with each other trying to rank their website first on Google. And again, they are doing these "hack" or "game hack" niches because they're known to be profitable.

Hope I helped in some way. All the best.
02-14-2017, 08:58 PM
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Yeah, I agree with your statement. I can't also move on from hack niche because its the most profitable niche. I have tried many WH niche but this niche converts great.
02-14-2017, 09:43 PM
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Yo do clash royale hack mate?
02-16-2017, 02:21 AM
Post: #6
hack niche is best niche as it can bring good money in a short time.
02-17-2017, 12:34 AM
Post: #7
I do because i am earning good money from hack niche, but it is always better to work with WH niche as this can bring money for a long-term.
02-17-2017, 04:54 AM
Post: #8
As long as theres money to be made off of it, people will keep on doing it no matter what
02-18-2017, 02:34 AM
Post: #9
No, i dont because hack niche can bring money temporary but white hat niches can bring huge $$$ for a long term.
02-19-2017, 03:00 AM
Post: #10
I do hack niche and all the other blackhat stuffs as it can bring good money easily :P

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