Do you believe in Ghosts
2017-06-06, 11:11 AM,
Just wanted to know, In this educated world does people still believe in ghosts and spirit?

Due to few personal experiences I do believe they exists.
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2017-06-06, 11:25 AM,
I saw a ghost when i was young, They really exist.
2017-06-06, 11:34 AM,
I believe in Ghosts, very much so.
2017-06-06, 11:50 AM,
Ghosts exists in movies only Grin
2017-06-06, 12:04 PM,
I think they exist. I am assuming there are good and bad ones.
2017-06-06, 12:23 PM,
(2017-06-06, 11:50 AM)forgotyou Wrote: Ghosts exists in movies only Grin

Agree buddy :/ IDK how people in this decade still believes in ghosts stuffs.
2017-06-06, 12:28 PM,
I do, even few scientists believes that ghosts and spirits exists and they have some super powers too.
2017-06-06, 05:50 PM,
I think there's something out there that's for sure!
2017-06-06, 06:19 PM,
(2017-06-06, 05:50 PM)HawkEye Wrote: I think there's something out there that's for sure!

I couldn't agree more on this one.

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2017-06-06, 06:43 PM,
This is hard question.
Shortly, I believe in Jesus, and by that I`m aware of another level of demons and angels existence.
MY religion promote love to everyone since we are all brothers.
However, this creatures are not visible to human eye, we humans have very low eye range. (Creator would not allow such bad eye experience)
They can chose in some situations to appear to humans. I would not talk about religion now a lot.
But, we should be aware no matter who we believe in, that things like:
I feel strange, something just saved my ass, somethings is telling me to do bad or good things, everyone of us,
had such feelings. Specially when something really bad can happen, people says: God help me!
Angels are sent out to that job, demons are devil slaves.

My point here is to try prevent you guys to believe in ghosts.
There is a reason why this happening, this is like click bait on web.
This planet is old like 6k years only, no millions of years, anyway devil is here from early start with zillion click baits,
He is able to see us, know us, owns our profile info and sending traps.
he owns arsenal of weapons and he will catch more then 90% world population inside.
There are people who say: I just was to some magician person and he/she knows all my past, surely devil knows it.
(future? none knows)

Why devil sends his traps? There is immunity system in humans vs that, just like this one you know about.
This is how he break this by time, and he is able to jump inside. One of best devil trap back to time was:
1 Demon jump into person and create person look clinically dead, then whole village is like this guy is dead,
next moment 2nd demon appears and claim hes some kind of God, he start some ritual and in one moment,
1st demon leave body of human, and hes alive again, standing up normally.

I hope I did not cross the line with this comment.

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