Do you Experience Sleep Paralysis?
2014-05-01, 10:05 PM,
[Image: sleepparalysis-a.jpg]

Hello Fellow Members
I want to know if anyone always get into sleep paralysis
This is my worst fear of all.

The feeling that you are awake and you cannot move, cannot speak or shout to call for help.

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Don't stare too much.
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2014-05-01, 10:09 PM,
i experience it 50% when im sleeping but im not see any ghost but i know im awake but my body is sleep so when im trying to move my body get locked up, so my tricks is not to move and wait till my body is awake.
2014-05-02, 01:30 AM,
Haha.. happened to me 2 times.. I was so scared, that I was trying to scream but a single sound didn't came out.
2014-05-02, 02:32 AM,
ive felt like 3 times in my life and its so fucking weird....
2014-05-02, 02:48 AM,
I had it sometimes when I was a kid. Often after some lucid dreaming. Terrible experience.
2014-05-02, 02:51 AM,
I sometimes have it. Then I do often hear my phone ringing. I check it and then I realize it was only a sleep paralysis, because there is nothing on the screen. Or sometimes it's like electrocution, but it's not scary. It never gets scary.
2014-05-02, 03:00 AM,
I have had this in the past around 6-9 times. I think a major factor towards it for me was stress.

Used to get really stressed in my job and would wake up thinking something was crawling up my chest.

Then i'd suddenly jump awake and realise I was dreaming.
2014-05-02, 03:52 AM,
I have it sometimes and its just normal cause when you're sleeping and your mind started working he will order your body to move but because you are sleeping your body don't obey him which cause the sleep paralysis. :)
2014-05-02, 10:25 PM,
I experienced it once, was the only time I've felt real fear.. It felt so real.

I woke up to a demon in the corner of my room, starring at me.. When I tried to move I couldn't and it started laughing at me, I tried to shout but I couldn't.. It said something to me, along the lines of 'Am I really the one you should be scared of?"
2014-05-02, 10:29 PM,
Ive experienced it twice in my life and it was scary, i literally couldn't move. Just lay there for what seemed like forever until had some movement in my arm, which left like the best day of my life. lol

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