2015-07-13, 03:21 AM,
Hello to all members at cpaelites,

I got into CPA roughly a month ago after reading success stories on Forum discussions are not allowed here. and decided to sign up with CPAGrip.

I thought I had the perfect blueprint to make money, I created a competition website where to win prizes you had to complete the surveys through a content locker. Spent about £200 on hosting, domain and design.

I then purchased followliker social media automation tool and starting advertising said competitions over social media, I thought I was going to be owning a Lamborghini in no time.

But I didn't get a single lead and hardly any clicks.

I sign in to my dashboard daily to see people making big money and I was wondering how people do it? What's the secret? What am I failing on?

I have since tried some other methods to see how I can bring in leads and again nothing!

I'm disheartened as f**k and need some help if that's possible

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2015-07-13, 03:53 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-07-13, 03:54 AM by MoneyCashers.)
Best tip I can offer you... Be unique. Quit trying to just copy the same methods that everyone else is using and start using your brain to come up with ways that you can offer people VALUE... Value is something that is almost non- existent. Everything is fake or illegal in the PPD and Content locking world today.

For me. I started by teaching myself how to program... and got to work hand coding programs and scripts that are still in use by a lot of people to this day.

But the thing is that to "make it" you've got to get your mind on track.

Instead of asking how can i make more $$$... ask yourself... What can I create that will effect my niche or what problem can i solve for it.

Just my two cents :)

PS. You can get everything in life YOU want... if you just help enough other people get what they want :)

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Even if you don't believe in yourself... I will. :)
2015-07-13, 04:38 AM,
2015-07-13, 02:14 PM,
Start asking yourself what YOU would do a survey for.
2015-07-13, 02:40 PM,
not a single lead? did you gain followers and traffic from social sites using followliker?
2015-07-13, 02:58 PM,
Man, you need traffic.
You can get traffic in many ways on internet (Ads, Social Networks, etc.) but most used methods on CPAs are Youtube and SEO.
So, if you want to start easy, use Youtube.
1. Make a good quality video niche. It need to appear as real and convincing as possible. Some After Effects, Premiere Pro, <or other video editing program> skills are need here.
2. Promote video on Youtube.
It's not that simple, just upload and be happy. You need to follow some easy steps:
- Add views (you need to buy some high retention <HR> views), as much as possible. You won't get ranked up until you have 3-5k views on a video (depends on competition, you need more on hard niches) .
- Add comments, likes, video favorite (see enhanceviews) and subscribers. Usually you can get free, from sites like EnhanceViews, YtMonster, etc. .
3. Make a blog or a landing page and create a good article. You need to convince people that what they get is okey. Fake comments on a blog can help, but make them as real as possible. Also, try to make in-page SEO . Use this plugin for blogs: it's free and nice.
Off-page SEO it's the hard part. You can make good money without it if you promote videos correctly.
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PearDr0ps(2015-07-13 03:34 PM) 
2015-07-13, 06:20 PM,
Maybe it was a pretty saturated Niche that you started. Try to find good niches with low competition do some SEO and you will see money rolling. You shouldn't have started so fast if you have no experience. Read as much as you can and also take actions

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