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2017-09-27, 12:15 PM,
Bump for some more updates:

1.27 - fix: automatic export options for uniquness and duplicates are actually used now
1.26 - new: added Norwegian as new language
1.25 - new: ability to import/export images/videos/addins/links from/to other projects
1.24 - new: ability to automatically export articles
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2017-11-22, 03:23 AM,
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2018-01-13, 12:57 AM,
Latest updates:

1.53 - fix: exception when generating article with more than one link but same url/anchor
1.52 - fix: slow down issue when using more than 10 threads
- fix: some minor memory leaks
1.51 - new: ability to write high quality content with internal editor
offering help on sentences with keywords
1.50 - new: improved spinning services
1.49 - new: added support for turkish spinner TurkceSpin
1.48 - new: added pinterest as new image scraper
1.47 - new: publish is using form submission first and falls back to xpcxml if it fails
1.46 - new: added 4 new export templates
- new: added some more article scrapers
1.45 - fix: issue when creating a project with a space in file name at the end
1.44 - new: title is properly transformed to uppercase in case spin services fail to detect
- new: better video inserts (disabled autoplay)
1.43 - fix: issue with high amount of threads
1.42 - new: improved speed
- new: no popups when counting articles
1.41 - fix: no-follow settings haven't been saved
1.40 - new: filters are also used for images/videos/links and add-ins
- fix: spin syntax wcould have been broken with link insert
- new: improved list extraction/insert
- fix: another issue filtering out websites and domains from articles
- new: auto detection and fix of wrong encoding (e.g. ansi mixed with utf8)
- new: improved article extraction by keyword
1.39 - fix: export with too long filename failed
- new: improved article title generation
1.38 - new: ability to add articles from files/folder/other projects from main gui
- new: improved article title extraction
- new: ability to delete duplicates from project keywords/urls/anchors
- new: ability to open preview in browser
- new: ability to minimize to tray
1.37 - fix: minor bug to filter out domains (if they had 0-9 as chars in them)
- new: less cpu usage / faster scraping
- new: count labels for urls/keywords/anchors when editing the project
1.36 - new: improved speed and lowered cpu usage
- new: improved translation apis
1.35 - new: added Persian as new language (no spin support though)
1.34 - new: improved content filtering (urls/domains get stipped)
- new: ability to download all scraped images to local folder
1.33 - fix: publishing articles might have removed links
1.32 - new: ability to specify amount of tags when publishing articles
1.31 - new: improved article publishing (tag is set)
1.30 - new: ability to export articles in ANSI (default is UTF8)
this is a seting in export templates and you can create all kinds of encodings now
1.29 - new: ability to change article tiles on batch (select articles->tools->...)
- new: option to inline images in articles when publishing (not supported by default wordpress I think)
- new: improved proxy scraper
1.28 - new: more platforms supported for publishing the article directly online
2018-03-02, 09:06 AM,
More updates:

1.70 - new: improved katakana script analysis
1.69 - fix: import local article and using first line as title was broken
1.68 - new: added two new image scrapers with free stock images
- fix: one bug with baidu image search
1.67 - fix: encoding issue when none utf8 with special html characters are mixed
1.66 - fix: high cpu usage from previous build
1.65 - new: improved image searching (parses more than one page now)
- fix: youtube video parsing
- fix: title/author on image parsing with \uxxxx json encode
1.64 - new: improved protected word spinning
- new: improved title extraction
- new: added a lot new indonesian sources
1.63 - new: improved search result extraction with form-submission
- fix: removed some obsolate sources
1.62 - fix: issue with cached data
1.61 - new: improved search engine parsing
- fix: some spell errors in gui/log
- new: improved content parsing (no error pages will get parsed)
- fix: link-with-link issue
- new: gui elements improved a bit
- fix: authority links checking was only displying every 2nd row
- new: speed for link/image/video checking improved
- fix: guo elemnt for "Mix/Same" was not set when re-editing projects
1.60 - new: added a lot new scrapers (2 new arricle, 1 authority, 24 keyword suggestions)
- new: improved script syntax (%lang% is now a usable in scrapers)
- new: improved sentences extraction
- fix: "no duplicate urls" for articles only worked when having used same anchor with one url
1.59 - fix: link with an empty anchor on exports where no image, but a link on first image
was used as option
- new: ability to import articles from file and specify the title source
1.58 - fix: double encoding when editing an article manually
1.57 - new: automatic phone filter from scraped content
1.56 - new: the published URLs are now saved with the article data and displyed in
an extra column
1.55 - new: improved article scrapers
- new: improved support for scrits that have no upper/lowercase
- new: better preview for right-to-left scripts
1.54 - new: better support for right-to-left scripts
2018-03-10, 12:40 AM,
Latest updates:

1.73 - new: added new image scrapers
1.72 - new: added some more image scrapers
- new: added a new Spinner (SEO Content Machine API)
2018-03-12, 04:03 PM,
Hello s4nt0s , please check PM.
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s4nt0s(2018-03-14 12:18 AM) 
2018-03-27, 12:21 AM,
Latest updates:

1.78 - fix: minor memory leak with image scraping
1.77 - new: added 9 new image scrapers (all free images)
1.76 - new: added 10 new image scrapers
1.75 - new: added 3 new image scrapers
1.74 - new: improved article publishing
2018-04-14, 12:03 AM,
Latest updates:

1.80 - new: skip or abort on scheduler option
1.79 - new: added two new image scrapers
2018-06-16, 01:38 AM,
Latest updates:

1.85 - new: export template script engine improved
- new: wordpress xml export improved with post-type to choose from
1.84 - fix: issue with spinrewriter
1.83 - new: option to limit scraping by time (default 30 minutes)
- new: some new scrapers added
- new: improved scraping speed
- fix: minor issue on json-decode
- new: auto-skip of unrelated content
1.82 - fix: keyword suggestion returned invalid entries
- new: improved table-views
1.81 - fix: number spinning improved/fixed
- new: option to reverse selection of articles
- new: ability to import TheBestSpinner /my thesaurus format
- new: improved spindb editor
2018-06-27, 04:54 PM,
hello s4nt0s please check pm

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