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Did my first 100 bucks, what should i invest it on?
2014-01-05, 10:19 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-05, 10:20 AM by Pachu.)
Last month i ranked in a very saturated niche, and last month I took the serious desition to start on PPD. I only made one video, and it was so damn hard.. I recorded it myself, and made the landing page myself, paid 4$ for 10k HR views , and got by myself tons of likes/comments/subs. This video was boosted with the slow method, and gained itself more than 6k view already

It profited me 96$ . And now i made a new video and landing page (i just finished some hours ago) and i'm using for first time and trying the famous unlisted method, boosting with 1000 free HR views, and lot of likes comments too.

I got 96$ at the moment. Becouse everything was free up to now.

How should i invest them? Should i keep boosting my first video (the one which profited me 96$ last month) or focus on this second video only OR make some more videos?

Ty in advance, and sorry for grammar mistakes

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2014-01-05, 10:25 AM,
I would keep it somewheres safe, i have always made a bad habit of always spending all of my money up until the last few weeks

Don't be like me, only invest if you really feel it will help you or there will be at least ROI
2014-01-05, 10:29 AM,
Do the same thing you did the first time over and over until you run out of money. Investing makes everything more profitable.

Repetition & Improvement
2014-01-05, 10:31 AM,
you said that you profitted $100 bucks for buying $4 worth of views ? rinse and repeat find a niche and spend $4 :D
2014-01-05, 10:32 AM,
Don't put your hopes into just one video though. You'll regret it when it gets taken down.
Make backups, find other niches, explore and don't become complacent.

Some of us here learned this lesson the hard way :( , don't suffer the same fate as us xD
2014-01-05, 10:47 AM,
Ok, thx for your advice. Then i guess i'll make some more videos. I'll try to find niches so i can make videos myself and make a safe investment, that way my video won't be taken down by flags.

I guess that with 3 more vids (5 in total) i'll be fine this month

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2014-01-05, 03:42 PM,
Try to look for more niches. Take the first 3 positions of your niche, by making 3 different videos and ranking them all on the first 3 spots. (and check if there are other keywords that have high searches for your current niche, and rank for them aswell)
2014-01-05, 05:54 PM,
@rtaphic Nice start brother. Just wanted to know where do you buy views/likes/comments/subs for 4$?
2014-01-05, 05:59 PM,
96$ what is your profit divide with 4$ what is your spent = 24 new videos with 4$ spent.

This is what you should do :)
2014-01-05, 06:01 PM,
Invest to my pocket . haha

Repeat what you've done before.

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