Deal Dispute - Vazity's YouTube Account Service
2014-06-27, 05:49 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-06-27, 05:51 AM by iscriptz.)
I purchased 100 of Vazity's "PVA" YouTube accounts and I am extremely unhappy with the quality of said accounts.

Vazity's profile page

His sales page

Where I complained about poor quality accounts...

These accounts are of extremely poor quality and aren't even YouTube Accounts... They can be logged into and made into YouTube Accounts but they are completely NOT YouTube accounts. I can't even see that these accounts are phone verified... How can I if the YouTube account/channel isn't even setup?

These are plain as can be Google accounts. No Google+ profile, no decent recovery email is setup on them, no profile image, nothing is setup properly for these accounts.

One of the major problems for these accounts is that they are a HUGE footprint for Google to easily notice a lot of people using them and just outright banning all the accounts at once.

This won't matter if I used a virgin IP on them which I am. I know this for a fact.

I've done mass YouTube account creation since 2012 (I know a good YouTube account when I see one) and these IPs still make me perfectly good accounts that last for months but my method of making them takes a while so I decided to purchase some off of Vazity.

Another major footprint for these accounts is that the gmail email address is also the password. So if the gmail address is: the password is: blahblah49.

Who in their right mind would make these kinds of "accounts" besides a poor "YouTube account" supplier would make such accounts?

I want a complete and full refund for these completely terrible quality accounts.

If Hawkeye or any of the mods/staff reviewing this case wants to see proof of this then feel free to contact or message me either by PM or by adding me on skype: iscriptz

I'm available nearly 24/7 on skype.

Information about the sale.

YouTube Account Store

Order Information (#12630)
Item: 100 YouTube Accounts
Transaction ID: #7NX94485KG826484X
PayPal Email:
Date of Purchase: June 25, 2014 - 16:07 CEST

Your YouTube Accounts (100 accounts)
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2014-06-27, 09:48 AM,
I had similar problems with his accounts as well. The accounts were locked out, due to mobile verification, a couple days after receiving it. I didn't bring the problem with Vazity, because I only bought around 30 accounts, which isn't a considerable amount. The accounts, however, were not setup properly, with no name, no channel, no Google Plus page. I don't see how this is to "ensure the accounts last long term".
2014-06-27, 01:31 PM,
The users sales thread has been unapproved and he has been told to respond and resolve this.
The user will have until tomorrow to response.
2014-06-27, 03:42 PM,
I'll give you a refund. But you still received your product. So basically all these 100 would be yours for free...
2014-06-27, 09:44 PM,
To be honest I only checked the first two and I don't see how or why you would be upset over this. These accounts I'm sure only take 30 seconds to create each.

I don't want anything to do with these accounts on any more of my ips.
2014-06-27, 10:28 PM,
(2014-06-27, 09:44 PM)iscriptz Wrote: To be honest I only checked the first two and I don't see how or why you would be upset over this. These accounts I'm sure only take 30 seconds to create each.

I don't want anything to do with these accounts on any more of my ips.

Honestly it takes quite some time. What is your Transaction ID, if you send me it. I will refund you and we can close this dispute.
2014-06-28, 04:48 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-06-28, 04:49 AM by iscriptz.)
Do you really not know how to read Vazity?

The transaction ID is in the first post and I've shown you multiple times my order #.
2014-06-28, 08:00 AM,
Most of us have the same issue,
but we dont bother a refund as we buy around 10-20
i Think More Detail should be put into Vazity's Sale Thread before its Reapproved.

Hard Work Pays!
2014-06-28, 02:22 PM,
Until I see this is resolved the service will not be approved.
I expect someone to PM me and let me know please.

2014-06-28, 03:10 PM,
I've now sent a refund to iscriptz. Can you please confirm for Hawk that this is correct iscriptz.
Thank you.

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