David & Dennis [ADWORKMEDIA] Cpa Elites interview.
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Dennis and David Cpa Elites interview.

So let's start with how did you come about starting up the network?

Dennis and I began discussing the idea back in 2010, we were both finishing up college then and trying to plan our courses for the future which is always a stressful decision.
Dennis and I were both really into making websites and we both had websites built around the CPA industry.
At the time, Dennis owned a forum called MyFirstGreen that had resources for new users, training guides, and the usual discussion threads.
It was definitely a site ahead of its time but we never had a chance to fully grow it as we quickly became immersed in developing AdWork Media.
We also had our hands in a few GPT sites which helped us gain our initial experience and some starting capital.
We didn't know what we were getting ourselves into at the time, but we are very happy with the way AdWork Media has developed and the great publishers that have joined us.

How did you manage to get into CPA?

We initially got into the CPA industry as the "GPT golden age" was just coming to an end!
Advertisers were much more willing to take GPT ("Get Paid To") traffic back in those days.
There was also a wider user base willing to participate in GPT sites which made it easy to start a site and make some money!
The initial experience we learned from running GPT sites such as user support, managing offers, sending payments, and everything else that went into it was great experience for transitioning into running a full-scale network.

How long have you owned/ran/worked on the current network?

We officially started development and formed our company in November 2010, which still feels like yesterday.
At that time we didn't know how long it would take to launch, but we knew we had our work cut out for us as we were developing a custom publisher platform.
After months of coding (while dealing with school) we were finally able to officially launch in March 2011.
It's been a wild rollercoaster ride since then, but we've sincerely enjoyed every day of running the network. It will be exactly 3 years from the day we formed our company on November 1st, 2013.

Do you see the CPA industry recovering from the recent issues any time soon?

It's a shame that a few bad apples are hurting the entire industry, but despite having limited campaigns in the UK and AU, our publishers are still generating solid earnings.
We need to work together as an industry to ensure that these issues do not spread to other markets.
We're seeing some progress in AU and UK but it is still a very tricky situation since there are users out there that will do anything to make money without any regard to the implications of using non-compliant traffic.
It's great to see that CPA Elites has taken an active stance to help the industry work towards using compliant traffic and niches.
We urge publishers in all networks to follow these 3 steps to maintain compliant advertising:

Please use valid niches with real rewards and avoid any misleading marketing.

Please avoid using the "free" word since mobile subscription campaigns charge users weekly/monthly.

Please avoid any malicious niches like account hacking (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, etc).

Do you mind saying how old you are?

Dennis is currently 24 and I'm 25. The years are flying by so we're trying to enjoy this while we're still young :)

Do you run any other business's?

All of our effort and energy goes into AdWork Media so at the moment this is our only business,
but we've never lost our entrepreneurial spirit and we look forward to launching more companies in the future.

What do you think of CPA Elites?

The entire community of CPA Elites has been amazing and we're not just saying that for the interview!
We've received great feedback from the users here and it's been a real pleasure to interact with users outside of our network.
Dennis and I are both really impressed with the growth of CPA Elites and we've encouraged our publishers to sign up here.

Are you getting a lot of new members signup because of CPA Elites?

Definitely, we're very pleased with the new users we've gained from the CPA Elites community.
To return the favor, we've introduced a lot of our users to CPA Elites through promotions and recommendations.
We're looking forward to seeing CPA Elites continue to grow!

How many employees do you have working for AdWork Media?

Surprisingly, only Dennis and I run the network!
We want to give every AWM user the opportunity to interact with us since our 5+ years experience in the affiliate industry gives us a unique perspective to answer publisher questions and provide the highest level of support.
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2013-10-19, 08:37 PM,
I love these interviews, keep up the good work!
2013-10-19, 08:38 PM,
Awesome Interview. I love it :)

I just want to add one thing that is: David is the best help person in AdworkMedia. :) :)

He is so much helping guy that I can't explain ;)

AdWorkMedia is best CPA Network. Yeah Up and Downs come but everything get fixed time to time :)

Adidam | Skype: AdidamHere (without live)
2013-10-19, 08:46 PM,
david always helps me. i wanna see his pic because only dennis has pic on the dashboard lmao..
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adidam(2013-10-19 08:46 PM) 

[Image: banner300x250.png]
2013-10-19, 08:55 PM,
Very nice! (BTW you have put the same question 2 times)
2013-10-19, 09:00 PM,
(2013-10-19, 08:55 PM)Heraclitus Wrote: Very nice! (BTW you have put the same question 2 times)

Thanks for letting me know, I've changed it!

Any questions related to CPA belong here.
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I am temporarily absent due to family circumstances.

2013-10-19, 09:01 PM,
Awesome interview DutchPride,
AWM have probably the best support ever, considering that there are only two of them.

I didn't know they are 24 and 25, thought they are older,
BIG + guys :)
2013-10-19, 09:20 PM,
This was one of the best interview. Thanks DutchPride.

Sig goes here...
2013-10-19, 11:13 PM,
Awesome interview!

24 and 25 years old, that's got to be the best part behind AWM! Living the life while young!

Best Regards,

[Image: 2m7x0so.gif]
2013-10-19, 11:46 PM,
I still enjoy these interviews. Those awm guys are really doing a sensational job out there!!

Still the most reliable PPD network!
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