Dave's Journey Thread, Blackhat Niches With Blackhat Seo [Elites May Giveaway]
2016-05-18, 01:50 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-05-19, 12:27 PM by DaveNL.)
I wanted to do a a journey thread for a while and never got around to i, and taking part in the Elites giveaway, sponsored by PowerupHosting.com made it that i am ready to start.

For this journey i am going all balls out on a blackhat method that i have used often to get leads to my clients, it involves creating a silo site with spun content pages and redirecting that traffic to landingpages with a cloaking plugin.

I will be hitting around a 100 niches when the site is done, and not all will rank in the SE (the 80/20 principle applies here), i will build a page for every known keyword and its variation, i have about a 45 keywords per niche, these keywords are the most common used when looking for h@cks and cheats.

The site will be building the site in a silo and every niche will get his own silo, and every silo will have between 5 and 10 secondary articles for longtail keywords, all articles will be 1500/2000 words long and created with WordAI on unique turing mode, the content isn't that great but nobody is going to read it anyway.

The articles will be published with a plugin called SerpShaker, it is a great plugin, what it does is it takes the keywords you put in together with a spun article and creates new posts for the amount of keywords you have saves a lot of time, you can build a huge site in a matter of minutes, it was originally build to create landing pages for local businesses, but you can use it for this too.

The traffic will be redirected, for this i will be using a plugin called WPcloaker, the great thing about this plugin is that you can redirect traffic to different LP's depending on your keywords, so you can target your traffic for your landingpages, how cool is that :)

Landingpages will be hosted on the CPA merchant, i bought one here for $15- that does a nice conversion

For promotion i will be blackhating also, the silo's will get hit with RankerX as tier one and GSA blasts as tier two and three, i will also will ad some of my secret sauce

This all look like a lot of work but it really isn't as i have the complete setup ready from former projects with the themes, plugins and setting al done, just a matter of installing the site and updating the plugins.

The tools that i am going to use

For the site building

Stormsilo (silo theme)

For promotion

Indexing service
VPS 2x

Things done so far

[x] ordered 10 seed articles (started with 5 but i found more keywords to target so i needed more content)
[x] bought the domain
[x] installed site

Things that needs to be done

[ ] Creating spun articles
[ ] Setting up the content
[ ] promotion

The revenue

[ ] First dollar ;-))
[ ] $10- a day
[ ] $20- a day
[ ] $50- a day
[ ] $100- a day

To be honest i have no idea if this is going to work with CPA, the method is the same as i use for getting leads, so in theory this should also work for CPA blackhat niches, we will see :)

Stay tuned

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CrsTos(2016-05-18 01:57 PM) 
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2016-05-19, 12:30 PM,
So i just got the first 3 articles, these articles are generic articles on Game H@ack, Online generator and all that good stuff

I have spun them with word AI and i have created my first 10 silo's, with 3 spun articles, i have to say that the turing option of wordAI is actually not that bad at all.

I also have created the first 10- landingpages yesterday, i could not sleep and was in the zone and build 10 landingpages, which isn't that hard as they are all the same, the only thging needed adapting was the amount of sliders and the images

Spent $100 on content
$10 on a great .online .com

Made $0-

[ ] First dollar ;-))
[ ] $10- a day
[ ] $20- a day
[ ] $50- a day
[ ] $100- a day

Stay tuned
2016-05-20, 01:13 AM,
Good luck with the journey mate!
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DaveNL(2016-05-20 11:06 AM) 
2016-05-20, 01:20 AM,
Thats heck of a Journey. Most of what went over my head. Really looking forward to see your progress. According to the numbers i read, it sounds like 300$/day?
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DaveNL(2016-05-20 11:07 AM) 
2016-05-20, 01:32 AM,
Wish you all the best. Try to choose righr strategy and I will be sure that you will achieve those earnins in some amount of time
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DaveNL(2016-05-20 11:07 AM) 
2016-05-21, 06:04 PM,
So today i have setup all the content, i am targeting 85 niches, every niche ja its own silo, in that silo multiple articles targeting a range of longtail keywords...

Now i have started the backlink campaign, i will be hitting every silo with a 3 tier backlink campaign build with rankerx, GSA and index-nuke, between the site and the backlink will be a 301 domain, found a great domain with a high TF were i have installed yourls script, this is a url shortener script, the reason why i do this is that when my site gets tanked (and it will tank eventually) ik can redirect all my SEO efforts to the backup site which is a clone of the first.

No money has been made yet

Stay tuned :)
2016-05-24, 12:44 AM,
Have you got any updates yet?
2016-05-26, 10:50 AM,
I do lol, the site has been backlined over the last days and i am getting some rankings and trickle traffic to my landing pages, but the rankings are still to far off to do real damage

This is the period that you have to wait, i did build out all the landing pages which was a much bigger job than i thought at first.

[ ] First dollar ;-))
[ ] $10- a day
[ ] $20- a day
[ ] $50- a day
[ ] $100- a day

Stay tuned :-))
2016-05-26, 03:44 PM,
Alright, stick to your plans/dreams and never give up, I wish I never took breaks from CPA. :)
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DaveNL(2016-05-26 04:54 PM) 

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