Daivanas Journey to My Own Home by CPA
2014-05-29, 11:53 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-12-30, 06:10 PM by Daivanas.)
My Old Background:

Hi, my nickname is Daivanas and i'm from Europe. I'm kinda new to real IM my first attemps was like in 2005 with clicking ads and some stupid stuff and the more serious was back in 2013 summer, i tried ppd with youtube earned five dollars and give up.

After the summer in the end of autumn i tried again. It took me few weeks to earn my first dollars and the feeling was amazing then i started to take things more seriously created about 30 videos maybe less and got lucky with two videos they were at the top 5 of a good niche and were generating me 20+$/day my best month i earned 800$.

And then i started to get lazy, maybe reason was hot spring weather or something but i can't and don't want to work at all. Some of my niches were taken down and now i'm left with 10-14$ income a day.

My motivation was dropped to the bottom but now something in me lighten up again and i want to work because i know that i can earn from CPA and earn big if i just get a hold of myself and work.. So i come with a new plan and goals and i hope this journey diary will help me too to accomplish my goals.

My Background Today 2015 December 9th:

So basically i accomplished my goal and reached $100/day for whole month. When i started it looked kinda big dream far away but with help of this forum and my colleagues from skype chat i managed to achieve my goal!

Now for some time i'm sitting with 70-80/day getting more and more lazy lost my motivation completely. Mostly all of my income come from seo sites, which i lighly spamming with GSA (even don't know if it works anymore). Doing just small jobs nothing compared to hard work i did to achieve 100/day.. Some niches get deranked other still ranking good but i depend mainly from 3-4 niches max and i want to increase this number and make my IM life safe.

So today finally i decided to go back to CPAelites to look for motivation, yesterday had a couple of ideas and got some questions too which i will be looking for answers in separate threads mainly about new monetization methods..

Also i found new serious goals which i will write bellow from time to time maybe add some new ones.. Wish me luck guys, Daivanas is back in business!

My Goals:

*Make IM lifestyle more safe by making more niches (before it's too late and my niches are gone)*

*Buy a home from CPA money! (i need to make serious money next year because i want to take as little loan i can from the bank)*

*Find a new ways to monetiz-e my traffic (maybe amazon, some payment methods etc.)*

Game Plan:

As of today 2015 December i mostly completely moved to SEO but planning on taking a small step back and connect my SEO with youtube, facebook and other networks.

Some list for things to do, in the future will add more:

[X] 1. Need to make an order to all my CPA files, Accounts etc. because it's a big huge mess
[✔] 2. Need to find a way to track videos
[X] 3. Need a way to monetize people which are willing to spend money rather than doing surveys
[X] 4. Niche mindstorming (need to find new niches which will work for longer periods of time) and review old ones which i put in niche folder
[X] 5. Have to find a new ways to monetiz-e my traffic

Questions/Answers Please Read these before posting question over and over again in my thread:

Q: Your money making method
A: For now mostly SEO, some facebook and youtube too.

Q: Do you boost your videos or you just upload and forget?
A: Small boost like some likes, comments etc. and leave it to rank naturally.

Q: do you upload 1 video per niche or do you upload the same video more than once or do you create different videos for one niche?
A: Mostly i upload one video per niche, sometimes i change video a little bit and use another longtail keyword with it.. If the niche is really profitable i make more videos.

Q: How many video do you have and niche?
A: I have now about 30-35 videos and i earn about from 10 mostly. 2 Videos giving me almost 80% of my income and they are white/gray hat. My niches is a mix of black, gray and whitehat Niches..

Q: How you ranking your videos ? may i know your source of views or method? are your videos got deleted from views
A: I'm uploading video and adding some likes, comments, subs etc. Then leaving them to rank naturally or putting them on my landing pages so they get natural views. Also if the niche is good i blast them this GSA SER backlinks..

Q: Are you using unlisted method? is it working fine?
A: Unlisted doesn't work anymore on most of the niches.. Method is dead..

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2014-05-30, 05:43 AM,
Good luck bro, my story is very similar to yours and I'm also from Europe :). My best month was $800 and a months after were like $10-$20 on autopilot, till now when I earn $2-$3. Being too lazy ;).

How do you create yt accounts ?

2014-05-30, 04:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-30, 04:07 PM by Daivanas.)
(2014-05-30, 05:43 AM)HoldenCaufield Wrote: How do you create yt accounts ?

I create them manually with mobile phone verification.

Update: 29 May earnings: |views 894|clicks 325| leads 18| Earnings $19.21|
2014-05-30, 04:15 PM,
(2014-05-30, 04:06 PM)Daivanas Wrote:
(2014-05-30, 05:43 AM)HoldenCaufield Wrote: How do you create yt accounts ?

I create them manually with mobile phone verification.

Update: 29 May earnings: |views 894|clicks 325| leads 18| Earnings $19.21|

18 leads = 19.21$ seems kinda low to me man which network you using ?
2014-05-30, 08:45 PM,
(2014-05-30, 04:15 PM)Alexander Wrote: 18 leads = 19.21$ seems kinda low to me man which network you using ?

I'm using CPAgrip, i tried a lot of networks and CPAgrip works best for me, my main traffic is from UK and US so that's why it's so low, also my most income come from Grey Hat niches so CR and EPC not that great..
2014-05-30, 09:14 PM,
I wish you all the best.
2014-05-30, 09:57 PM,
Oh I see good luck and try to optimize your offers
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cpasucker(2014-12-24 10:34 AM) 
2014-05-30, 10:03 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-30, 10:05 PM by Daivanas.)
(2014-05-30, 09:14 PM)esignwebservice Wrote: I wish you all the best.

(2014-05-30, 09:57 PM)Alexander Wrote: Oh I see good luck and try to optimize your offers

Thank you both, i'm optimizing my offers sometimes twice a day :)
2014-05-31, 12:48 AM,
Good luck on your journey!! :)
2014-05-31, 02:13 AM,
Are you using unlisted method? is it working fine?

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