Creating A Profitable Rythm
2015-05-03, 01:05 PM,
I've been in tough spot with life lately and had to sell my PC. I'm about to buy a new one and get back into IM. I've been reading threads and thinking about what I'm going to hop into.

I wanted to throw out the topic of the daily routine or rhythm that people on here use. Some threads have people creating landers - YouTube videos like they work in a Chinese sweat shop only to turn out a few dollars a day. Thinking the more they work the more they make. When in reality it's a game of attrition. They're just working faster than the landers/videos are being deleted. Eventually you reach an apex where you're just sustaining your work, not growing.

The other two percent are posting screen shot after screen shot of huge earnings to "motivate people". When in reality people are just spinning their wheels. Working hard, not smart. If you tell me people make 3k a month because they have 3k landers you're and idiot and know that's not possible.

Most people here who use the one page landers and YouTube don't need motivation to speed them up, they need direction to send them the right way!

It's become obnoxiously obvious to me that white/grey hat niches are the only way to a sustainable business model. I want to build my IM efforts on rock. Not some wishy washy churn and burn model. That being said...

When you sit down at your PC ready to tackle the world what are primary areas of focus?

Do you have one method that you go to instinctively? Maybe a list of things that you do for every website.

Once you have a winning formula it makes since to repeat it over and over, but as we all can read in the journey threads some are $1 a day plans and some are 20k a month plans.

Is there some master checklist that people create and just apply it to every site? I know that sounds silly to say but unless you have a huge profit margin you're working in volume and keeping track of what you do has to be a bitch.

I understand that it takes money to make money. Unlike most, I also understand the concept of ROI. I won't waste money on ebooks or buy another program unless I can see the golden pot at the end. So many people sell the IM dream just to push products on people (Matthew Woodward) without showing them how utilize these tools for a profit. It's left up to the person to put the pieces together.

For years I haven't been able to figure it out and I will continue to ask until I do or someone tells me.
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2015-05-03, 01:54 PM,
You're wrong that 3k landing pages don't make 3k. They make a lot more than that. I've seen people who have developed a general template for multi-niche sites and post as many niches as possible and simply rank them for some keywords. Some of the niches turn out to be more profitable than the others, but they all generate some income sooner or later, so this method definitely works and is used by many people. It's not hard to manage at all, once you manage to find a good way to automate it and most important it gives great results.
2015-05-04, 06:28 AM,
Sorry to hear about your pc man, if your on a budget a chromebook is a good solution in my opinion. Chromebooks are roughly $200-$300, and they're designed to work fully from the cloud. They have less processing power, ram, ect.. and they use the cloud for essentially all the storage. But they're great for online work, especially CPA marketing in my opinion. You just use the chromebook to connect to your server's and FTP online. Their only restricted use is that the chromebook is unable to do anything CPU intensive like run SEO software and is very software restricted.

Just my 2 cents.

I think a good idea is worth more then anything else. "Grinding" by just putting up 2 websites/videos every day for 365 days would most likely bring in decent profit; finding a good niche that takes 1 video/website and makes you $100 a day is much more valuable. But once you make a video like that why not make more. There needs to be a healthy mix of grinding and intuitive thinking.

Although some things are necessary everywhere like good seo, I don't use a checklist for all my websites.

Hope i helped.

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