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2013-05-14, 03:57 PM,
AdworkMedia is one of the best network. I love it. So, I will answer your questions in order.

What I wanted to ask for is, do I need to prepare anything after I register?
All what you have said in promotion plan is what you should do. If you lied there, bad for you.

You'll have to think something innovative and smart.

Is there something I need to be ready for?
Promotion plan is what you should have already prepared.

Are there any catches with this CPA network?
Of course, there are incentive and non-incentive offers with or without restrictions.

Pay attention to them to not get banned. If you have earned for 90$ this month with PPD then you would have earned around 118$ with a C
PA network
which has the very same surveys. That's around 30$ increase in your earnings!

Let me explain how a PPD works and how a CPA works.

First of all PPD utilizes offers from CPA Networks. In order for PPD to survive they have to take a cut of your earnings - 1/3 or 1/4 at least. So, that means if an email submit survey in CPA costed 1.20$/lead then you would get around 0.80$/lead at the best circumstances.

CPA Networks gives you the ability to choose what offers you want to appear on your content gateway, link locker and product locker(AdWorkMedia) unlike PPD that utilizes the best performance offers which are not always the best for your targetted audience (not in every PPD) you potentially lose conversions.

CPA Networks gives you way more ways of monetizing your content rather than PPD does.(CPA has Content Locker, File Gateway Locker, Link Locker, Product Locker. PPD has File Gateway which is an awful page most of times) [Exception; FileIce and some other PPDs. They have widget but still you need to upload a file on that widget. People will download a file and not unlock a page.)

CPA Networks provides you more detailed traffic insight statistics[/b] than PPD does. (e.g. How many people completed a specific offer. So you can see what offers performs the best for your audience.)

Another question that has been in my mind since I started out with PPD is what the hell are conversions? When people use the word I'm getting the idea of some type of number being converted into payment. Or is conversions = downloads?
Conversion is the rate of how many leads you got per amount of click.
E.g. 100 people clicked you survey. You got 20 leads only from 100 clicks. That's 20% conversion.

And I'm new at CPA. Would it really be good if I try a lot of CPA networks all at once or not? If yes, why should I join more than one?
You can experiment with multiple CPAs but if you are new to CPA so that wouldn't really benefit you. Stick to AdWorkMedia for a while and move to private networks like This network is banned from CPA Elites, promoting this network is banned on CPA Elites. after you start earning a lot.

Another thing is I plan on promoting fake files. Will these get me banned from AdworkMedia or can I do anything except porn?
Speak with your Performance Manager.

Reply here or/and send me a PM with your questions if you want. I'll add them here.

In no way I am offending PPD networks or forcing my opinion to leave a PPD network and join a CPA.

This is Cost Per Action Frequently Asked Questions Database. You are not allowed to edit/claim ownership or sell it. You're allowed to read and share it only. If you want to use this thread in any other means, contact me.
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2013-05-14, 05:45 PM,
Thank you, this one really explained to me the major difference of PPD and CPA, and why everyone uses CPA instead of PPD to make the real cash.

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2013-05-15, 03:24 PM,
So is AWM or FileFire better?
I just joined FF but thinking about joining AWM aswell.


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2013-05-15, 03:27 PM,
Another question I see alot is blogspot or wordpress maybe add that in there.
2013-05-15, 03:49 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-05-15, 03:50 PM by NickGatzos.)
(2013-05-15, 03:24 PM)LinX Wrote: So is AWM or FileFire better?
I just joined FF but thinking about joining AWM aswell.


FileFire is using CPA. Therefore you get slightly less revenue than you would on AWM.

(2013-05-15, 03:27 PM)kolton Wrote: Another question I see alot is blogspot or wordpress maybe add that in there.

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