Correcting Some Mistakes I Made Along The Way
2014-11-23, 03:58 AM,
Evening Elites,

Had a couple of Jack Daniels and cokes so feeling a little merry, not that has anything to do with what I'm about to explain as it's something I decided around 5 hours ago anyway. I banned a few users from this forum not so long ago just because they decided to staff over on some other forums. Honestly, I realize now it was a dumb move but as my Father has always taught me it takes a man to apologize in life and to admit he is wrong.

So, I went ahead and unbanned the users in question and also sent them an email which I don't mind you guys reading:
Quote:Sometimes in life people reflect back on certain things and have to reassess situations and decisions they made. I was thinking the other day about life in general and happenings on CPA Elites and if I have any regrets, overall, I must say there are no regrets besides one thing which is jumping the gun and banning yourself and a couple of other users.

My Father taught me when growing up it takes a man to apologise, with that said I would like to welcome you back to CPA Elites regardless to if you are working on or using a different CPA forum. I jumped the gun and made a bad choice on that one, so I would like to say sorry and that you are welcome back any time.

I have unbanned your account too and renamed it back, I went ahead and made sure both VIP groups are live. I'm also going to unban a few others too.

Frankly, I over reacted and hope you can accept my apology even if you choose not to come back, there are some big changes soon to be happening on CPA Elites one as early as the end of next week (if all goes to plan) hopefully you will be around to see them, the forum is still buzzing and attracting crazy amounts of users on a monthly basis.

I don't want to have any regret hanging over my head thus why I have contacted you today, either way I hope you enjoy your weekend. I have made this decision on my own and only based on personal feelings and such. Life is to short to hold grudges and be mad, I'll leave that to the keyboard warriors and angry dudes.

Kind Regards

List of unbanned users:

1. IndeXer
2. NEFantasy
3. Draguny
4. Blog2Show

Life really is to short to grow old look back and reflect on negative decisions, I'm not here to be a dictator as this is a forum and the users should not be worried about rules being too strict and such. On the rules subject myself RushingWind/DutchPride have revised them and will be adding them over the next week or two. I want to make sure the forum is not only unique and awesome but also not a dictatorship. Obviously we need to maintain the standard on here as always but I can see certain things need to be changed.

I'm online Mon-Fri working from around 7am until 5.30 with this forum opened on my browser, wait until you see the new changes that will be happening over the next few weeks too. I will always ensure that it's updated and awesome for you guys, mistakes are made sometimes but can ALWAYS be rectified too. Anyways, I'm gong to go relax with my wife and have a few more JD's and watch the boxing. Enjoy your evening and just know I'll always be here for you guys if you ever need me.

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