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Copyrighted Images
2013-12-13, 05:53 AM,

I am a newbie, so it would be great if you can help me out here.

I've decided to make my own landing pages, but can I use any images that are copyrighted? I have done this on Blogger websites, but not tried it on my own hosted websites. Is it safe to use images from GTA 5, COD etc...?

Thanks and I look forward to your replies!

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2013-12-13, 05:59 AM,
They're copyright, so no you are not allowed to use them. But can you use them? Of coarse. No one is going to bother you for using their images.
2013-12-13, 06:48 AM,
No, not really a good idea, especially if you are there for long term!
The thing is, sooner or later the companies that own the rights to the images will contact you and tell you to remove them anyway.
2013-12-13, 07:14 AM,
Thanks for the advice guys. The last thing I want is a fine coming through the mail. At least if you use the images on Blogger, they might not be able to track you down.
2013-12-13, 08:13 AM,
Buy um if your thinking long term i use fotolia
You may get away with it and you may not why take the chance
2013-12-13, 08:18 AM,
Ok No One will submit a copyright claim on your picture if you have a gta picture on you site they wont care. There are way to many sites that use there pictures unless your getting a shit ton of traffic it wont even be worth there time to do anything about it. And alot of company's think of it as free advertising. I say go for it i can almost promise nothing will happen. Example your not supposed to upload niches and survey links and fake files on youtube that's why videos get removed but does youtube come to your house and take you to court No it not worth there time.

[Image: CZqWQay.png?1?7286]
2013-12-13, 06:23 PM,
Appreciate your advise people
2013-12-13, 11:32 PM,
if you play with big guys like yahoo,fb - becarefull
2013-12-13, 11:36 PM,
Umm... As far as I know, you can use pictures as long as you add them their original link and not as downloaded files from your own computer. Since the picture will still be linked to it's original place and you are free to use it. I might be wrong though.
2013-12-14, 12:42 AM,
it is not okay but they will not do anything about it beside ask you to remove them if they find out. at that time just find a different image.

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