[Contest] [June] Road to success - A journey to $150+ / day
2015-06-02, 02:48 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-06-04, 02:06 PM by Cloaked.)
Hello there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
I've been inactive on this forum for quite a while, a year, hell...Maybe even 2 and now I decided to come back here and give this forum another chance and also to motivate myself to get back on the track while there's still time.
Before we start, a little back story about me :

I first got in this industry back in January 2013, 5th of January to be more exact. I found out about PPD from someone's journey on Forum discussions are not allowed here. and I was HOOKED. I made around $1500 in 2013 and then the fun started in February 2014. I used to make around $50 ~ $150 per day until March this year using a somewhat private / public method which I found by mistake or by trial and error as some would say.
Things were awesome, I was and still am living with my parents until I move out in a few months and in all this time I managed to buy tons of new furniture for the house, a top kek 1337 gaming laptop, 2 TVs and tons of other things. Also, I felt so....good when we used to go shopping and my mother would pay using my card. Damn. Ok, enough bragging, let's move in to the next section.

About the journey

My journey goes around as most of the journeys here. For starters, I will aim at $150 per day which I hope to achieve in the next few weeks. That may sound fast for some but I think I know exactly what I need to do to achieve this, I just need to stay motivated and on track.
I will be using YouTube as a main source of traffic for this journey. Unfortunately this is all I can say for now, I'm sorry but due to the nature of this method if I reveal any bits of clues I will instantly reveal my method and I cannot answer any questions about this if they don't seem right, sorry :(.
As for the website, I will be using a multi-niche wordpress based website where I will post all the saturated niches I can find since this method is mainly based on very saturated niches.


I will post updates starting from this day which will be in the following format :
- A picture of my stats on C.F. / CPAGrip - I will be using C.F. for the first few weeks until I get some cash in my card to pay for certain things (The Witcher 3 heh) - Oh and I just noticed that the network is banned here. If I'm not allowed to talk about it I'll just text write the stats.
- A picture of my stats on Google Analytics on how many visits I had that day
- A few lines of text in which I will explain what I did that day including non journey activities

And that's it I think. I will create a blog on where I will post my stats daily so I won't have to spam it all here and to make it easier for those that want to read everything so that they wouldn't have to go through tons of pages to read it all.

With all this being said, Day 1 starts today. I am currently working on my site and I will hopefully get it done by the night so I can start advertising it.
I'll also create the blog today and get it ready for tomorrow when I'll start posting stats.

I'll update this post with the blog link and some other things once I get them ready. Stay tuned lads Grin
EDIT : Here's the blog link lads : http://cloaked.rocks/ - Every day will be documented there so if you're too lazy to scroll in through the posts here, just read the blog :)
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2015-06-02, 02:53 PM,
Nice journey. I am sure you will achieve your goals. I will stay tuned for updates as I'm curious how much traffic you can get from youtube.
2015-06-02, 03:00 PM,
Good luck with the journey, and I hope we will learn from your tactics too :P
2015-06-02, 03:06 PM,
Thanks for the kind words :D.
I may have sound harsh with the I WILL NEVER TELL MY SECRET part in the first post and I'm sorry for that and hope you understand why I'm saying it like that but after I'll achieve my goal I'll let you in on some other things I learned along my years in this industry and help you all with your questions if I'll have the knowledge :D
2015-06-02, 03:15 PM,
Good luck on your journey mate! Keep us updated. Smile

There are 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary, and those who do not.
2015-06-03, 05:02 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-06-03, 11:16 PM by Cloaked.)
Day 1 ended and this is what I've done :

- I did the website, I somewhat managed to complete it by the end of the day but didn't get much time left to start advertising it.
- I researched my old method more, seeing what changed and what not and how to best apply it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the time to work on my blog as well (I wanna make it at least look half decent before starting to post the updates there xD). I'll get it done today and also start advertising it. I might also turn my eyes on the SetNForget method as well, I used it for a week or two in the past and I actually managed to get some traffic in, small but it was there.
There are no stats to show just yet, I'll start posting them tomorrow :).
I also noticed that there's this monthly contest going around this section and from what I've read I only have to add some things in the title in order to participate.
If things go somewhat good in the coming weeks, I'll think about extending this journey not until I reach my goal, but beyond that, I might keep it active for months, hell, even years.

Alright ! I got the blog ready as well and the first post is up. This doesn't mean I won't update this thread because I will but to make it easier to read when the thread will get bigger with tons of pages I decided to make a blog where I'll post the results as well to make it easier to scroll up within the days :). Here's the link if you guys want to check it out : http://cloaked.rocks/journey-day-1/
2015-06-04, 05:20 AM,
Succes vere, we're all gonna make it!
2015-06-04, 01:39 PM,
(2015-06-04, 05:20 AM)iamagod Wrote: Succes vere, we're all gonna make it!

Thanks buddy :).

Day 2 is over and I started advertising my website a little bit.
For now, the stats are starting to show some results although I am not quite pleased with them xD but they'll get better in the coming days.

There were around 6 visits on the website until 12 A.M my time which is when Google Analytics switched over to the next day and until this point there were 11 more visits. Here's a pic below :
[Image: iTP2ncv.png]

As for the stats on the network, I got a $1.63 download, yay!
Here are the stats :
[Image: FvV7bKp.png]

What I did in this today was not much although and I hate myself for that, I need to find a way to get rid of this laziness. I did create the blog that's true but that was not much work, I got it done in an hour or so..
Today, I want to turn my eyes on SetNForget again, get another website ready on another domain that I have and start posting YouTube videos on that as well.
2015-06-04, 01:51 PM,
Know you from C.F. man, good luck.
2015-06-05, 01:50 PM,
(2015-06-04, 01:51 PM)Pankage Wrote: Know you from C.F. man, good luck.

Thanks man :).

Alright, Day 3 is over and I started getting some more traffic in. Researched some more methods so that I could try in the future and also played some more CS:GO competitive, missed it hehe.
Here are the visits on the website :
[Image: lzWrBmL.png]

And the stats for the day :

[Image: VK0kgKX.png]

Things are starting to catch some speed. Hopefully by Monday I'll be able to reach a stable $20 or more / day.

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