Compliance issues in the CPA industry
2013-08-22, 10:10 PM,
This video explains things pretty spot on:

Fake niches are NOT sustainable in the long term, it is ultimately illegal and not the kind of traffic advertisers are looking for. Its continued use is hurting the industry and causing good offers to go prematurely broke - advertisers get fined and are forced to pull out all their offers, and end up taking it out on the publishers by reversing legitimate leads. There's been plenty of crackdowns by regulating bodies in various countries, especially for advertisers running mobile offers, and its impact can already be felt on countries like GB, AU and FR. While the effects may not be so obvious to the end user, it has largely been cushioned by the layers of networks in between, which take up the cost of reversed legitimate leads and work to find replacement offers from other sources.

A large percent of users on PPDs and CPA networks are all involved, some way or another, in illegal niches, and think they can continue to get away with it. While they may not be personally punished - yet - they ARE in fact negatively impacting the overall health of the industry and potentially lowering earnings for everyone. Working at FileIce, there has been several instances already when we've completely lost important high converting offers due to general compliance issues. They get increasingly difficult to replace, and advertisers grow more aware of you the bigger you grow.

This thread is created to bring awareness to the general community that the CPA industry isn't going to last forever in its current state unless people start taking the initiative to stop being selfish and to start finding legitimate niches. It may not be affecting you now, but it will eventually come back and bite you in the ass when you least expect it. That gaming hack site with the unique domain you've been carefully SEOing the past 3 months? All that work down the drain when advertisers spot it and demand every network you move to to take it down. If you had spent the time creating a legitimate niche instead, you'd find yourself with a growing source of sustainable income that's converting better anyway.

To all new users looking to "make it big" with CPA, ignore all those guides telling you that gaming hacks and related deceptive niches are the way to go. You'll get some earnings in the short term, but it will neither be big nor sustainable.

It's also nice to note that many networks have premium high converting offers from big brand companies, offered exclusively to legitimate high volume publishers who agree to have their accounts carefully monitored for compliance. Maybe that's something worth looking into when you go down that path.
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2013-08-22, 11:33 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-22, 11:37 PM by Pierre.)
100% right that's why I don't want to get into fake or illegal niches, but everyone seems to talk about them because they're the fastest and easiest way to make money, I tried a fake niche just for testing and I got some leads, now I'm going to start working on legit niches and I know it's worth it in the end, but I have be patient.
And by the way guys all that effort you put in all these fake niche can be put in 1 legit niche that will make even more money for you.

And which networks have these premium offers ?
2013-08-23, 12:11 AM,
This video made my day LOL XD
2013-08-23, 12:49 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-23, 12:50 AM by blackemil.)
Big point. You are right. If the users will not adapt into legit niches or try to convert the fake ones in legit one's as Eion spotted in he's tutorials , ppd will have harsh times.

Stick Thread !

Adult Baby !!!
[Image: 4wz14as.png]
2013-08-23, 01:54 AM,
Great post you have made there! I hope people read it carefully.
I have always known that this business will not last forever, and I am trying my best to actually earn something from legit niches.
Although it is way harder, it is generally safer and easier to sustain since accounts will not be deleted as often etc.
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blackemil(2013-08-23 02:13 AM) 
2013-08-23, 02:28 AM,
Please read this

A nice way to turn fake niches into legit one's

Adult Baby !!!
[Image: 4wz14as.png]
2013-08-23, 04:54 AM,
I don't get it to be honest, it has ALWAYS been like this. Fake niches have ALWAYS been a problem - which sponsor would like to have that kind of traffic? Isn't this the reason PPD websites exist? To have someone cover up the stuff for you? I would go straight for the supplier of offers, but they told me to go PPD instead of CPA, simply because I have more freedom over there. This isn't anything new, the only new thing about this is that:

- lots of fresh and new PPD/"CPA" websites who don't know how to deal with their CPA Networks offers
- PIN Submits (A lot more people complain because the surveys aren't actually free anymore

Am I missing something? Fake files have always been a reason for a ban, since forever. Reason why PPD networks exist, to cover up the shit you promote and take 1X% of your earnings? Someone correct me if I am wrong, but for me, this isn't any big news for me at all...

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tbonemaker(2013-08-25 04:24 PM) staffer(2013-08-24 05:41 PM) moneyboy2012(2013-08-23 12:36 PM) Riven(2013-08-23 05:04 AM) MilijasBoss(2013-08-23 05:02 AM) 

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's going to die. Come watch TV? | Skype: peacebreaker3 |
2013-08-23, 05:09 AM,
Thinking of a good, legit niche can be so hard.
2013-08-23, 12:24 PM,
Dat video, a piece of heaven.
2013-08-23, 12:31 PM,
May not last forever.. but gotta milk it while we can...
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MilijasBoss(2013-08-23 06:05 PM) 

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