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Complete List Of Traffic Sources Explained
2018-03-06, 05:52 PM,
Complete List Of Traffic Sources Explained

Traffic means the rate of flow of users to your website or content. To succeed in CPA Marketing you will need traffic so as to turn them into leads once they view your promotions or offers. Here are various types of traffic sources.

Mobile Traffic
[Image: mobile%2Btraffic.png]
It comes from mobile phone users. Statistics according to Google indicate that more than 50% of internet users access internet via handheld devices. To be able to make the most out of this enormous traffic, you need to have a responsive or mobile-friendly website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
[Image: Seo.png]
It is the process of promoting the visibility of your website in the search engines through unpaid methods. This way, you receive organic traffic. Optimization simply means getting to rank higher in the search engines which mean more traffic.

Native Advertising
[Image: testimonials.png]
It is a type of advertising that places ads that blend in or tend to match with the content they appear on. They feel natural thus the audience is more likely to be receptive to them. They are typically are embedded within videos and articles.

Social Media Marketing
[Image: Social_Media_Marketing.png]
It involves the use of the power of the social networking platforms to get traffic. They are a great source of traffic because they have a huge audience that can be redirected to your website.

Pay Per Call
[Image: pay%2Bper%2Bcall.png]
In this the method, the advertiser pays a commission based on a phone call made by a user. The commission can be based on the length of the call or the number of repeat calls from a potential customer. The agent gets the chance to convert the leads via the call.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
[Image: pay%2Bper%2Bclick.png]
[It is a paid advertising model used to drive traffic to websites. The higher you pay the higher the ranking on the search engines. The marketer pays a specific amount for every click that sends traffic to their website.  

Email Marketing
[Image: email.ico]
It involves sending direct emails with a commercial message to potential customers. It is a direct method of marketing that involves lists of email addresses legally collected via various means. Due to rampant abuse of email marketing, there are numerous rules provided by the CAN-SPAM that govern it.

Pay Per View
[Image: pay%2Bper%2Bview.png]
Just as the name suggests, the advertisers pay a specific amount every time a single traffic is redirected to their site. It also referred to as Cost-Per-View (CPV) model. The advertiser can target more than once source including URLs and keywords. The advertisers bid against each other on a specific target and the landing page for the highest bidder is presented to the user.

Display Advertising
[Image: display%2Bmedia%2Bbuying.png]
It also referred to as display media buying, where the advertiser purchases banner ad space from media buying ad networks or directly from a website. In the case of ad networks, the advertiser pays per 1000 impressions. When working with website owners, a flat rate is often negotiated.

Incentive Traffic
[Image: Incentive%2BTraffic.png]
Entails use of an incentive to lure traffic to your offer. For instance, you can ask your visitors to fill out a form before they can access the content they are looking for.

Adult Traffic
[Image: Adult%2BTraffic.png]
It entails targeting traffic in adult sites such as pornography and online dating sites by using marketing content that appeals to this traffic.

Lead Generation
[Image: lead%2Bgeneration.png]
It is all about attracting leads and converting them. This is achieved by collecting the relevant prospect’s information online and later contacting them with an offer that may be of interest to them.

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