Clickable Link In Youtube Comments?
2013-12-02, 10:19 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-02, 10:54 PM by SwiffJustus.)
Appears this is a New benefit(or trap-lol) courtesy of the Tube Guys, we'll see how
long this one last's.

[Image: xzzp.png]
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2013-12-02, 10:21 PM,
2013-12-02, 10:26 PM,
that's one of the benefits of the new YT comment system.
2013-12-02, 10:27 PM,
Youtube allowed clickable links for the past week or two

[Image: CZqWQay.png?1?7286]
2013-12-02, 10:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-02, 10:48 PM by SwiffJustus.)
...Well ain't that a kick in the Head.
Don't use the Tube as much these days
so didn't know about this -lol
Did a little research only saw stuff about
click-able links in description..
They'll be on a Banning streak for sure now -lol
Because folks will surely abuse this feature.
How come I think they already know this.
Maybe using it like a link tracking alert system,
Surveil the account with the mad linking.
I wouldn't put shit pass youtube...
Can't see them doing this to help
out Spammers... mmmm?Evil

Again Guys pay me no mind, I can
sometimes drift into the Land of conspiracy
2013-12-03, 01:22 AM,
Nice, I think links will be filtered like most commenting systems. Also my guess is that this may be good for normal domains,but risky for blogger. They could be screening blogger links at the same time. Imagine putting something like, the blogger could get flagged straight away from 1.competiton and 2.Their filtering system such words like "hack".
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SwiffJustus(2013-12-03 02:20 AM) 
2013-12-03, 04:40 AM,
This is merely an observation, Not necessarily My Views.
Well some of it anyway.Tongue

In response to:

(2013-12-03, 01:22 AM)besupreme Wrote: Nice, I think links will be filtered like most commenting systems. Also my guess is that this may be good for normal domains,but risky for blogger. They could be screening blogger links at the same time. Imagine putting something like, the blogger could get flagged straight away from 1.competiton and 2.Their filtering system such words like "hack".

Interesting take on this, Yeah YT fought to long and Hard
to prevent this for there to not be something else amidst here.

I'm speculating, which is all this is at the moment, that it took
so long to allow this because they were trying to figure the best
way to add a much requested feature to it's customers, I mean
VisitorsWink, and try and knock off The 2 things they hate the Most
Spammers and Scammers

So Now are we to believe they are gonna now make it easier for you to do that?
even the most novice marketer can see something in the water
does not compute here -lol and should take heed to this..
Now as you stated and as it has always been for the most part this will help those
doing honest or what they perceive as clean campaigns Those that will Provide
Supposedly useful,safe,Legal Product to the community, BUT for those who are not
it will be used as a spytool Funneling to a Death Nail, And those who will be effected the most are those
too Naive or arrogant to realize this is a real possibility.
Thing is these types of security systems and tactics will become sort
Of a Needed weening process to get rid of those who I am sad to say and
I mean no Harm but to Ween Out those reckless marketers who just make it hard on the Game...
And I By Know way Mean by What They Do..that is Their Business
What I mean is by How They Do It!.. With or Without some Forethought.

This weening will eventually make it so only the most skilled Marketeers
will be able to earn Numbers of any significance without working themselves into a
"I GIVE UP" state of mind from Re-uploading/Re-Building
Only those Clever enough to construct campaigns that will Fly under
Those Security Radars of these Systems While still reaching the Masses and funneling home traffic...
Only Those who start to put more thought into understanding that aspect of things
and how to manipulate or best wok within the confines of that system...
(more than how aesthetically pleasing the Graphics are on a video<(important as well)
BUT that will only stay up 30 Minutes)
... will survive this attempted Death Nail of spammers and scammers By The Big YT.
But that takes Time and Testing something so many just don't
respect enough or care to take the time to do They'd Rather Upload
those same Shiny Videos 90 Times a Month -lol, Which is all Good
If from the Start you Prepare for the strong Probability that
you will be doing just that and stock your war chest accordingly
as to not be caught of guard, Left feeling deflated then spend 20 minutes writing
a post about how Youtube just took down your Video
When in those 20 Minutes you should have been uploading
200 more from 100 more accounts -lol, I mean If that is the Path
you choose to walk... Walk it down Hard!...Like Dewey Cx -lol

Listen Guys Surprise is a fickle friend, it is mostly welcome when its
presence is followed by the blowing out of candles and eating Cake
but that same surprise can become very Dark, Animus and take your breath away in one felled swoop
when you are greeted with that same surprise while signing into a site or Email account..



[Image: 3626.png]


[Image: m5zj.jpg]
2013-12-03, 10:52 AM,
I tried putting link to my comments last month, right now they filter it everytime you put the comment it will not show to others
2013-12-03, 11:15 AM,
(2013-12-03, 11:01 AM)Zack Wrote: For spammers: It's useless, and will get you ghosted faster than a bad G+ profile.
For normal users: Have fun linking to their white-listed sites.

To some it up in a few words, yes this is what I am saying as well-Grin
Dammit I wish I could do that..Straight to the point!
Yeah I know so do a bunch of you Guys- lmao
2013-12-04, 10:27 PM,
lol SwiffJustus from MMD, you still love posting long novels in threads....

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