Case Study: The Art of Misdirection [CPA Method]
2018-12-06, 03:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 2018-12-06, 06:07 PM by Battleship7.)
So you go on the web today ordinary people are always searching TV staff, sports, games, series,politics, events, Celebrities naked (eg "Enter TV hostname" + Naked  Grin )....Yeah believe me Grin  They are searching it all! And this staff has mega volumes sometimes even millions a day. The unfortunate thing is all our tools tell us about exploding searches days or even months after it has happened. By the time you know about it its probably news and useless. Yeah i know what you thinking. Google trends? Even that tool tells you something after it has already happened. The question is what if you could tell what people are going to search on [Insert day in the future]. What if you knew a keyword that would be explosive on youtube on a specific day?'d be a god isnt it?

I want to share with you a method that is obviously racking serious dollar for some people or should I say the person doing it. I would like to call CPA marketers magicians why? Because in order to make money in this biz you gotta be one. A magician has clearly understood "The Art of Misdirection". So far every method that made me money had to involve a degree of misdirection. The more misdirection there is the bigger the ROI. Anyways enough talk here lets dive into this Art of Misdirection & Peeking into the future thing;

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2018-12-06, 03:54 PM,
Very informative case study, thanks for taking time for posting it.

But what have you shared exactly as sharing streams is nothing new??
2018-12-06, 06:05 PM, (This post was last modified: 2018-12-06, 06:06 PM by Battleship7.)
(2018-12-06, 03:54 PM)saddies Wrote: Very informative case study, thanks for taking time for posting it.

But what have you shared exactly as sharing streams is nothing new??

A concept, an Idea, a belief! Look, if you looking for methods nobody is going to give you anything on a silver platter? Why would you even expect that? Perhaps this was no good to you if you were just looking a method to try. I shared an analysis for someone who wants to build or originate. If i had such years ago this would have been huge for me. But I had to learn from experience. In fact i still appreciate a good analysis of concepts...Not how something works but why its working. Why its making money? Those kinda answers. I hope it gets to someone who needs it. That's all
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babymonster(2018-12-08 04:59 PM) ayushsomani21(2018-12-06 10:06 PM) dante(2018-12-06 08:17 PM) 
2018-12-06, 06:07 PM,
Seems like a good idea. But It will require lots lf effort.
2018-12-07, 01:08 PM,
Good case study and thanks for sharing the method.
2018-12-07, 04:58 PM,
(2018-12-06, 06:07 PM)ashpaul Wrote: Seems like a good idea. But It will require lots lf effort.

So does life itself. Lol Grin
2018-12-08, 07:46 PM,
Thanks! This idea really gets my brain working......Putting ideas together now!

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