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2013-05-17, 02:30 AM,
Okay folks, maybe this idea will go down the shitter, maybe not. Anyways, I truly beleive in it's effectiveness (because it worked back than), so here it is.

As webmasters, we are always looking for quality backlinks to our sites. In mainstream marketing it's pretty hard to get hardlinks I'm sure I said nothing new. Well, you have to know I used to promote adult sites back than, and I was a proud member of an adult webmaster community. What we did there is that some trusted members started a thread called "linkchain" - no, I am not talking about PM-ing each other asking for linktrades. Read on.

The whole thing was on a hidden/private forum. There was a thread set up only for this. We had to keep the thread clean, and once somebody finished a site (let's say a wordpress blog with 10+ posts) it was eligible to "submit" to the linkchain.

The idea of the project is to keep the backlinks coming in constantly. A site (this is the first site) has no backlinks at the beginning. Live with it, we have to start somewhere, but more about that issue later, just read on. The B site will link up the A site, with it's anchors given by the author of that particular site. C site will link up to B and A sites as well. D site will link to C, B and A with it's anchors. We used to define two (slightly) different main keywords to the submitted sites. The users who will link up your sites will have to use one of the given anchors to give it a mix.

The width/depth of this linkchain is 15-20 links. This means every site links to the previous 15-20 sites (something to discuss, and decide)

Once the linkchain got going, we have seen results in SEs. Sure, since it's white hat SEO, it takes some time but it paid off.

Let's see an example;

Assume that the a user here on CPAElites submits his site to the chain for the first time. His post would look like this;

Niche Keyword Phrase 1
Niche Keyword Phrase 2

With a more detailed example;
Xbox Code Generator
Xbox Live Genrator

A couple hours later somebody submits another site;
Super Cool Xbox Generator
Super Xbox Generator

Randomuser has to link up Gedeon's website.

Gedeon later decides to add

Free Codes
Free Codes Download

Now he has to link up Randomuser's and his own site as well. Got the idea? I hope so! :)

Okay. Some suggestions & my thougts; Chains would be 200 sites long, or be active for 3 months, whichever comes first. This means that if a chain grows to be 200 sites within 1 month, that chain project will be done, and it will be replaced by a new niche chain. Or if a chain only grows to 50 sites within 3 months, then the chain will be done, and it will be replaced.

Each site in the link chain will link to the previous 15-20 sites ahead of it. So new sites link to older sites. The people who submit the first 15-20 sites MUST commit to submitting the last 15-20 sites.

These chains are open-ended, meaning they are not looping around, or forming a wheel. It is a modified A-B-C and A-B C-D link structure.

Just like in A-B-C

A links to -> B link to -> C

A has 0 inbound, 1 outbound links.
B has 1 inbound, 1 outbound links.
C has 1 inbound, 0 outbound links.

In an A-B-C trade, the same person owns sites A & C. Likewise the Person who submits site #1 must submit site #200.

Site #1 has 20 inbound, 0 outbound links.
Site #200 has 0 inbound, 20 outbound links.

Well folks, that's it. The only fear here is nobody wants to give out niches. I understand that. But maybe we can work on saturated and well known niches that will always make money. There are plenty of kw's out there we could target. Yeah, even with Xbox generators and shit like that.

If necessary, we have to decide to go with hosted sites only on TLDs or with freehosts, or mixed. I prefer paid stuff tho.

If enough interest, we can take off. Even on a private subforum here. I'll be more than happy to upgrade to a $20 membership.

Well, this got me about one hour to write with my awful english. Sorry about that folks, I hope you get the idea what I want to say here. Shoot your thoughts. Let's discuss this. I like to do teamwork. Counting on each other makes you motivated and you will stop lurking on facebook and encourage you to do some actual work.

Thanks for reading this wall of text tho :azn:
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2013-05-23, 08:00 AM,
It might be a good idea however the problem is that you're sharing your niche with everyone which is a bad idea.
2013-05-23, 10:18 AM,
(2013-05-23, 08:00 AM)Adorkable Wrote: It might be a good idea however the problem is that you're sharing your niche with everyone which is a bad idea.
I dont think its his idea. He has read and used it on some private forum and now he is kind enough to share it with us. Thanks OP.
2013-05-23, 10:44 AM,
While this is a decent idea and it would work, I'm with Adorkable. All this would be is people jacking other peoples niches.
2013-05-24, 09:41 PM,
You will not rank to much time with this method. Google started to fuck those site who use this method. If you really want HQ backlinks get a private pagerank blogs network. For me works great.

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