CPA Terminologies (really helpful for NEWBIES)
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Hello guys, I've decided to make a list of CPA terminologies to help newbies who are still not familiar with certain CPA terms or words they encounter as they go through their CPA journeys. I also experienced this kind of frustration of not knowing different CPA terms when I'm still a newbie in the past. I hope this list will enlighten new users.

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If you want to add a CPA term in this list then please kindly post your terms and definitions in this thread and i'll add them here as soon as I can. I will REP and THANK anyone who contributes in updating this list. Let us help new users by simply telling them the meaning of simple CPA terms.

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Cost per Action / Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

– An online advertising cost structure where you pay per an agreed actionable event, such as a lead, registration, or sale.

Pay per Download (PPD)
- Simply speaking, Pay per Download is when your digital products are downloaded by unique visitors through PPD Networks. In PPD Marketing, instead of hosting your digital products (for download) on your servers, you use an intermediate channel known as PPD Network where you host your digital products and offer them free to visitors. The arrangement is such that you get paid whenever your file is downloaded. You do not have to spend any penny. Instead, you are rewarded (you earn online) when a visitor downloads your file or some other digital product.

Conversion Rate (CR)
– This statistic, or metric, tells you what percentage of people is converting (really!). The definition of “conversion” depends upon your goals and measurements. It could mean a sign up for free information, a completed survey, a purchase made, or other

Click through Rate (CTR)
– # of clicks / # of impressions. Click through rate is a common internet marketing measurement tool for ad effectiveness. This rate tells you how many times people are actually clicking on your ad out of the number of times your ad is shown. Low click through rates can be caused by a number of factors, including copy, placement, and relevance.

- Online lead generation is an Internet marketing term that refers to the generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into a business' products or services through the Internet.

Bad Lead
- Bad leads in CPa means a user completed an offer or a survey with a misleading information, used fake personal details or used automated script to complete the offer.

- Refers to Link/URL Locker, Video locker or Content lockers.

Content Lockers
- is a script or system which locks the website from visitors presents them an offer or survey to be completed before finally fully accessing the page.

File Lockers
- if you don't have a web hosting and domain and still want to monetize your files then file locker can do the thing for you. The CPA network will host the file for you and will give you a custom webpage that you can edit and it will also be locked just like a content locker.

Link/URL Lockers
- allows you to lock website links the same way you lock file downloads! Just like file locker, CPA networks will host the file for you and give you customizable webpage as a landing page.

Video Lockers
- also the same with file and link lockers with the video being the main content.

Earnings per Click (EPC)
- is calculated by dividing the total earnings by the number of clicks for any given time period. The resulting figure is used to measure the performance of the offer.

- Self-explanatory hahaha.

- are users that registered in a CPA network under your username. CPA networks usually give the upline or referrer percentage of the overall earnings of his referred users.

Net-7, Net-10, Net-15, Net-30 and Net-60
- are forms of trade credit which specify that the net amount (the total outstanding on the invoice) is expected to be paid in full and received by the seller within 7, 10, 15, 30 or 60 days after the goods are dispatched or service is completed

- An often used technique for affiliate marketers is Internet-based niche segments of larger markets. Niche websites can be developed and promoted quickly to uniquely serve a targeted customer base, giving the affiliate a small but potentially continuous source of revenue.

Blackhat (BH)
- is a term often used in CPA for niches that are not true, fake or will force a user's account to do something that they dont want.

Whitehat (WH)
- is a term often used in CPA for niches that are legit or true.

- a combination of Blackhat and whitehat methods or niches.

Affiliate Marketing
– A type of internet marketing in which you partner with other websites, individuals, or companies to send traffic to your site. You will typically pay on a Cost per Acquisition (CPA) or Cost per Click (CPC) basis.

Link Building
- Backlinks– Links from other websites pointing to any particular page on your site. Search engines use backlinks to judge a site’s credibility; if a site links to you, the reasoning goes, it is in effect vouching for your authority on a particular subject. Therefore, Link Building is an incredibly important part of Search Engine Optimization. How many links, the quality of the sites linking to you, and how they link to you all are important factors. Also called Inbound Links.

White Hat SEO
– Used to describe certain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, being “white hat” means using only SEO techniques that are completely above board and accepted by the Search Engines. Doing the opposite (Black Hat) can lead to your website seeing its rankings drop drastically – or being banned altogether – even if the search engine optimization tactics aren’t currently banned by search engines.

Black Hat SEO
– The opposite of White Hat SEO, these Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, tactics are (attempted) ways of tricking the Search Engines to get better rankings for a website. If not immediately, using black hat methods will eventually get your site drastically lower rankings or banned from the search engines altogether. While there are completely legal and ethical techniques you can use to improve rankings, if you design and market a website mostly for humans and not for the search engines’ Spiders, you should be okay.

Domain Name
– A website’s main address.

– The ability to reach potential clients by their physical location. The major search engines now all offer the ability to geo-target searches in their Pay-Per-Click campaigns by viewing their ip addresses. Geo-targeting allows advertisers to specify which markets they do and don’t want to reach.

Landing Page
– The first page a person sees when coming to your website from an advertisement. This page can be any page on your website including your home page. Almost anytime you direct someone to your website from an advertisement, you should send them to a specialized landing page with tailored information to increase your landing page conversion rate. Radio advertisements are a notable exception as spelling out specific URL‘s can be time consuming and difficult to remember. Direct Online Marketing™ has extensive experience in creating, testing, and modifying landing page conversion rates to give your business the highest quality, least expensive, most cost effective leads possible.

Link Building
– Simply stated, link building is the process of obtaining hyperlinks (links) from websites back to yours. While link building is a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization, gone are the days of simply reaching out to a webmaster to ask for a link. TOday’s link building strategies must include content creation and building relationships with influencers who can share your content and naturally link to your site.

Return on Investment (ROI)
– The key statistic for many companies: are your advertisements generating profits, and how much profit given the money you have had to pay.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– A fancy way of saying “making your site search engine friendly”. Search engine optimization is typically difficult to do on your own, especially given the increasing complexity and differences among all the search engines. Two important factors that rank highly in all major search engines are Link Popularity (how many websites – and how highly ranked those sites are – link to you) and relevant content (how pertinent information on your website or a particular Web page is to a search).

Traffic or Web traffic
- is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site.

Incentive Traffic
- it means you can incentivise the traffic sent to an offer. For example: Fill in 5 CPA offers and I'll give you an IPOD. That's incentivized traffic.

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2016-01-08, 08:10 PM,
Very good. Nothing else to say.
2016-01-08, 08:28 PM,
Thanks, it helps a newcomers for CPA
2016-01-08, 08:45 PM,
Nice, thanks for taking the time to write and share it.
2016-01-08, 08:55 PM,
(2016-01-08, 08:45 PM)ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ Wrote: Nice, thanks for taking the time to write and share it.

got some free time and decided to make some of it productive here in cpaelites. thanks for appreciating hawk :)

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2016-01-08, 09:01 PM,
(2016-01-08, 08:55 PM)DeathGun Wrote:
(2016-01-08, 08:45 PM)ϟ★Hawk Eye★ϟ Wrote: Nice, thanks for taking the time to write and share it.

got some free time and decided to make some of it productive here in cpaelites. thanks for appreciating hawk :)

No worries, and thanks again.
2016-01-09, 03:09 AM,
Great thread, should be a sticky thread IMO since i needed to know these terms when i started CPA
Thanks OP.
2016-01-09, 05:24 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-01-09, 06:19 AM by DeathGun.)
(2016-01-09, 03:09 AM)LBDecoy Wrote: Great thread, should be a sticky thread IMO since i needed to know these terms when i started CPA
Thanks OP.

Yeah thats the feeling that i want to eliminate: the feeling of being frustrated from not knowing these technical CPA terms.

I really hope this will become a sticky so new users can easily refer to this thread if they have basic cpa terms question instead of posting a thread again and again.

UPDATE: Added Net-7 since CPAgrip offers Net-7 payments

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2016-01-09, 11:54 AM,
Really Helpful for Newbies thanks DeathGun

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2016-01-10, 06:21 AM,
thanks siriusBlack for appreciating my thread. :)

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