CPA Elites Still Buzzing One Year On (Thank You)
2014-09-15, 02:22 PM,
Currently Monday 15th September:

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All I can say at this stage... WOW! one year on and this forum is still buzzing and remains the leading CPA Marketing forum online. We are generating even more new members on a daily basis, CPA Elites offers many fantastic follow along journeys that is inspiring newbies to put the effort in and make actually push themselves to the limit in order to do the same.

I love this forum and the support it offers, you guys have helped me create a fantastic community, thank you. I love checking out the bragging and journey section on here the most, frankly, it's awesome to watch as the newbies (and old) users start generating cash and then brag about it.

This is why CPA Elites is unique and stands out from the rest, again, thank you to all those that have been around from the start, and, to those that have just signed up because this forum is still buzzing one year on and I never get bored of coming on here. Still going strong and turning newbies into legend earners!

Thank you
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