CPA Elites Official Rules.
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Cpa elites is a firm but fair forum and in order to maintain a good level of standard we have put in place a lot of rules.
Each rule is as important as the other and is there for a good reason.

1. LQ posts is something we will not tolerate.
We consider a LQ post to consist of the following:

* Double Posting
* Cross Posting
* Spam
* Irrelevant or not on topic (includes hijacking threads)
* In wrong forum
* Abusive language
* Contains referral links
* asking users to complete offers
* Trolling
* Posting fake,rubbish, rehashed LQ Ebooks
* Bumping
* Leeching (not giving credit where it’s due)
* Grave digging

2. No illegal activities or discussion of it. This means no credit card No illegal dumps allowed on the forum., identity theft, etc.

3. No pornography of any type where ( includes avatar and signatures, etc)

4. No discussion, promotion, or depiction of child sexual, abuse, exploitation or related topics.
Or topics that may harm or threaten the security of a minor.

5. No abuse of the [hide] tags. They are only to be used when sharing useful content, and using them anywhere else, such as in a signature, is not allowed.

6. Respect other user’s privacy, Even if you suspect someone of scamming you or flagging your videos, you may not post any of their personal information. This includes IP Addresses and names!

7. All shares must be virus free. No spreading malware of any kind.

8. It is your responsibility to ensure all files and websites are safe.

9. You are not allowed to advertise premium/paid content if you are doing it to advertise other forums/CPA domains

10. No impersonating staff members (moderator,staff,administrator) in any way

11. You may not have more than one account per person.
We enforce a strict multi accounting policies and will have no second thoughts banning any member who has more the one account.

12. Do not evade any bans. You will be banned forever if you do.

13. If you are banned, you will lose all your groups. If you are a group owner. Your group will most likely be disbanded or handed to a suitable person.

14. Do not ask/nominate someone to become a staff member.

15. Reporting posts without a reason is not allowed

16. No PPD/CPA offers/download page links in your profile or posts! (Read rule #1)

17. No referral links outside of your profile, private messages, or “Referrals” forum.
This includes any affiliate links, for example: Web Hosting.

18. No hacking related discussions. We don't want a forum full of SQL injection tutorials.

19. No selling outside of the
“Premium sellers” or “Secondary Sellers” Unless a sticky is purchased.

20. Any shares must be uploaded to a file sharing website, Preferably as they have no ads, are fast, free, east ro use, offer much storage, and dont support surveillance.

21. Do not use the terms “cracked” “crack” “hack” or similar/related terms.

22. If you are sharing/buying free software, please label it as “Free” and not “Cracked”.

23. No post to PM. This is when users are required to post on thread(s), and then send a private message to the user to receive the share/item.

24. No obnoxious signatures. Nothing over 500x100 pixels in size

25. Do not exploit any bugs/vulnerabilities. Instead, Report them to any staff member and maybe you’ll get a reward!

26. No Reporting posts/threads with out reasons

27. No sharing of copyrighted content that you do not have the right to distribute or reproduce.

28. No giveaways on the forum (if promoting / advertising /partnered to any services)

29. This is seen as advertising and the motive is always to gain sales / traffic.

Most importantly, members do not want to see spamming of such things over the forum, it’s also seen as bypassing the market place restrictions as well.

IMPORTANT: if you are offering free content and such, that if (fine) providing none of the above concerns you and there are no hidden motives.

30. Only English language is to be spoken on this forum.

31. No software that scrapes niches from networks to be shared for free or sold.
We have good relation ships with networks and it’s not something that will be tolerated.

32. Offering vouches for discounts is not allowed. Anyone caught offering sellers instant vouches in return for discounts or anything will be banned. This will NOT be tolerated on CPA Elites.

33. No more (do you feel bad for people) threads or discussions.
This has been posted already many times, and has no place on this forum.

34. No appraisal threads to be posted anywhere on CPA Elites whatsoever.
Anyone caught posting threads asking Elites how much services / products and such are worth will be warned or banned. This is seen as advertising before a sale and attempting to bypass our market place rules.

35. No competing CPA Forums to be advertised on this forum, this includes posts / profiles.
This is strictly prohibited!

36. Any negative network complaint threads are to be posted (only)

1. After you have contacted the network for support (allowing 48 hours) for responses

2. You must provide the network in question with your affiliate ID when it’s requested, refusal to do this will result in a possible ban as it’s seen as obstructing the network from resolving your issue.

37. Anyone posting positive reviews should not be seen to be working / direct advertising the network.
Yes, anything such as (Nice I'm happy etc…) but not blatant advertising, we will know.

38. Reviews for networks must be posted (only) inside the network review section.
You may post 1 review post only, you may not spam the threads at all. When you have left your review post the network can leave one response as well and then the matter is closed.
Anyone caught posting more then once before or after the network has replied will be banned.

[Image: DMl6PWS.png]

1. No asking for vouch or review copies in replies, If the original posted has offered vouch/review copies in their post, send them a private message!

2. No sales thrashing.

3. No selling stolen,carded, social engineered or scammed goods/items.

4. No selling of PIDs or PID generators.

5. No garbage like crappy bots or guides.

6. No selling of warez/pirated content or anything that you don't gave a right to sell, such as copyrighted content

7. No selling of hacked accounts, such as Minecraft premium accounts.

8. No hijacking other people’s sales threads with your own good/product/item.

9. Absolutely no selling of credit cards, second hand licenses “NO illegal No illegal dumps allowed on the forum. allowed on the forum” , identities.

10. No ebooks nor domains to be sold on this forum, this of course includes already built websites / forums etc.

[Image: eLpSNQw.png]

1. No leaking premium content whatsoever in anyway. It does not matter if the people you are leaking to are you r referrals. You are only hurting yourself in the long term sharing private methods.

2. You may not buy, sell,trade, or share your account.

3. Recgonise that you are not above the rules

If you are not 100% sure regarding any of the rule ssimply contact a staff member, you can find CPA Elites staff members by clicking on the following link:

Thank you.
~CPA Elites Staff Team.
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Monkey D. Luffy(2014-08-29 12:55 PM) 

Any questions related to CPA belong here.
Before posting, make sure you are in the correct section.

I am temporarily absent due to family circumstances.

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