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2016-12-12, 11:35 AM,
pretty good article from charlesngo:

Quote:Affiliate marketers don’t have the best reputations out there.

We’re known for using ads and strategies that are ultra aggressive, and even borderline uncompliant. It’s hilarious when I go on Reddit and people make fun of affiliate ads with “Doctors Hate Her”, and “This 1 Weird Trick.”

I don’t think people enter this space with the intention of screwing people over. But when margins are low, bid prices are increasing, and your competition’s using dirty tactics, I can see why it becomes a dog eat dog world.

I know some of you guys want to become an affiliate marketer, but you don’t want to be associated with anything unethical (this industry does have a kinda shady rep).

I can tell you from my experience it is 100% doable to make $5k+ per day running completely whitehat. Yes, you can make money without using unauthorized pictures of some poor D-list celebrity. And in some cases, going white hat can even be an advantage.

What Does Whitehat Mean?

Let me explain the different hats that affiliates wear.

There’s a constant fight between good and bad in the world, and it’s the same online.

Here’s a simplistic overview of the different “hats”.

Black hat = SQL injections, phishing, cross-site scripting etc.

Blackhat is straight up fraud, scamming people out of their money, and is the sort of stuff the government will arrest you and/or incarcerate you for. Those emails from your rich Nigerian Uncle asking for your bank account details are an example of blackhat internet marketing.

Grey hat = borderline marketing.

An example might be overstating the claims of your product or saying it has a guarantee when it doesn’t. It’s not malicious, but it’s definitely not white hat. You’ll get kicked off networks/traffic sources for being grey hat, and you may get sued.

This can include using unauthorized images (celebrities and company logos), and aggressive scripts.

White hat = 100% legal.

No lies, no overstating anything, no worries. An example could be promoting physical products with reviews or promoting app installs. You’re being 100% honest and transparent when you are a white hat marketer.

The affiliate networks and advertisers are completely fine with what you’re doing.

It’s a gray area what goes under each “hat”, but that’s my interpretation of it.

I’m not here to play judge and tell you what you should do, I just wanna educate you.

The whole point of affiliate marketing is to get out of the 9-5 and build a great lifestyle, not to get sued and lose everything.

I know a lot of you guys are worried that affiliate marketing stuff is shady, but I want to show you verticals that are super white hat and have massive potential.

Why bother with White Hat?

There are tremendous benefits to working with the traffic source, rather than against it.

Imagine having a working relationship with the traffic source where they give you preferential prices and placements. Or they’ll work with you to help you understand their algorithms.

I don’t know about you, but it does feel kinda nice not to worry about getting sued.

You can focus on marketing rather than spend your time on accounts / cloaking, etc.

Or maybe you can work on creating a product (that becomes an asset).

Whitehat Verticals That Have $5k+ Per Day Potential

Some verticals are always going to be more shady than others, that’s a fact.

Remember a lot of campaigns are rather neutral, but it depends more on how you promote it.

I’ve compiled a list of verticals that are great for running whitehat. These are the sort of verticals you can run on Facebook, search, display etc. without worrying about violating ToS (although nothing is ever guaranteed, especially when Facebook bans accounts so easily).

full source here:

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