Buy Drop Domains - the Step by Step Guide
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Today we are going to talk about such a tricky thing as buying a drop domain.
This article was prepared by our company specialists from the SEO department adjoining the love by many Edu-Money (education field affiliates).

DISCLAIMER: All of the information down below comes as a result of our own experience. Methods and tools described in this article, help our team to choose domains with a positive perspective. However, to each his own. Everyone’s got their own methods, and ours may not be perfect. That being said, we are fully opened to any kind of your feedback, including the one that tells us your criteria for choosing drop domains.

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Today’s digital marketing strives towards the ultimate goal - to get the highest ROI as fast as possible while investing less.

Every decent webmaster or marketer has his or her own toolbox packed with instruments/methods/knowledge that becomes a key to success in their niche.

Speaking of or niche (essays), usually it’s treated as a riddle that’s hard to solve or as a mountain that’s hard to climb. Let me explain why. Those who stay within this niche and manage to benefit from it (following the ”Get rich or die trying” creed) - they know how hard it is to develop a successful web-project from scratch in here. Because when you ain’t got neither trust nor the credible back-link profile - you are almost doomed to sweat blood on the way to success. The way that requires not only much financial but also much time investment.

That’s when buying expired domains with a positive history comes in handy. Domains like these tend to get much traffic in Google ASAP.
This method is nothing new since buying drop domains is like a cornerstone of pushing forward any web project in profitable niches with great competition.

The point of this guide is to help learn how to effectively research and buy a domain at the lowest cost. In the following sections of this article, you will discover the step by step guide to analyzing a domain. Good news is that the most part of it can be performed right in the tool you will use. The bad news is that this tool has a paid subscription.

This article will be useful for you if you are:
  • Webmasters pushing forward your white-label project
  • Doorway webmasters striving for a “quick index”
  • Entrepreneurs promoting your content project or a review-landing
  • Black-hat enthusiasts working on the wholesale amount of projects with link building automation.

So let’s roll!

[Image: YzPf2HZ.jpg]

Looking for a domain. Listings, tools, auctions

Let’s start from the platforms that offer you the domain search.

There are loads of paid tools. among all the rest presented on the market today, our team prefers the DomCop.
  • Tariff plans from $48 to $154 a month
  • Here is an amazing guide on how to use this solution
Nonetheless, we are not going to get in depths of the prepaid service here. Admit it. deep down, everyone wants to know more about finding domains bought for a song. So check out our top tools specifically for that purpose!

We have a top-3 here:


This is a platform-aggregator of domain offers. It collects positions from domain providers auctions. Why are they for free? Because this platform makes money from the affiliate program working with domain providers.
The functionality of this one is easy to use. The search panel works well - you can target domains from different TLD (domain zones) there with both broad and very precise accordance with your keywords.
They also integrated lots of metrics into the tool itself (Moz, Majestic SEO). The information displayed is correct (almost every time), but it’s not sufficient for the eventual decision-making. The domain age displays incorrectly (we will get back to this later).
When you pick the domain that suits your requirements, you will be redirected from the Freshdrop straight to the auction page of the domain provider. The truth is, providers have their own domain search platforms. Considering the Freshdrop shortcomings regarding the domain analytics, we recommend that you search directly from the provider.

Moving on, we recommend the following options:


This platform entirely corresponds to its name. Here you will find the much-needed domain much cheaper than anywhere else.
What’s the catch? By the time your initial term of domain use expires, you will be charged with the whole different price (a few times more than the price for which you bought it). Nevertheless, it’s a reasonable offer.
For the sake of not getting lost in technical intricacies, let’s just say that the functionality of this platform is pretty straightforward. Other than that, just keep in mind that on the NameCheap you can buy a domain for much cheaper than its market price.  

          GoDaddy Auctions

Editor’s choice! GoDaddy has the widest choice of domains with a useful filter tool that “remembers” your search query.
Knowing that GoDaddy auctions anyway end up being the finish line of the domain-searching challenge - we decided to start from here.
Once you’ve got your drop domain search platform, it’s time to prepare the toolbox you will need for evaluating your domain.

Domain Checkup and Analysis

Suppose you have figured your niche (the most profitable you can imagine:)). You understand your semantics for your website and you’ve picked a few options.
Don’t forget to jot down that you will need a separate special-needs domain. For the case that we’re having today let’s suppose we need a test domain 3+ years aged, having relevant history and no-spam anchor profile. The number of backlinks will be secondary to us (let’s pretend that our methods of positioning it make up for this need).
Next, we recommend creating a spreadsheet where you will insert the domains that you like. You will need it when performing their further analysis

Domain Age

The domain age is a very important criteria that is easy to mistake on. The reason for much confusion is the fact that most tools (including auctions) show the information about the initial registration at Whois directory. The problem is, that in case if someone’s Whois subscription expires, it deletes all the data about the domain owner.

As a result, the information stored in most tools indexes remains the same since its first registration. Meanwhile, lots of domains have multiple owners at the same time being expired and voided in the Whois directory.

So how do you check the authentic domain history?
Here are few options:

These tools show you the timeline of Whois changes regarding your chosen domain. Your goal is to make sure that this domain hasn’t been constantly dropped during the considerable amount of time. In most cases, it appears that the domain has been registered a long time ago (like 5 years ago), but has been expired for the following few years and deleted from the catalog before someone bought and registered it again.
So you have chosen a domain that satisfies your age criteria. What’s next?

There’s nothing better for the link profile analysis than tools like Ahrefs/Semrush/Majestic.
With the help of these tools, you can analyze the number and the quality of links to this domain. Each of the following domains will show you the “anchor cloud” easy on the eyes. Pay attention to the domains you will find there. Avoid spammy, long, and irrelevant to your niche ones. This is an unhealthy domain profile. Look for the healthy one that includes branded queries (“, domain, domain com” etc.), no-anchor links, as well as a handful of commercial queries.

What metrics to use when choosing a domain?
This question doesn’t have a simple answer applicable for all. We are only going to say that you don’t want to rely on the one and only metric. Because every tool can be “cheated” by a trivial link boosting. Even so, we want to list here the set of metrics that help us in the domain-picking process.

- Ahrefs
- Domain Rating
- URL Rating
- Referring Domains
- Соотношение RD к Кол-ву ссылок
- Organic Keywords
- Outgoing Backlinks
- Majestic
- Trust Flow
- Citation Flow
- SEMRush
- Organic Keywords

It’s hard to tell which data suits your specific requirements. It depends on your niche type, your needs, and your plans for the current web project that you’re working on.
We would love to share our “secret formula” or the metrics combination in the format like DA 30+, UR 12+, TF 15+, CF 28+, OB<20, but such a formula simply doesn’t exist :(
If so happens that you don’t have any SEO tools, you can perform a checkup like this manually. Just go to Google, enter the search operator and get the list of your domain mentions in the Google index.


You may also want to check if your newfound domain is present in black-lists. If the domain or IP-address that used it, were suspected in spam activities, they will appear there for sure. Here we’ve got a few options for such checkup:

It is essential to check the web-archive history when analyzing domains.
Follow the link and look for your domain history mentions. You can also take a look at websites’ screenshots, from the oldest dates to most recent.

Here is an additional option - this service offers the same functionality. Regarding history mentions it’s not even close to the web-archive, but in some rare cases marketers were finding mentions of the sites that were absent in the web-archive.
What do you want to look for? The relevance. If you plan on launching a service/product website - you need a site with a history like that. Any other subject is harmful!
It’s also important to encounter the accordance of the website to your geo-zone. Note that it’s familiar to come across the Philippines, Indian, and other Asian websites that pack their websites in TLD format of .com and .org - don’t overlook that.

Your goal is to get as close as possible to the stage that your site will be at in the nearest future.
The domain presence in the index can be checked in a very obvious way - through the “site:” operator. The domain absence in the index can be treated as a wake-up call. It could also be that this domain hasn’t had a functioning website and Google just deleted it from its index.

How to check if the domain has been filtered or manually deleted by Google?
The only reliable answer is available in Google Search Console. There is no web-solution or expert who can tell you this for sure. They can only try to get to the right answer as close as they possibly can, but still, something will be missing.
We could write the whole different article about the signs of algorithm sanctions. But if you’ve gone through all the stages listed above by far, you have enough evidence to make a decision. In cases where you’ve come across spam, for example, a “porn” word in the anchor cloud - you know the reason why this domain is not indexed.
As soon as you buy the domain you’ve chosen and registered it in the GSC, you will be able to see if there weren’t any manual actions upon it. Even though, it doesn’t mean that the domain couldn’t be subject to any algorithm penalty.

[Image: reRedsx.jpg]

Making Up Your Mind
For now, there should be at least a few lines in your newly made spreadsheet with notes in 10 or more cells. Each note is a piece of material to compare the domain you’ve chosen with its competitors. It is also a piece of material for crafting your personal method of selection.

The best way is to choose the best domain. If there isn’t anything like it - look for more. If you still didn’t find your perfect domain - don’t hurry. Auctions replenish with new offers every day, so it’s clear that one day you will catch a golden fish of your dreams!

Always ask yourself - why hasn’t anyone bought this domain yet? Why doesn’t it have any bets? In a highly competitive field, there’s always a cutthroat struggle for good domains.
And remember that victory likes attentive, methodical, and confident webmasters. Having said that, go on and try things, test them out, and gain profit! The quality drop domain will help you with that. And Edu-Money helps you monetize your work, sign-up!!;) 
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The best affiliate program in education niche!! High rates, bonuses, instant payments - Edu-Money
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